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claire michelle ☾  untethered being. finding my way... πŸ¦‹ order handwritten postcards + art prints here:

like the sun we rose
and like dusk we faded
into an unforgettably beautiful memory
and i realized
i have let
too many nights slip
through my fingertips
without telling you
how your love is so beautiful
how it grows
in the darkness
like a soft candle burning distantly
on the edge of this world
this world is not a tomb for our love
this world is a door
it is the door in which our bodies collide
where our souls become tidal waves
that do not destroy as they expand
but rather collect
our memories as they recede
and when our bodies leave this place
our story will not end
you and i will find each other
and we will stir one another
until the oceans in me,
reflect the skies in you. -robert m. drake πŸ¦‹ edited with the "celestial" preset in my lightroom collection...slip through my story for a sneak peak. coming in three days. xx.

you have felt so small, for so long.
for too long.
haven't you?
drowning in beautiful lies.
swallowing chaotic lullabies.
an angel birthed into a prison too small to even stretch your own wings.
pretending to be free.
making love to empty things.
a living symptom of sleepless nights. addicted to the taste of unspoken thoughts.
take my hand.
i will starve the whispers that have been killing you gently.
indigo flames will rise from my lungs.
and with trembling lips, i will softly kiss your cage to ashes.
i will soothe your fears in the rhythm of chaotic lullabies.
take my hand.
we will tame our demons.
unbind our feathers.
and you will see.
like, creatures chasing their own tails.
you have been looking for divinity through the eyes of the divine.
crystalline oceans swirl beneath your surface.
starlight carves your veins.
i am a window.
gaze through me, not at me...
and you will find yourself.
and then, gather up all that you are.
your broken pieces,
your threadbare edges,
your magnificent darkness.
your unforgettable dreams.
and meet me here. πŸ“·: @noel.alva celestial being, beautiful friend. thank you for listening. for loving. for existing. you are pure magic in human form..and i have a feeling i will be seeing you soon. πŸ¦‹
photo edited with my "ocean" lightroom preset...releasing soon, stay tuned. xoxo.

what makes you feel alive?

nature is effortless. we are drawn to her untamed currents. her untouched chasms. the arc of her spine cradling bare skin. flesh to earth. limbs cradled in her lungs. origins reawakened through rhythmic whispers rising from the ashes of the chaos in a world we've left behind. her nectar is our medicine. her wildness, our cure. she speaks to us in stillness. in unspoken stories. sighs swirling through syllables clinging to platinum wisps, her echoes blanketing the air suspended above our minds. she tells us we are not these bodies. that this physical realm is a fabricated illusion, reduced to the finite edges of our mere five senses. this vessel is a sacred temple through which our souls temporarily linger. we are creatures of crystalline, birthed through a cosmic womb. milky rivers of starlight drift gently through our veins. opalescent oceans tremble beneath the surface of our flesh. she murmurs that our existence is sacred. sourced through all that is. all that ever was. that there is no separation...between anything. all beings are interconnected in the fluidity of celestial unity. the entangled emerald trees, the ebony cricket lullabies, the golden flecks of light flickering through the eyes of an untethered child. we are one. a singular living heartbeat. a sacred source of life, that gives life in turn. we are the healers. the nurturers. the protectors. living sanctuaries in human form. the ones that have not forgotten...the ones that have not lost touch. from her we come. and through her, we will return.

i followed a firefly's whisper here. as dusk nestled the sun beneath her sheets...silver wisps of celestial wool flickered softly in the sky above me. blanketing caramel skin. illuminating barefoot lullabies woven through opalescent pools of moonlight. limbs cradled in lilac chasms. a creature clinging to scattered thoughts and stolen footsteps, i drifted into a world between untouched nirvana. i swallowed cloudless oceans and tasted stories slurred through the lungs of stars...they told me i was home. or perhaps....i've fallen into the depths of this rabbit hole...and it was all a dream. βœ¨πŸŒ™πŸ’«

never in a million years did i think i would end up writing postcards for a living on a little island cradled in the depths of an endless ocean, but somehow along the way, i found myself here. guided by my hunger for curiosity...a little whisper within gave me wings. when others found out i was leaving everything behind and moving to hawaii with a one way ticket, the response i received from nearly every single person was, "oh, for a job? for work? for money?" as if though there was no justifiable reason for choosing my happiness, unless it was tethered to an external source of security. i looked at them and told them that i was following my dream. they looked at me like i was crazy. why, when we meet someone for the first time, do we ask, "what you do?" why do we ask children, "what they want to be when you grow up?" why don't we ask, "what makes you happy?" or "what is your passion in life?" we wonder why we feel lost, when we are conditioned to sacrifice purpose for the illusion of safety. i still remember when my self worth was determined by the numbers next to my name. memorizing mindless facts. consumed by competition. i have learned more, from a single year on my own in world, than i have in 18 sitting in a classroom. i've learned to fall in love with uncertainty. with the fluidity of this life, ever changing. ever growing. ever expanding. it's okay, to not know. to make life up as you go along. no one has it all figured out. everyone just pretends as though they do, going through the motions, even if they feel empty inside. the only ones who will ever ridicule you are the ones who ache for your courage. who have forgotten, how to be free. do not allow those who have abandoned their dreams to steal away your own. you are the architect of your existence. you were not placed here to follow the crowd. nothing worth having comes easily. if you do what everyone else has done, you will be where everyone else has been. sometimes life comes down to risking everything for a dream, that no one can see but you. question everything. rewrite your own rules. chase what makes you feel alive. and one will wake up living.

as humans, we are a species with amnesia. tamed by the illusion of isolation. tethered to our flesh. collectively, we have been lured into the lungs of lucidity. swallowed into a state of abandoned awareness, insanity has become normality. through this illusion of isolation, we are taught to be numb. to be desensitized. from ourselves, from each other. our ceaseless consumption is crumbling the very ground we stand upon. crucifying the creatures with whom we share our home. we have become addicted to annihilation. consumed by scarcity. driven by lack. sourcing external cures for our inner affliction. caged by a society that severely suppresses truth to keep us enslaved. for those who hunger for power will always seek to control the ones who truly possess it. our outer world has become a reflection of our inner amnesia. every trace of suffering that surrounds us is a symptom of our deeply rooted unconsciousness. this reality is not the cause of our suffering. we are. though there is a deeper place within each of us, that knows. the instinctual thirst to return to our origins lingers in our blood, sweat, and tears. it lingers beneath our surface, begging to be unbound. patiently waiting for the chaos that surrounds us to be softened, so that it's voice may rise. allow this gentle whisper to unwind you. unbind you. our choices have shaped the rigid reality in which we seek to survive. we have breathed fear into a broken world. though we also hold the power to transcend the trance we have been tamed within. learn to starve your fears in the womb of fluidity. remember. who you are. who we are. return. rise to nurture the rebirth of an eternal nirvana. our story is medicine. we are the cure. we always have been. stay wild. ascend.

it has been one year. one year, since i left home. a note for my father on the kitchen fridge. $500 dollars to my name. a single backpack resting against my fragile spine. a wrinkled note from my mother, folded into my back pocket. a oneway greyhound bus ticket to a place i had never stepped foot in before, pressed between trembling fingertips. skin blanketed in chills. heart pounding. i was 18 years old. no plan. no direction. guided only by a whisper beneath my surface. an unspoken promise to the little girl inside me. to sacrifice an illusion of security i was conditioned to be caged within, for her untethered soul. for her dream. for us. and has been one year. a whirlwind of missteps. of downfalls. of imperfection. of mistakes. i have lived a life held together by threadbare stitches. messy. raw. broken. there is so much that goes on, behind these little boxes and images. i have known what it is like to have nothing. to feel like nothing. though in lost places, i found myself. i unearthed peace through trust, not certainty. courage has given me wings to rise. to gently kiss the thin line between unshaken faith and blind carelessness. i have learned to follow my fears. for it is upon their edge, that freedom lingered, patiently waiting. now, i wake up to one that does not appear to be real at times. i am free. alive. whole. happy. i have witnessed moments so beautiful they have stolen the air from my lungs. today, i am an alchemist of intuition. weaving stories, creating art, writing postcards for a living. falling in love in an eternal nirvana. my sanctuary. my home. though it was only from the roots of my deepest wounds, that this arose. surging depths of pain that shattered all that i once was, so i could become who i am. who i was placed here to be. suffering is a sacred initiation into unshaken strength. it is only through being swallowed into darkness, that i found my own light. i will no longer bury my broken pieces. for they are what have made me whole. do not allow the hunger of your soul, be starved by the illusion of fear. your life is worth more than the rules of a story that do not belong to you. let go. surrender. free fall. rise.

gooooood morning world from ze backyard taro patch πŸ¦‹πŸ’«πŸŒˆβœ¨πŸ„πŸŒŸπŸ₯‘πŸˆ

there is so much that i want to say. these words tremble beneath my surface. syllables begging to be unbound. to be released. so i will set each one free. and they will rise to be held. by you. to take a break from social media was never a concrete decision. it just...happened. over the course of this past month, i experienced a depth of human connection i was unaware i was aching for until i held it in my hands. i found homes in stories. unearthed sanctuaries in souls of strangers who turned to family in seconds. i learned how to love. the days dissolved together into a collection of moments in which i would hardly glance at my phone. i felt whole. i felt free. consumed by the feeling of being alive. i will always be honest. i will always be vulnerable with you. for without this, i have nothing. i lose everything. to be looked up to, to be recognized, makes me feel alone at times. to have so many eyes turned to me, can feel incredibly seclusive. as if i am here, and you are there. separation is the catalyst of all pain, all suffering, upon this earth. for in essence, we are one. mere extensions of the same common source, caged by the illusion of isolation. connection is everything. i want to give to you, what i have found. for you are my brothers and sisters. you are my roots. if my voice has filled your lungs, if my path has allowed yours to unfold, if i have inspired you, in any have only recognized your own light, through me. remember this. it is not me. it never was me. it has been you, all along. i want you to know this, above everything else. you matter. and we are the same.

i am alive. i am home. i am free.

i’ve lost track of time.
the days are dissolving together here.
blending into one lucid memory.
moments bathed in liquid gold.
bellies full of stories and lychees foraged from roadside trees.
waffle batter for breakfast.
barefoot rituals beneath lullaby rain.
feeding our curiosity with wildflower escapes. tracing through backyard coastlines.
discovering sanctuaries in lost spaces.
cradled by the wind spoken through the lungs of an eternal nirvana.
breathing in carelessness and lilac clouds. sunlight flickers lazily pouring through an open kitchen window.
falling in love with the taste of salt melting freckled skin.
collecting sand crumbs in sheets. and toes. and cars. and ears. and pretty much everything we touch.
icy swims followed by hot showers at dusk.
falling asleep beneath a blanket of stars. staying up too late. waking up too early.
and doing it all over again the next day.
ps: amelia, thank you for spontaneously giving me a refuge in your little mountain loft for the last week. i love you.

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