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claire michelle ☾  untethered being. finding my way... 🦋 my new lightroom presets are available here:


and one day, the whole world fit inside my arms.

i was the girl who would wake up at 2 am, skin trembling with chills. who would grasp the sheets and attempt to pull them tighter around what i had become. a collection of fragile bones and lucid fears. a living symptom of sleepless nights, starved by the demons that lingered in the depths of my mind. i was the girl who would take two bites of food on her plate and claim she was full as she pushed it aside. the girl who longed to belong to another body. who would pull at her flesh in every mirror she walked past, desperately praying she could somehow escape the skin she was born within. i was the girl who became so small, i nearly vanished into thin air. this girl died in my arms today. i was on a run. the cool air swirling around me as i descended the slope of a road encircling the mountains near my house. i glanced at my feet, drumming against the earth below, and stopped suddenly. the whole world seemed to slow around me, as i gazed down at my body. i felt as if i was seeing myself for the first time. my bare toes, my lanky limbs, painted with bruises and scars, stories etched into freckled skin. i traced my fingertips across my face, absorbing the composure of my cheekbones, the tip of my elvish nose, feeling the warmth of my breath spilling softly from my lips. an ocean of unending acceptance washed over me for all that i am. i wrapped my arms around myself, and spoke through saltwater rivers running steadily from my eyes. “i love you. i’m sorry. please forgive me.” i was sobbing. repeating the words over and over until they were burned into my brain. after years of being consumed by self hatred, my legs still carried me. air still filled my lungs. my heart still beat inside my chest. my body kept me alive, without me even asking it to. and if this isn’t the purest form of unconditional love, i’m not sure what is. and in that moment, holding myself on that dirt road, the little girl who became nothing, turned to ashes in my fingertips. i raised my hands to the sky, and watched as the wind reached down to gently lift her from my grasp, carrying her broken pieces until she dissolved into the pale blue sky. and i felt like i was finally coming home.

this universe sustains all creatures in alignment with their purest form. this earth does not seek to be anything other than what she is. the effortless perfection and unimaginable beauty of our natural world is a symptom of surrender, sourced through the universal thread of interconnection that flows through all living beings. every aspect of creation is given all that it needs to be fulfilled here on earth. the slender limbs of an oak tree, steadily reaching out to cradle the sky. the fragile yet agile wings of a bee, carrying its body delicately as it dances from flower to flower. the blades of grass flecked softly with morning dew. the curvature of a wave as it collapses within itself. the thunderstorm lullabies echoing through emerald mountains at dusk. no one watches a rain drop fall upon the earth and says, “oh, that could have been better. that raindrop should fly back into its cloud and try again.” but why are we so cruel and harsh with ourselves? like nature itself, this purpose is to simply be. just as you are. here and now. we were each placed here with a purpose. a dream. a gift, only we can give. this is the cure. do not rely upon the limited comprehension of a mind conditioned to be comforted by the cage of certainty. do not sacrifice this dream that stirs the depths of your soul, for the illusion of security. follow your fears to the freedom that lingers on the edge of rationality and spontaneity. unapologetically pursuing this passion, relentlessly honoring your intuition is the most selfless gift you can offer this world. there is nothing dignified about burying your beauty, your infinite potential, as to fit into a broken world. the elevation of your existence into its highest essence will illuminate the paths of countless souls, and guide us along the path of universal interconnection towards the collective remembrance of our origins. listen to the stillness lingering within the depths of your sacred heart. let their gentle whispers guide you home. the way out, is within.

this morning, a new earth emerged at my fingertips. i watched as dawn gently gathered the stars lingering in a pale indigo sky and slipped the moon beneath her sheets. i listened as the waves softly kissed backyard coastlines and coco trees unfolded their limbs to cradle the sun. fairies and finches stretched their wings in the flickering light drifting through wisps of clouds suspended in the air swirling above a living nirvana. this little sliver of neverland, lost in a crystalline sea. i drank in the taste of saltwater as the sound of stillness filled my lungs and northern winds wove whispers beneath bare skin. the crickets exhaled one last lullaby as the forests were bathed in liquid gold. i woke up with the whole world wrapped around me, and still somehow felt weightless in its grasp.

at the back door
baby there's an angel
whispering me melodies
of all her hidden fables
we will never die
don’t you ever ever cry
protected by the queen of the sky
so spread your wings, butterfly
and rise. 🦋

today, my best friend left home. it didn’t hit me until we were standing in the airport terminal, entangled in each others arms, when rivers began leaking through my eyes as all of our memories washed over me at once and i knew that what we shared was meant to be unforgettably beautiful. i have known you in this body for two months. though i know our souls have been friends for lifetimes. i knew it the moment i first saw you. sitting barefoot on the living room floor, playing guitar, head tilted back as love poured through your lungs. something about your emerald eyes was achingly familiar. as if in their reflection, i recognized a piece of myself i didn’t even know i was missing until i met you. the next 60 days were a blur. from climbing roadside avo trees and surfing until dusk pulls the sun beneath her sheets, makeshift dinners beneath a blanket of stars, staying out way too late, waking up to early, and doing it all over again the next day...we wove a family together. and i fell in love with the fragile impermanence of life itself. it is through relentlessly trusting its unpredictable nature, that i have witnessed, felt, and experienced what can only be described as truly living. it has been an honor, to become your friend. to cry with you. laugh with you. live with you.
you have taught me to be fearlessly curious, and unapologetically raw, it takes an immeasurable amount of courage to do what is right, not what is easy. all i could manage to say through the falling tears a few hours ago, wrapped in your arms, was “please stay safe.” but i know you will. you are eternally protected by the unshaken source of love that lingers in the depths of a soul whose unimaginable purity, whose light, has made me believe in magic again. for this is what you are. composed of everything that is beautiful and whole and alive. you are nothing less than everything. you are love, daniel. and when the weight of this world becomes too heavy to hold, let your heart guide you home. i’ll be there. waiting, with open arms.

tame your thoughts through transcendence. celestially composed of infinite potential, the whispers which live along the edges your mind materialize through manifestation. consume carefully. tread steadily. to collectively reclaim our sacred source of inner power, we must release the tendency to be numb. embodiment of your emotions is the preceding catalyst towards alignment with your deeply intuitive nature. allow yourself to feel. to evolve. to change. to become. we are eternal beings subjectively experiencing this reality through the temporal form of flesh and skin, serving the unending evolution of our souls as they expand exponentially to access the chasmic depths of higher dimensions. creatures made by love, for love. this is all we have. this is all we are. unshaken strength lingers in softness. surrender.

swirling with fairies in this moonrise kingdom.

this morning, crystalline galaxies poured through my mind. liquid silver fell from a cloudless sky. starlight rivers stirred my roots as a little creature unfolded in me. her bare skin blanketed in earth, emerald eyes shimmering. i wove a home for a child i buried inside of me. threaded the wisps of her stories into roof above her head, leaving little slivers here and there for celestial wisps to flicker through at dusk. so the oceans of our universe can softly water her dreams in lucid slumber. i told her that she will always belong here. in this body. in this soul. two have become one, once again. and now...life is twice as beautiful. 🦋 photo: @ellenfisher

we were the children who were taught not to play with matches...but one day, our curiosity lit a spark beneath our skin that turned the bars of our cage to liquid gold. we tamed our thoughts through transcendence and watched as our fears were devoured in crystalline flames. tasted freedom in the ashes rising from the chaos of the world we’ve left behind. and never glanced back.

may we drift from the slumber of this self induced starvation, into the collective resurgence of our inner divinity.
may these currents of change clear a channel in me through which my voice can be used as an instrument for the remembrance of our origins.
no longer a lingering echo cradled in the chasmic depths of my mind, no longer a subtle seed whose untouched roots tremble softly beneath my surface...i will unwind her whisper, allowing her lullaby rise to a deafening roar.
free her fears and watch as they rise like falcons upon a phantom wind, dissolving into ashes as their ebony feathers kiss the sky.
trust. for all is unfolding in divinely orchestrated perfection. everything is for you.
if you feel lost...hopeless...or unsteady, keep going. you are intuitively drawing experiences inwards which will cause your edges to crumble, creating space in which your inner expansion can manifest through external form.
surrender to the shifts that may stir past wounds, causing buried pain to surface.
suffering is a symptom of growth. it exposes unhealed pieces of ourselves which, once embraced with unconditional compassion and grace, will move us guide us further towards all encompassing unity within ourselves, which will then extend outwards to every creature graced by your very existence.
for we can only give another, what we offer ourselves. when we heal ourselves, we heal this world. when you choose yourself, you choose everyone. everything. all that is.
for our unending evolution sustains creation itself. allow yourself to change. to shift. to become. sourced from realms of unimaginable power, you are infinitely cradled in the embrace of eternal unity. you are the cure you have been seeking.
return. (photo @donalboyd)

"honor your phases
as you would the moon
you never look up and think, "you should be this of that."
you honor her waning
how she faces her darkness
and walks through her own shadow
you honor her waxing
how she grows and expands
shining her light as bright as possible
you never think she should
stay dark for the sun's comfort
you honor her fullness
and allow her to be wild
when she wanes again
she never fears that she will
return to the light
she honors all sides of herself equally
knowing that there is a time for shadow
and there is a time for light
all things in nature embody this balance"
-celestial harmony
sacred whispers by my soul sister, @alliemichellel 🦋 moment captured by this magical creature @nachumdaniel

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