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Boyfriend appreciation post

Smol bean

Pretty happy with my eye makeup today

Coba coba mainan baru #fujifilmxa10

Mbak fashun blogger gumbul mbak byuti blogger

Photographed by @ranaronorene

Smol pocket-sized boyfren

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They said, "books or makeup?"
I said, "bih I can have both, wym??????"
Really tho!!!!!! This whole black & white mindset about what a girl "should choose" needs to be freaking eliminated!!!!!! Just because I wear full face, on fleek makeup and dress up to campus doesn't mean I can't have straight As you know!!!!!! So many people compare things like, "beauty or brain?" or, "intelligence or physical appearance?" or, "I'd rather be smart/strong than be pretty but weak/useless/dumb/etc," like bih it's not mutually exclusive!!!!!! Anyone could be both, could be either, or even could be neither!!!!!! So pls stop with the "would you rather" game!!!!!!

I miss SG

In the age of information, Indonesians now spend their reading activities mostly on cyberspace. Magazines and newspapers are struggling to stay alive; some killed their physical issues and migrated to e-print or online-only, others just perish.

Like oases in the deserts, Grand Story Magazine came and become the antimatter which reject the very notion that print medium is currently dying. In fact, they represent the dawning of print comebacks in Indonesia, joining other similar smaller-scale magazines and zines.

Long story short, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the magazine the moment I heard about them. Now that I did, I could say that I truly enjoy their company as much as I enjoy reading them.

As an avid fan of aesthetic pleasures, I highly appreciate the esthetically pleasing overall design and layout of Grand Story Magazine; it's almost looking at a well-arranged Instagram feed but in a form of a magazine. All pictures were very well-photographed and showcased in complementary with the toned down typefaces.

Not only beautiful to ogle, it's also beautiful to read. They carry insightful yet still highly relevant themes for their target audience in every edition. The articles were written in such a way that each sentence sounds like a delight to the ears (or mind?). Either way, it's a complete package of visual pleasures altogether in a form of tangible sheets of paper.

My utmost favorite part of issue 14 'Liberating Literacy' is the fashion spread titled 'Black Flag' featuring Zara, in which they've successfully captured the essence of urban lifestyle spirit the magazine carry all through her style.

What do I say? Grand Story Magazine have successfully satisfied my thirst for quality, photogenic print without having to break the bank.

Print isn't dead.
Get your copy from @grandstorymagazine

#grandstorymagazine #gsmchallenge

Dead ass fish eyes

Photographed by @benediktus.andre

Within the silence I found the calm

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