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c h e l s e a  Building the empire. Bruja mami. Plant sustenance. 👁💧🔮🌙🌹


Morning view. 🌄♥️ #sheltercove #watertherapy

Thank you god. Thank you goddess. ✨♥️ My new element. Working on an organic farm, the earth and the fruition it brings is unbelievably grounding. I’m so sore but this is exactly what this fiery, sag, Latina needs.. to chill the fuck out 👩🏻‍🌾☺️🔥#plantlady #groundingenergy #calmandcool #itsgonnabeokay #saggitariusseason

Crazy shifts happening all over the world! I’ve really needed to go inward to grasp the shot gunned awakening, that is currently taking over the collective. I feel it on so many levels! Trying to remain unattached but always thankful. Still struggling with a living situation but ya girl is low key farmer and I couldn’t love it more. A job of peaceful movement. My babes love me and are so incredibly healthy and powerful! Most importantly I love me! I’m slightly broken but only getting stronger and healing by every passing minute. Every ounce of hope I’ve had in these trying times came from my sister @oh.kale.naw... I’ve never had such an authentic relationship.. where love is expressed in every scenario, not matter how fucked up. So happy. So sad. Just processing it all. ♥️👽🌲🌹#honestwomanhood

Unbreakable. 🎄♥️🌲

The single mothers movement... this isn’t cool, hip or fashionable and some times it feels as if it’s being portrayed as such.

It’s dark, intense, lonely as fuck.. you are accused of breaking up the family, not being grateful, crazy and many other ruthless words.

The stigma: they are single for a reason. If a person pays your bills, doesn’t cheat or beat you by all means that is more than enough... and don’t you dare complain about it to such a deserving human, or the republicans of this country.
It’s repulsing.
we’ve been told to hush, sit down.. be quiet.. for any woman feeling fear to speak up at the moment, you matter. No need to rush your being, you are aloud to start at any moment but often times, especially in this age.. we marry security and attachment, we marry the gilded life. Not what we deserve.. we stay in stagnant relationships because you’re married and that means your ‘done’. It makes every day slow with a tight knot of fear in the throat.
im not sure where I’m taking this besides the fact that my inbox has been filled with women in situations parallel to mine.
Women suffering while blind men have no clue as to how hurt their partner is. How oblivious they are to the sadness in her eyes, it’s been sitting there for years... and only growing darker.
I mean how many times can you have a talk? How many times can you suggest therapy? Only to be rejected, and told to calm down, or that I’m over analyzing again.

The woman.. who hasn’t worked in years, raising children, stopped her education to be The Mother. Gave birth, woke through the nights, who was told not to worry.. and trusted that she didn’t have to... who’s credit is trash, from not keeping tabs on bills paid and not paid... and is now standing at the cliff.. single mother hood is scary. Not a break or time off.. it’s being so fucking rooted that it hurts to sprout but we do it anyways.... step forward in your vulnerability, into your pain & brokenness. Your strength lies there.
THIS SHIT HURTTTTS.. but I’m not lying to me or anyone else anymore. Currently healing. 🌸🌹🕸
#singlemothersmovement #singlemotherhood #divinefemine #honestwomanhood #girlrevolution

When your ego is feeling desperate as fuck for something ‘better, more alive’, but you know the sultry shit will just get you in trouble so instead post a pic of you in a red dress embracing your inner @badgalriri 💋🌹💃🏻 #goodenough #lonewolf

My life is a shit show at the moment maybe it’s all my own demons or maybe it’s the detox of half assed people. The husband who was a wonderful father but completely forgot about his partner.. his mother can’t give me one reason as to why I make her blood boil.. the comments, the blackmailing... the son who will never stand up for his tribe. He was raised by a broken woman, and therefore is broken himself.
im over living this history of family not being present... not seeing the souls for what they are. The stone cold women who have run the show since as far as anyone can remember.. what made men so numb? What made women ice frozen... we’ve been desensitized.. I’m here to start a new legacy, a legacy of love and peace.. not of projecting pain and sorrow into others. This starts now. I’ve found a wonderful place with an amazing sister found here in this sacred platform, ig. Less time here. More time in the present moment of this flower blooming... #sacredmotherhood #honestwomenhood #endthecycle

when all the tests are coming at once. I’ve failed so many times, but not this time. These little babies keep me whole.. trusting the process, loosening my reigns of fear and seeing past the illusion. 👁

Always remember that you are the producer, director, writer, and actor of your own play. ♥️ you are special. But it’s our job to work, to find our gifts... they don’t show up at our doorstep.

You are the creator in your life experience, so whenever the reflection outside doesn’t serve you, it’s up to you to make a change inside, so that the reflection changes too. #strengthinvulnerability #fearistheillusion #staystrongmama #singlemotherhood #honestwomanhood

Everything I’ve desired in one county... heart too damn full. 🦀🌊🌲 ♥️ #humboldtcounty #norcal #opoutside #newhome #rebirth #childhoodunplugged

Sometimes I’m soft. Sometimes I’m hard. Neither here, nor there. Only learning and fucking up and relearning. Just know I’ll always be honest. Even if it hurts a little.. 🐍🐍🐍 #woman

No time for the shallows at the moment. Temporarily under spiritual/sexual/ mental/ emotional/physical maintenance. No time for a lack of balance, energy suckers and just plain nosey people. Absolutely no time for ‘hi, how are you?, ‘Great buddy, how are you!? While wearing my mask and falsely grinning. 🎭
If you have me at the moment, if I respond, if I’m not ignoring you.. you have a piece of me, with you forever. & if I don’t then I think you get the rest.. no hate just in a place, only need those who can aid in building the empire. & then we can all sit as kings and queens together... all 2 of y’all 😂😂😭😝 this post is purely out of love, although some will roll their eyes.😁❣️🌹this year I’m thankful for waking up to my own bloody bullshit. 🍄 #selflove #findingmyvillage

🍂 thanksgiving vibes 🍂
attitude of gratitude, no matter the situation is what we claim as ours. Being mindful and accountable for all our personal actions. Redefining what emotional maturity means to me, because what was taught and what is true, don’t match.

Find that sweet spot, where the heart and the head work together rather than against one another. ‘When we accept our own magic, our own power and beauty, it is put into perspective and we are no longer poignantly aware of it anymore. But never would we forsake or disclaim it’. 🍁✨🍂 #clarissapinkolaestes #attitudeofgratitude #polarities #duality #balance

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