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claire michelle โ˜พ  untethered being. finding my way... moon goddess prints available here ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ โœจ

woke up on the upside of the bed and escaped into the veggie patch. ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’ i am a child in a candy store for the first time...drinking in the sweet nectar of sunlight and nurturing curiosity with medicine made of garden greens and ginger. collecting little cures sprouted from the roots of this earth. i was supposed to listen to silly nonsense about growing up but i found myself here instead...breathing life into childhood dreams. a little monkey moon scampering barefoot through an untouched jungle...collecting crumbled puzzle pieces and finding a family in the trees. our bellies are full and there is air in my lungs. chasing simplicity and falling in love with the taste of this wonderful world all over again. hereโ€™s to being young and having no idea what we are doing. hereโ€™s to being alive. today was the best day of my life...and i have a feeling tomorrow will be as well.

i am currently living in a treehouse with a kind human i met at a grocery store the first night i came here. i feel as though i have woken up within a living jungle book. nothing seems real any longer. it has rained for nearly the past four days....i fell asleep to the gentle drizzle of liquid popcorn upon the roof. crickets chirping from their mossy kingdom beneath me. we wake up to the purr of a forest cat named sharkey (fitting..yes.) lingering outside our window who gives us love nibbles and leaves traces of fur in our coffee in exchange for breakfast. we ate hand picked veggies from the local garden for dinner and pee in the forest because there is no bathroom in this home. yesterday we found ourselves in a little cocoon covered with nothing but the gentle kiss of mother earth and frolicked in a sea of curiosity. the bottoms of my feet have turned to mud. pawprints lie scattered across the floor. my skin smells like lavender. my knees are scraped from coral and barefoot bike rides. my sheets have turned to sand and my hair tastes like salt. basil lingers in the air. drinking in starlight and learning to tame the fireflies of an eternal insides are happy. the earth is soft. i am home.

this is not all there is. we fallen into the arms of amnesia. numbly feeding a chasm of detachment within us. starved by fear...we have been lured into lucidity. it is far easier to be controlled when you have forgotten. when you are asleep in a state of abandoned awareness, you learn to mindlessly accept the rules of this illusion. programmed to be limited by fear of this external reality, you are taught to build an inner cage within the facade of safety. but we swallowed a lie. for this finite realm the will only protect your false self, which holds liberation hostage. nothing about resistance is safe. to be stagnant is to suffocate. the veil between illusion and truth is thinning. we are lingering on the verge of the collective remembrance. an awakening from this trance we have found ourselves within. if you feel fearful...lost...or hopeless, continue forward. you are ascending. intuitively drawing vital experiences inward which will cause your edges to crumble...creating space for this resurgence to expand internally. through releasing the deeply imbedded tendency to resist fluidity, you will transcend. a new earth will emerge at your fingertips. nurture this rebirth. do not run from it. bury your fears no longer. become lighter...hurl their whispers into flames. rise from their ashes like a phoenix. polarities will soon become non-existent and synchronicities will be heightened as your consciousness shifts to encompass all that is...not all you see. as you fall deeper into alignment, self identification with this physical form will grow weaker until it dissolves entirely. you will only be free once you release yourself. for you were never this vessel. this form. consciousness wasn't placed within this body. you are consciousness. a thread of infinite awareness woven through all living creatures. you are creation becoming aware of itself. there is no piece of you that is not of divine origin. there is no need to reconnect. only remember. that we are all the same. this is the paradigm shift. divinity seeking wholeness of the one. it is within reach. you are the sacred cure. you have been chosen to heal this eternal nirvana. the ascension is here. return.

a month ago, i fell in love. a little island wrapped its way around my finger...a beautiful kind of heartache buried its way beneath my skin. childhood dreams were gently reawakened from their slumber by the soft lullaby of barefoot whispers spoken through the lungs of this living refuge....a veil was lifted. the story i was carrying was no longer my own. i found myself calling my mom and telling her that i would be moving to hawaii by april. she responded with a softly whispered, "i know." and...i did. flew back to los angeles and watched as my world dissolved to ashes. in a matter of a few days, i gave away nearly everything i owned, booked a one way ticket to hawaii, and somehow managed to fit my entire life into a bag and a suitcase filled with my paintings and prints. it's humbling to come home to a little bungalow in the heart of a concrete jungle, and then walk out the next day with all of your belongings resting upon your spine. it's freeing. to carry so little...i am not who i am when i first came to los angeles. this city shifted the course of my entire life. it lit a flame in the chest of the small girl who once hid inside of me, scared. she is fiercer. wilder. she knows who she is. who she is becoming. 19 years young...a self made storyteller who creates art for a living. alchemist of intuition, chasing simplicity and sunlight woven through handmade dreams. currently suspended hundreds of miles above a pool of liquid glass. i have little to no idea where i'm going. what i am doing. and the truth one does. if you wait for the right will always be waiting. so learn to hunger for hurled into an unseen abyss. letting go...this will turn your cage to liquid and allow this world to pour in. freedom lingers at the edge of your fear. and life is worth more than the rules of a story that do not belong to you. never in a million years did i see myself painting for a living and moving to an eternal neverland in the center of an ocean. i suppose this is what courage does to gives you wings.

i woke up a few days ago, aching to create. i hadn't touched a brush in months...and felt as though nearly every thread of my body was nearly begging me to. a few hours later, i found myself knocking on the door of charlotteโ€™s little back house in venice, supplies spilling from my arms. she opened the it in an oversized, splattered flannel. "i need to paint." the words leapt from my throat. so, we did. for three days, we poured. fell into a collective trance...time melted into nothingness as we ate, slept, and breathed creation. lost in this eternal narnia...we learned to be free again. became barefoot children sprouting wings beneath lavender skies and scampering through the tendrils of our untethered imagination. cured the hunger to breathe life into something beyond myself. became intoxicated by ecstatic bliss of being alive. drinking in sunlight and climbing on rooftops to forage fruit from backyard trees. learned to starved our fears in the womb of fluidity. chasing colors, turning limbs to liquid. skin to canvas. swirled indigo oceans upon our legs and blended liquid gold with our fingertips. only a few words were exchanged between us. there was nothing to say. nothing to understand. then, she evolved...emerged before our eyes.
we took a breath.
watched in stillness for a while.
listening as the gentle hum of cricket heartbeats melted into dusk.
paint speckled skin bathed in luminosity touched by the strawberry solstice.
then...a name surfaced.
lucid kiss of eternity.
nurturer of a crystalline kingdom.
lilac origins reawakened by sacred whispers translated through our fingertips.
a birth of remembrance.
the ascension has begun.
letโ€™s return.

i am a child. found tracing my way through this moonrise kingdom. making life up as i go along...learning to be free. to rise. it is easier here. to remember. to return. the echoes woven through this living refuge nurture my fears. heal my edges. sacred lullabies spoken through the lungs of our mother. some days, i lie up here for hours...melt beneath indigo skies. tremble in surrender as i am cradled by the fingertips of this earth. enveloped by wildflower kisses and the taste of stillness beneath my tongue. as if this is the real world...and the city teeming at it's edges is only illusion. this sanctuary reawakens. heals. ascends. i have swam deep into this eternal rabbit hole, and i do not plan on returning anytime soon...

home...i will see you soon.

i have fallen in love. with the taste of 7 am coffee from food trucks and the selflessness stitched into the hearts of those who carry you for miles in the back of their truck without asking for anything in return. the feeling of collapsing into bed at night after climbing trees and running through forests barefoot until the last sliver of sunlight melts beneath crystalline waters. i have fallen in love with moments that steal the breathe from your lungs. the unspoken whispers of this moonrise kingdom. the ebb and flow....the curiosity of being. of interconnection with all that is. i have fallen in love with life. with living. learned to belong in a place where people call one another by their first name and make time for stories. for love. for family. this little island cradled my spirit and caused oceans to spill from my eyes. i woke up back in a concrete jungle...mind whirling...questioning everything. it's your plan can crumble into nothingness. just like that. all i know for sure is this....there are no rules here. we are spinning on a little globe resting in the palm of infinity. this world honors courage above everything else...the thin line between faith and carelessness. love is drawn to the fluid nature of a surrendered heart. it will carry your untethered dreams. it will breathe life into miracles. this is the secret...the cure. and in just a little while, i will call this place home. everything has it's twice as beautiful. thank you for coming along for this's just beginning.

oh, hello there โœจ๐Ÿ™ˆ feeling silly with happiness and just about the most stoked on life i've ever been because i have decided to create a little meet up this sunday the 26th, 2pm until 6pm in crescent bay park, santa monica ๐ŸŒˆ you fill my heart up with sunshine every single day and i want return this love to you. our little family. i can't wait to see your faces and hear your stories and hug you and watch the sunset and be together...just bring your beautiful wildflower self. I'll see you soon. ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ

mai acai ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ”ฎ just a little child fueled by sunbeams + whirled up nourishment from the source๐Ÿ’งi want to take a moment to introduce you to my friends @veganterms. they provide employment opportunities for the beautiful people of Nepal, Ethiopia, and Madagascar. places in which extreme poverty, widespread starvation, and mass deforestation are commonplace. these farmers live in heavily impoverished areas, and endure afflictions that many of us will never come to face on a daily basis. vegan terms has partnered with The Eden Rainforest Organization who employs local villagers who plant trees to restore their ecosystem. it is an unending circle of compassion, for as the seedlings grow and nurture the earth, the farmers earn a decent income so they are able to provide for their families once again. and for every item purchased through vegan terms, ten trees are planted. you can even use my code: CLAIRE10 for 10% off your first order. ๐ŸŒฟ if you have a moment explore this further, become aware of who you are supporting with your dollar. the majority of large corporations are willing to exchange the life of this planet for the sake of their own financial gain. be conscious of your own little ripple expands further than you can imagine. let's create our own rainforest together through planting seeds of kindness. let us nurture the ground that we walk upon. for where nature thrives, so do we. ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒบ

seek refuge in the living heartbeat of this earth. allow her limbs to carry your own. embody stillness. breathe. have you ever paused to explore the curiosity of why witnessing the suffering of others stirs pain within your own heart? why watching as our oceans are swallowed up by our incurable thirst causes salty rivers to trace their way down your own skin? why seeing our forests dissolve into nothingness tears at our roots? why we ache, as wounds are carved into the soil we walk upon? we do not experience their pain in this physical form, so why should it affect us? detachment from all that surrounds us is only a mere illusion. separation is the catalyst of fear. we are all extensions of the same thread. a vessel of light woven together by the sacred touch of grace which dwells within all living creatures. who burrow beneath shores...scamper through wildflowers and thrive in untouched places. brought here only to bathe this earth in the golden hue of our luminance for a little while...this living sanctuary. a source of healing for the emptiness of this world. to thrive within her arms is our birthright. we have forgotten to honor it. be reminded of your roots. surrender to your true nature. for we are all the same. love is our eternal home. it is the only cure.

say hello to my little coconut.๐Ÿ’งfeed me hand picked discoveries from the veggie patch and i will light up like a child in a candy store...โœจ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿƒ the yummiest cure after scampering about the jungle. thank you for somehow taming my monkey hair...@aveda ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’ #avedapartner #styledbyaveda

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