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dizzy from spinning  @plasticcircleshoopshop 💞lets stay spinning,positive,&grateful. Save $ on @oliviayvonnedesigns @milkdropgalaxy @blueridgehemp w/ code plasticcircles

Wake up.
There was so much energy going on outside, the wind...all the places it has touched before I. all hoops available in my shop @plasticcircleshoopshop Medusa, raspberry smoothie, kalypso, and mint. Have a powerful day; you know what I mean 🙌🏻

I put so so much love into your hoops and I hope you feel it when you spin because I feel you when I watch you 🕉🙏🏻💜 @plasticcircleshoopshop i am filled with gratitude for all of you

been busy workin and haven’t found the time to spin but here’s a clip from the other day and I hope it makes ya smile 💛 keep your heart light, darling. using my UV electric yellow from @plasticcircleshoopshop music by @manateecommune

The same boy tried to steal our power and claim it as his own but false prophet of consciousness, don't you know you cannot contain such magic? try and dim our light, you may have brought slight self doubt with your nonsensical, and parasitic ways but you also reminded us once again like other boys have, how ridiculously powerful we are and will never allow you to take that. @turquoisedreams_xo you are true and I am sorry he tried to steal your spirit too. I love you. #sisterhood #magicwomen #consciousness #selflove

This song pops offffff SnOooP •~• peep my new shop @plasticcircleshoopshop for the second half of this video ❣️

You are seeing my soul

Today I allowed myself to completely surrender to everything I have been feeling and I have fallen deeper in love with my circle and feel lighter than I have in weeks. SURRENDER TO, IT WILL RECEIVE YOU

when I get hung up on making a hoop perfect and start getting down on myself, I put on my hood mentality and hoop it out 🛎esketettt ⚠️ this is a 25 OD holographic space cadet hoop from ma shop #plasticcircleshoops

Can't say yes, can't say no..this thing's out of my control. it's hard to explain it

Obsessed with this tubing 🤤 light soft pink to pink/ orange! If I've sent ya a hoop please tag me so I can see you spin because I cant explain the joy it brings me to see (': sass courtesy of @thriftworks per always. Cop yaself a hoop from the shop @plasticcircleshoopshop n use a discount code from one of the lovely members of the PC family 💞

steady goonin! never forget why you started flowing... because it makes you happy 😊 had to make myself a hoop with this new colormorph UV coral tubing I just got for the shop @plasticcircleshoopshop I hope you guys find a million things to smile about today 💕 #plasticcircleshoops

First three reviews! I am so encouraged to continue what I'm doing with my shop knowing that the time and love is received and felt by those who have gotten hoops! Forever in debt thankfully to you! @plasticcircleshoopshop new tubings listed! much love allllwaysss 💖💖💖

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