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Planted Life (Tarian Pantry)  A business owner and endurance athlete mentoring the veg-friendly and plant-curious to LEARN | THRIVE | GROW on plants 🌱

When you gift yourself a book and it arrives in the mail today you can't help but smile. A new read from @keminekvapil sees me feeling empowered and ready to ignite my personal power, let's see how fast I can read this book #thegiftofasking #plantedlifeau

Guilt free snack...technically yes if you can stick to one packet. Have you tried broccoli chips? Picked at its prime, vacuum fried and then seasoned with cinnamon bark, star anise and pepper this is a new go to snack Thank you @emma_lee_48 for the recommendation and @harmoniahealth for aiding my new addiction #vegan #plantbased #eatmoreveggies #eatyourgreens #harmoniahealth #plantedlifeau

What you eating? Just picked up a "eat on the go" @goodnesscatering protein pack from @harmoniahealth post 18km run. Feeling a little in need of some nourishment and this pack seemed to be shining the brightest with my body telling me crispy fresh vegetables and protein in the way of hummus and falafel was in order. Lucky for me @harmoniahealth opened their grocery doors yesterday, timing really is everything #vegan #plantbased #veganprotein #postrunrecovery #harmoniahealth #plantedlifeau

It might be raining outside but the goal doesn't change, time to get up, lace up and run in some puddles #veganathlete #entrixsport #nosuchthingasbadweather #plantedlifeau

Solid @karbonsport track session this evening with the power coming from the ground up. Thanks @entrixsport my feet were on fire tonight #veganathlete #tracksession #karbonsports #entrixsport #ambassador #plantedlifeau

Confused about superfoods? What are they exactly and should you be including them in your Planted Life? Read today blog to find out. Link in bio #vegan #plantbased #superfoods #whatthecamucamu #plantedlifeau

Choose this one. Why? When purchasing plant milks look for the words "unsweetened" on the front and even then still read the ingredients. What you don't want to see are ingredients such as corn maltodextrin, vegetable oils, cane sugar and acidity regulators. Plant milks should contain filtered water, the base of the plant milk; soy beans, almonds, rice, quinoa etc and very few other ingredients. Next time you are purchasing plant milk remember to read the label #plantbased #plantmilk #readthelabel #plantedlifeau

Where do you get your protein? This bowl of @flipsmuesli 5 grain porridge made with @vitasoy_aus_nz protein plus soy milk @coyo_is_coconuts yoghurt and @loving_earth buckinis has over 12g of protein. Find out how to add more protein rich vegan goodness to your diet in August #vegan #plantbased #30dayplantbasedchallenge #veganprotein #wheresthebacon #poweredbyplants #plantedlifeau

Forever young, one of the many benefits when adopting a plant-based diet. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can only benefit your complexion inside and out. Who needs products in a bottle, I get my youthful tonics straight from nature. 15 days to go until the start of the Planted Life #30dayplantbasedchallenge who's in? #vegan #plantbased #eatmoreveggies #poweredbyplants

Race planning meeting with what looks an extra large espresso but instead an iron rich Guinness which is what every female athlete should be drinking to increase her iron stores #veganathlete #ironrich #plantedlifeau

Apparently this is called Kyeema Suicide, half way down I wanted to turn back but wasn't sure what was easier; up or down. One hell of a descent, sliding for most of it but eventually found my legs ignoring the possibility of going head over hills. Solid 3hr more of hills in the Dandenongs, left this one to the end and for the first time in a long time, the quads were burning. Where did your running take you this weekend? #veganathlete #hillsaremyfriend #kyeemasuicide #somanyhills #upcoaching #entrixsport #plantedlifeau

How do you scramble? Today our protein rich tofu scramble included onion, fennel, kale, carrot, semi dried tomatoes, parsley, @_goldengrind_ @alg_seaweed, Dijon mustard and tamari #vegan #plantbased #whatveganseat #30dayplantbasedchallenge #eatmoreveggies #plantedlifeau

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