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claire michelle ☾  i’m probably barefoot.

this is my happy place. skin flecked in sunlight. fingers entangled in earth. gathering greens from a little garden nestled beneath backyard coconut ferns. unraveling the rhythm of our roots. drinking in the taste of stillness lingering in untouched places. watching the bees and butterflies swirl through the baby marigolds. cradling golden vessels of energy in their limbs. the taste of saltwater and basil drift gently through the open windows of our kitchen scattered in sandy footprints. our bellies are overflowing with salads infused with love. through fueling ourselves with unconditional compassion, we carve the rebirth of coexistence between all living creatures upon this earth. for everything that surrounds you is a living, breathing extension of yourself. it is essential to heal your connection to your inner world, for it is singlehandedly shaping the earth we all live within. nurture your intuitive nature. eat plants. lots of them. spend as much time outside as possible. soften the noise. delve within. listen. listen. listen. trust yourself. you know more than you think you do. you are your inner cure. you are your medicine. i am no longer bound to this body, for this skin has become my sanctuary. 🦋🍃🌿 ps: check the comments for my garden salad recipe. 🌻

this is my home. our entire reality has been shattered at the mercy of mother earth in a single day. i am okay. i am safe. i am alive. i have clean water, food, and a roof over my head. and this is more than some people living on this island currently have. it rained over 38 inches in 24 hours. landslides have collapsed roads in a single blow. rivers have taken houses, cars, lives. people have lost everything. this crisis has been humbling and eye opening beyond what i can attempt to place into words. how fragile our existence truly is. how much we take for granted. how deeply, we need one another. connection is everything. it is seemingly effortless to abandon our humanity within the walls of comfort we construct around our daily lives. but it is only when all of this collapses in a single night, that we remember how to love. it is only when we have seemingly lost everything, that we can see the compassion that has been inside us, all along. the family on kauai has never been stronger. i am currently staying in a small coastal town blocked off from the main city due to over 12 landslides that have demolished the main road. helicopters and boats are evacuating people, but i am choosing to stay. this island has been here for me, through it all. and now it is time to be here for her. to give back to the one who has given us everything. this is exactly where i need to be right now. if you are able to donate anything to help heal kauai and her people in this time of crisis, the link is in my bio. ❤️ thank you. i love you.

since touching back on native soil, i have barely had the strength to get out of bed. i am emotionally exhausted. depleted deep within. for the last few months, i’ve been caught in a seemingly endless cycle of heightened stimulation. swallowed into a current of ceaseless change and unrelenting chaos, entangled in so deeply in stories and lives belonging to other beings, that the lines began to blur between where i began and they ended. my heightened sensitivity left me feeling like a sponge worn thin. like i absorbed so much of others, i lost touch with my own truth. one week ago, curled up alone in a little air b n b in bali, a wave of homesickness washed over me as saltwater rivers poured from my eyes. i missed walking into a local grocery store and recognizing everyone by name. being wrapped in the arms belonging to dozens of familiar faces. i missed climbing trees and swimming naked in backyard rivers. i missed foraging fresh coconuts from roadside beaches, and losing track of time in a the simplicity of a sanctuary where the most exciting news of the year is if the one lane bridge floods due to heavy rain. i missed gathering herbs from backyard gardens and the warmth of stories spoken over home cooked meals. i missed being barefoot. i missed being free. i missed myself. and i’ve been trying to find my way back to her ever since. sometimes you can only love, what you have lost. i could see how sacred this island, this family, is to me, through letting her go. and i knew it was time. to return.

i spent the whole day winding through
a little beach town attempting not to kill anyone on a scooter. this has been successful so far. stay tuned for updates. traveling solo for the last 30 days has shattered the illusion of isolation i spent nearly my entire life conditioned to be caged within. it has opened me up at my core. i’ve had no cell service. no sense of direction. most days spent wandering aimlessly, rising at dawn. finding a family in the selflessness of strangers who give you a lift to the local market in the pouring rain. who open their arms and homes to you when you have nothing to offer but love in return. i saw god in the eyes of a stray starving kitten today. the sheer magnitude of compassion that surged through me while sharing a meal with this innocent creature was medicine for my soul. you can literally open your heart to any being at any moment if you chose to, you can experience love in everything. everyone. everywhere. divinity lingers in all living creatures. there is nothing lonely about being alone, when you can recognize your reflection in all that surrounds you. this journey has only led me right back to where i began.

saltwater child. chameleon soul. fiercely intuitive. unapologetically alive. caught in a constant cycle of recreation, endlessly reborn within the eternal embrace of this present moment. i am not who i was yesterday, or even a moment ago. as time unwinds through my fingertips, my identity dissolves. for we are all things. i am all things. holy and unholy. animal and spirit. filthy and pure. a vessel of pure source energy awakening into its divine nature through flesh and skin, i am not immune to the fragility of this existence. my heart has been shattered. and my heart has healed. the funny thing about being human, is that we feel it all the same. we are all messy. bruised. beautifully broken. i am a creature birthed through the womb of my wounds. a living heartbeat composed of everything i’ve ever loved. and everything i’ve ever lost. by masking our scars, we suffocate our light. for one breathes life into the other. i don’t want to inspire you to be spiritual. i want to inspire you to be fucking real. to listen with relentless devotion to the soft whisper lingering within the depths of your core. for mine has brought me here. now. and i am only beginning to see...that i’ve spent my whole life chasing after myself.

what is love, to you?

one sleepless night nearly two months ago, i stitched my soul together and breathed life into a film that caused oceans to pour from my eyes at 4 am. i’ve never created something as raw as this, which is why it has taken me so long to release it into this world. i still fear vulnerability to a certain extent. but i am tired of shrinking. of making myself small. i am tired of collapsing beneath the weight of my fears. tired of being paralyzed by self induced limitations. in full transparency, social media is really difficult for me. i am severely introverted by nature, and have never sought out attention or approval from others my entire life. i could go weeks without even opening this app and be perfectly happy. my life probably doesn’t make sense to most people. and that’s okay. but i am learning to walk the thin line between sharing and living. the moments and people which compose my life are sacred, and at times i feel as though the pressure to expose my inner world dilutes the purity of those experiences. over the course of this past year, love has become my passion. human connection has become my passion. and i can only embody the purity of this passion, i can only evoke the depth of these emotions, through creativity. turning love into art. when you embody the courage to carry your own story, you empower others to do the same. this is a sliver of my own. this is my whole heart in your hands. this is me. fiercely intuitive. relentlessly compassionate. overflowing with emotion. living. breathing. here.

currently: spellbound and intoxicated by the sheer beauty of being fully alive.


march 7th. today, i turned twenty years old. and today, i wrote the first words of my first book. currently engulfed in solitude on a remote island off the northern coast of new zealand, nestled in a little air b n b i booked for four nights. alone. overflowing. free. taming my thoughts through transcendence. tangled in sheets of syllables, making love to language like art. every cell in my body, enveloped in waves of dizzying electricity. the whole world is spinning beneath my feet. i have pierced through a veil blanketing humanity in a sea of unconsciousness. i will no longer neglect this gift i’ve been graced with. it is time. everything has led up to this. here. now. the instinctual thirst to honor my intuition runs through my veins. my voice is a sacred source of medicine. my words will reawaken the intuitive nature of all living creatures upon this earth. hawaii was my prelude. this is my opening chapter. everything has changed. the future is not what it used to be.

yesterday i flew to the other side of the world with a one way ticket. one backpack. two sneakers. no plan. whatsoever. now i just need to learn how to make friends with humans instead of palm fronds and fit into a modern society in which clothes and shoes are required. wish me luck.

there is no such thing as “being spiritual.” because we are all spiritual. we are all souls within bodies. reflections of divinity having a human experience within this fragile form of flesh and skin. continually evolving on the endless spiral that composes our existence itself. circling back to the same experiences over and over again, until we heal and grow through them. we are all bruised and messy and beautifully alive. being spiritual doesn’t make you special. if anything, it can make you feel incredibly isolated and alone in this world because you start seeing through everyone’s bullshit. it can even make you feel lost when you start seeing through your own bullshit. when everything is stripped away, what are you left with? who do you become when no one is around? can you love yourself in your purest nature? every single human being is living upon a different earth shaped by their inner veil of perception. i don’t want you to blindly look up to me or adopt my truth as your own. for it has been shaped by my own life. my own losses. my own suffering. my own love. i want you to accept nothing, and question everything. question me. i want you to strip away every layer burying your authenticity until only your rawest form emerges and your darkness is staring you straight in the face. and then i want you to love the shit out all that you are on the unending journey towards unearthing your own inner truth. please don’t look up to me as an image. look into me. not at me. i am a mirror. see me as your living reflection.

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