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Fourth time’s the charm 🌱 Finally a new leaf! I’ve heard Philodendron pastazanum (aka McDowell) are pretty easy, but I’ve had nothing but trouble with this one. Due to various issues—lack of humidity, watering, other unsolved mysteries—new leaves on this plant always died before unfurling. Needless to say it was somewhat stressful whenever I saw a new leaf emerge. Thankfully this time around the leaf managed to unfurl normally, from the higher humidity and brighter spot on the shelf (maybe!).

Stormy summer day, but the plants are loving the humidity

Close up of the new P. gloriosum leaf

The gloriosum has taken over too much of the top of the shelf so now it gets its own perch by the window

What a difference a year makes. On the top you can see the latest leaf on #thaumatophyllumxanadu, the bottom is the size of the leaf when I first purchased the plant last year. I’ve loved watching the leaves evolve over the past seasons, becoming more lobed and wide. The plant itself has been a pretty vigorous grower, it’s gone through 3 repots and just upgraded to this large terra cotta planter last week. Also, I’m late to the game but still getting used to the name change from #philodendronxanadu! ‘Thaumatophyllum xanadu’ is quite the mouthful. Anyone else partial to the old name?

Had a chance to drop by Gowanus nursery over the weekend. They always have an inspiring selection (and arrangement) of specimens.

Some of you might remember my beefsteak begonia from last summer. After it outgrew its spot on the shelf I moved it to a north facing window where it’s been since. I’ve found begonias to be pretty easygoing—this one was no exception—but it definitely did slow growth and lost some of its luster in its dimmer environment. Last week I moved it back into the main sunny room and it quickly perked back up. With the challenges of having a limited amount of space/light I think I’ll begin rotating certain plants more so they each have their day in the sun, literally 🌞

One of the reasons why I limit purchasing new plants: over the past year some of my plants have gotten huge. The staghorn fern now barely fits into the bucket for its weekly soak, and I think the selenicereus chrysocardium will soon need a bigger pot. I love seeing how specimens change over time and (literally) grow into their own.

Friday morning. I love planters, particularly terra cotta and neutrals that make the foliage stand out 🏺

Trail mix 🌿😅

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