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MERMAID  I haven’t used single-use plastics for a decade... because the ocean🧜🏽‍♀️ Follow here to learn my ways! 🐚💙✨ more at

It's time to talk SOLUTIONS. .
How do we get from A to B? If we are protesting mining and fossil fuels, what will we fuel our vehicles with and how will we transport our goods? This burning curiosity has led me to investigate solutions and all I have learned has made my heart swell with excitement for a beautiful, thriving future on Planet Earth! .

A few highlights from my inspiring week: 💚Attended the premier of @2040film and had my first visual of what the future WILL look like as we transition to regenerative societies (hoping to interveiw the amazing director @damon.gameau !) .
💚 Interviewed @environmentalcowboy & learned about the many brilliant methods of carbon farming (see previous post for info & editing full interview now for release!) .
💚 Connected with @youth4climatejustice (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) to help support their efforts in pressuring MPs & politicians running in the upcoming election (in particular Labor) to promise to #stopadani & 100% renewable energy by 2030 .
💚 had a #fuckfest (orgy of ideas to solve a dirty problem) with my fav humans to figure out how to unfuck the election & mobilise Australians to #votefortheplanet .
💚heaps of surf and sunshine with legends .
💚and this Sunday, I am heading to cover the #earthbound19 event to discuss how we are bound to this earth, how can we save it with clever, regenerative business! .

It might feel like we are in the dark days now as we face the consequences of our overconsumption. The coming years will be tough as the natural disasters worsen, so we must work together and very intentionally support the solutions! Stay positive y'all! The world is changing for the better!
If anyone knows the photographers from @save_our_coast event please tag!

Today I taught my new pal @environmental_cowboy a few things about plastic and I learned HEAPS on how we can legitimately slow the planet warming. .
Basically we need to 1. reduce our emissions (ie focus on renewable energy) and 2. draw the carbon in our atmosphere back down into the soil, forests, & ocean. .
We can do this through such exciting, innovative methods such as marine permaculture😻, reforestation, & regenerative agriculture. Khory and I had an hour long chat where he went into alllllll this in fascinating detail! So I’ll pop the talk on my YouTube channel soon ( and on my soon to launch podcast. yewww ⚡️⚡️
It’s so encouraging to have these legitimate solutions already in motion. Now we just need the politicians to tax carbon, increase carbon credit values, set some higher faster carbon neutral targets, and a solid strategy to achieve it all. #votefortheplanet .
And we need to support the legends working hard on renewables & drawdown tactics. If we treat the carbon that exists in our atmosphere like the valuable resource it is and create economy around it, no one could possibly argue that coal mines (like adani) create more jobs and even our most profit driven humans will be stoked to invest in the carbon industry! .
We got this ! Just gotta keep asking questions! Learning about the solutions! And talking about climate change EVERY DAY! Keep the info flowing and inspire everyone to reduce their footprint and vote for politicians who have strategic plans to reduce carbon emissions ASAP. #votefortheplanet .
Thanks @environmental_cowboy for such a fun day! I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom on this urgent issue! 💙With so many folks panicking about the state of the world, it’s relieving to hear so many incredible solutions. ☺️🌏✨💚🙏🏽
Thank you to @tom_wpa for filming and directing and helping us be funny 😂

The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day. After all, a movement is only people moving. ✨✨✨ - Gloria Steinem
Little choices add up. Don’t underestimate your impact.💙

So many epic solution-oriented events popping up in the Byron shire ! Psyched to attend #earthbound this weekend ! Still tickets left at @byrontobundy come with your pals and let’s save the 🌏💚 .
Love memes by @zerowastememes

What are we asking for?? TOTAL GLOBAL REDESIGN OF HUMAN EXISTENCE. All we need to do is change how we eat, buy, travel, grow, build, live, power, share, harvest, package, play, change the way we work, even change the way we love, change the way we human. That’s it. 🥰
That’s how we get to the future we dream of. Don’t fear a future in flames. Work to create the future you ache for. .
#fashionrevolutionweek #whomademyclothes wearing #sacredactivist fully compostable hemp shirt dyed with turmeric made by the angels at @thehemptemple

My activism feels like the world I want to create, the world I want to live in. Solution oriented, inclusive, based on science, full of magic. I am an activist when I eat a salad full of garden greens. I am an activist when I make my own sunscreen and avoid plastic packaged mass manufactured products. I am an activist when I humbly explain my lifestyle in casual conversations. I am an activist when I bring my own bag and refuse a straw. I am an activist when I research solutions and ask hard questions. I am an activist when I sign and share petitions. When I smile at strangers and spread positivity and love. I am an activist when I encourage youth and support change makers and local makers. I am an activist in each action, in every moment, and to my core...because I love and am a part of this living planet and I live with respect for my home. 💙

Every day I have something to say about saving the earth, so this day is no different to me ;) but here's my rant all the same!
I have spent the past ten years working on raising awareness around plastic pollution. I feel that we have accomplished this. People across the planet are aware that single-use plastics are detrimental to our environment and we need alternatives--both in the material and the systems that perpetuate our reliance on the material. .
Now that awareness has been accomplished, it is time to focus on the solutions. I participate in rallies and will post photos of me in trash to remind us of the urgency, but I am really interested in what we will use instead of plastic, instead of coal powering our homes, and oil in our cars. In honour of Earth Day, please post below your favourite solution to an environmental problem. No shame in promoting your own business or project! I'm done (for rn) talking about how hectic the waste in our sacred waters is. I want to hear what INSPIRES you? What excites you? What is contributing to a cooling planet? What is helping clean up the world? Share the solutions right here and let's use this space to feel good about where we're headed!

After today’s amazing #stopadaniconvoy rally with @bobbrownfoundation I feel pretty strongly that it will help cool the planet if we support politicians that have strategic plans to reduce emissions. .

Can we educate each other on some of the current great politicians fighting to slow climate change, tax plastic production, boost circular economy, etc. .

I am interested in all of your opinions on this topic and I ask we agree to be working together in our conversations not against each other 🥰 Anything else will be deleted, so be sure to be constructive if you want yours to be heard. ❤️ .
Maybe politics could help slow the warming planet. Doesn’t hurt to try. Thank you for your contributions you beautiful humans you! You are the change 🤩🌅

Waking up with the sounds of the sea. A sunny morning shifts windy and I snuggle up with my favourite adventure tale by @captainlizclark 💙 Enraptured by Lizzy’s incredible stories, I let sunshine showers tickle my sleepy toes. I’m lost in her sailing the world alone...surfing Tahitian giants...falling in love with a dreamy Spanish sailor...dredging it out in the shipyard as everything literally falls to pieces...lost in the wisdom she shares garnered from travels, both the relaxed and the treacherous. I love gifting myself slow mornings in nature. I love gifting myself a good book to start the day. ✨ Grateful.

We are in an amazing time of activism. I have attended action events every week for the past few months. We are standing up because our leaders are letting us down. We know the clock is ticking & we don’t have much time to make huge change. .
Our most powerful politicians are not taking meaningful action to support a cooling planet. In fact new mega coal mines are set to be approved damning Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to certain extinction & subjecting the climate to more of the same dirty fuel pollution. We must prevent the adani mine from being built, we must prevent any new mines perpetuating reliance on fossil fuels, we must demand change, we must demand renewable energy, we must hone our arguments so we can articulate the jobs, the industry, the economic power of sustainable business, energy, & community. We have raised awareness, now time to support & amplify the solutions. .
Since an election is coming for Aus, it I important to make a lot of noise for the issues you care about. If climate is the only thing you need your politics to address, GET THE F OUT THERE. Join the movements, make signs for the marches, write to politicians, write again, call, rally with your community. GET ACTIVE. This is not a trend. This is urgent action for our one and only planet. .
If you are in or near Byron Bay, join @bobbrownfoundation to #stopadani at the Mullum Showgrounds tomororw (Sunday April 21) at 1:30pm. Make sure to carpool,bike, or walk. More info in my story.
We can do this. Together. Today. Don’t wait. 💙 .
Photo may seem random, but me captaining #merschool catamaran is when I feel most badass & in my power👩🏼‍🎤

FULL MOON Blue Moon in Libra
We are being pushed to evolve. We have felt the awakening. We have felt the energy inviting us to step up, refine our existence, perhaps be more, feel clearer, speak clearer, think clearer. We as sentient beings no longer evolve adaptively. We cultivate our evolution. And as our climate cooks & patches of the planet burst into flames & the humans fire bullets & the corals is time not just for conscious evolution but perhaps for conscious revolution. Not up in arms, but definitely up. Stepping up, rising up, loving up, turning UP the corners of our mouths!
This Full Moon is SUPPORTING our growth! This Full Moon is here to shine on us & say BLOOM you beautiful piece of LIFE! Shine w all the magic! All the power of the universe reflecting back at u. Our dreamy forested water planet nestled into the starry cosmos watching what u can do.

This Full Moon is to relieve any PRESSURE we feel, any feelings of self doubt at what we can achieve & be. This full moon is here to ignite our good intentions our positive dreams. We release all control. We are not here to force or control. We are here to find flow. The full moon invites us to dance, to release control, to channel this big bright energy into ourselves in whatever way we need it. Surrender into the magic of this incredible planet & let your TRUTH flow out. It can only go into magic when we fully give in, when we follow intuition, live w integrity, & come from a vibration of love.
We must trust. We must keep dancing.
I invite u to sit under the sky, cloudy or clear. Breathe deep eyes closed as u connect in to yourself. What is clear to u now in this moment? What is the direction? Often the intuition is the 1st quiet whisper or knowing that comes. It is not the pushy ego or the wandering mind. It the clear empowered humble guidance that does not need questioning. Create some stillness if u need guidance. Liiissten.
We are specks. We are blips. It is true that the world is changing. We ARE A PART OF THIS CHANGE. Be the most glorious speck. This full moon reminds us YES you are a blip, still we SHINE SPARKLE DANCE & bring the magic of LOVE to the REVOLUTION for the planet.

Lately we've seen heaps of media on the LIE of plastic recycling. To which the response is frustration & despair. So many of us identify as environmentalists & express this thru diligent recycling. DO NOT STOP RECYCLING. Do not throw everything in the landfill. .
The coverage of the recycling myth is to bring awareness & put pressure on our governments to clean up their act. We must keep recycling. In fact our recycling must be more pristine than ever, so that when Australia, when The US, when the collective “global north” finally decide to recycle domestically they will have warehouses full of immaculate resources ready to be made into recycled swimwear & building materials. .
So keep recycling. AND if you must buy something synthetic new, purchase a recycled plastic product. This will show demand for recycled goods, this will inject 💰into this low return industry. .
If you haven’t heard, China, who was the main importer of the developed world’s plastics, stopped early 2018. Since then the spoiled nations who didn’t want plastics piling up in their backyards desperately sought out other countries to dump this low value hard to recycle material. Soon vulnerable island nations in Southeast Asia capitulated to the super powers shipping in heaps upon heaps of dirty packaging. .
It is hard to recycle bc it is highly contaminated! So rarely properly separated. A million different kinds of plastic all thrown together. It would cost far more to clean, sort w same plastics & recycle into something of often lesser quality than pure virgin plastic, which is already dirt cheap to produce. SIGH.
So best thing we can do is use less plastic, clean & sort our plastics according to our local recycling centre’s guidelines (this makes it easier for them to sell on the global waste market), & support recycled plastic goods when possible. If you learn how your recycling centre likes its plastics SHARE this info w your community. Let’s be supportive of recycling, bc we have so much plastic circulating this MUST be a part of the multifaceted clean up. Yes we need MASS REDESIGN! & also domestic recycling in the 1st world. Time to take responsibility for our own waste. ALL of us.

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