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Yesterday I just found out that my brother's music teacher since the 3rd grade in primary school is @ednuance's band manager during his middle school until early high school. The music teacher is kind of a big deal in Surabaya and he always hosts annual concerts as a form of examination to pass the levels and my brother's band would always attend and I would always tag along which means @ednuance and I must have met each other before AT LEAST ONCE but we just didn't realize it. Now that I think about it we might have crossed paths so many times already even before we knew each other it's just that we never really realized it, and now everything just unraveled out one by one like puzzle pieces assembled together to form a perfect imagery of what would be our relationship now and everything just made perfectly sense. I used to reject the idea of fate because I believe we and only we are responsible for our future even though we never know what the future holds, but this time I can say that I truly believe in destiny because every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. If this couldn't make you believe the fact that we're so meant to be then I don't know what will.

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Stages of falling in love (part 6) #stagesoffallinginlove

I took this photo on April 16th , 2016 — only a few days before our first month together. We were at the farthest west part of Surabaya to support a friend — who, eventually, left.

It was the very first time we had our photo taken; before that, it was always selfies. It was also the very first time I made it clear to everyone that I was dating him.

At that moment, I felt incredibly elated and overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings. I've never felt something that intense towards someone before — I've never loved someone that hard before.

Day by day, we always spent our time together, not being able to be apart. Day by day, I found out that my life had drastically changed for the better.

I finally felt loved.
I finally felt appreciated.

He never fails to tell me that I'm the most beautiful person he has ever seen, every day, no matter how much I despise how I look. He never fails to tell me that I'm the most kindhearted person he has ever known, every day, no matter how despicable I think I am. He never fails to tell me that he loves me unconditionally, every day, no matter how much I hate myself. He never fails to tell me that he believes in me, every day, no matter how much I've given up on myself.

He's turning my bleak, black and white life into rainbows.

I need him.
I need him to stay.


Stages of falling in love (part 5) #stagesoffallinginlove

I took this photo on April 2nd, 2016 — just a day before our second week together.

It was at his house, we were just chilling after being completely drained out from the hospital matters. Once again, I decided not to go home that day.

We were enjoying every small moment we could have together; from throwing bad puns at each other (which only grew worse by the day) to talking about our philosophical preferences; I'm a post-structuralist, he's a post-modernist; but we're both nihilists — to put it simply, we both wanted to die.

In the picture, he was smoking while playing guitar. Badly. After all, he has always been a keyboardist (both literally and figuratively, heheh). But I couldn't keep myself from stealing glances at him, and thinking just how cool he is. Badly.

At that moment, I swear I could feel a piece of my heart was lost — and gave it to him instead.

At that moment, I started to realize that I might have made the right decision.

At that moment, I could finally be able to say to myself, "I really do love this person."

Stages of falling in love (part 4) #stagesoffallinginlove

I took this photo on March 30th, 2016 — when his dad was admitted to the hospital for a surgery, just a few days after our first week together. He was there, sitting right beside his dad's hospital bed.

He lives alone with his dad, so he had to take care of his dad and accompany him no matter what. It was pretty hard for us, considering that we were a new couple yet we already encountered such hardship. It was just moments after his parents' divorce too.

I stayed with him at the hospital for days, although my schedule really fucked me up because I was still working part-time while being a full-time student — I had to go back and forth from hospital to my workplace, to my university, to his place, and then to the hospital again. Back and forth.

There were also moments when I couldn't be able to accompany him, so he asked someone to do so — biggest regret of my life, I should've accompanied him.

It was time consuming, it was frustrating, it was tiring, it was draining us out. It was a really hard time indeed.

But we made it through.

And we couldn't be happier and in a better state now.

Who dat boi #deathtripping

First world problem is struggling to distinguish between Alan Walker and Mr. Robot🤔 #deathtripping

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