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Crystal  Nutrition major||Passion for healthy eating. ||Body~mind~spirit ||🍃plant based ~vegan recipes, my inspiration 🙌🏻🍃||recovery journey ||momlife

Roasted 🍑 peaches with ice cream +blueberries +walnuts and some Carmel deliciousness....heck yes😃 especially in this Fresno hot 💦weather . I been Mia for a bit. I been focusing on myself right now doing some self care. I been going Thur some healing and I just wanted to stay away for a while just to get my mind clear. Great things and changes this year have been for the best just getting use to the new and leaving the past it’s not as easily said and done. Learning to let go of situations and reflecting that just bc things end doesn’t mean you life ended sometimes we make things our whole world . Life gave you a curve and your path to another direction yes. Don’t fear the new the unknown. Starting all over doesn’t have to be scary just tell yourself that you will open your arms to what the universe brings you ❤️. And let it be. Be happy with the change and focus on what’s good. I been really excited lately about everything I love and the new me I’m growing and learning so much . Closer to my goal and dream. Never give up be happy life is amazing there’s only one you. Be beautiful #greatfulheart 🌞#plantbasebeauty

Bean tostadas yummy in my tummy🍃. I put some beans +cabbage +bell peppers +sprouts +vegan ranch ❤️. Delicious 😋. I hope you guys have a great day

Cheesecake for days 🌞🌟 , hope you guys are having a great Monday 💕

So delicious quinoa oatmeal🌞, just fruitiness of joy. Woke up this morning feeling very happy and thankful for life. Getting ready for work and starting my day. Today will be a great day💕I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Remember to stay positive life is a blessing enjoy each second of it#plantbasebeauty

Good morning smoothie time🌞. I love making them every morning as my routine. I added my greens my fruit and my superfoods and protein. Brings a boost of energy to my day . I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday. Be happy life’s amazing 💫. healing my body is what I love to do,I will take care of what I put in my body. I love me and my body and I will take care of you💕#plantbasebeauty

Wanted to break the food post🙂 June is a month that has giving me and taken so many things from me good and bad. In 2011 my whole life change in so many levels, I still rem being 21 scared-freak out waking up one day and not knowing what was wrong and being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Was very frightening to me, I had no idea what is was not knowing what to do. Not being able to smile ,taste or even see from one eye horrible pain. Till this day it’s not known why it happens or how it happens little is known , can be from stress,virus etc not really proven why, years past by and instead of getting better I was getting worst and worst my body started shutting down. I lived with migraines, sick live in hospital all the time . Thankfully after doing my own research and started educating myslef I had to be my on dr. Years later i meet my holistic dr which now is my life saver I found out I had an autoimmune and that was the main reason my body was acting in that way. Thankfully I was able to fine out the root of everything and I’m in a better place in my life . I’m healthy living with an autoimmune is not easy but as long as I take care of my allergies and eat well my body will thank me of course there’s day where your body just want to act up but over all it’s treat me good if I do. This is the reason I’m so passion about holistic living and why I’m studying nutrition and BodyMind spirit I want to help others in there journey in recovering bc everything is possible 💪🏼. I did ,I’m healthy . I may not have my smile 100 percent but I still smile I’m beautiful and this me my journey my life 💕it will always be part of who I am. And I’m thankful bc of it I’m am where I am now and I’m happy 😊. God is great. At my 29 I can say I’m truly happy with life . I have a child that keeps me going. I have. A strong mind and I’m a powerful women💫. Just know that even on your hard times if your going Through anything don’t give up. Help yourself we are in charge of our bodies, listen to it🍃#plantbasebeauty . Have an amazing day just. 🌟I see life in a different way it’s beautiful and very thankful for life🌞

Ya CARAMBA me some mango con PEPINO🌟. Growing up in a Hispanic family all we like eating is spicy especially fruit con Chile . Who doesn’t love limy spicy cucumbers. Boy there so delicious just dripping good . Long day of work, school finally time to just relax and enjoy the rest of my day. Life has been far amazing. Want to know something guys???My car broke down 😱it’s been a month of no car and being at the shop. Having to take buses +walk and ubering. I’m proud of myself because instead of being stressed. I focus on solution and focus on the day. Guys when things get tough. Just focus on what can get done and how you will get it done . Stressing won’t make change . Hope you guys have a great day and know that life is nothing but beautiful 🌞😝. I love you guys #plantbasebeauty

Morning morning guys woke up feeling refreshed 🌿, street corn is my favorite who doesn’t love it??!!! the other day at work, they were making corn on the cob. I couldn’t have it 🙁 because I’m allergic to corn yikes I know everything has corn . So I came home and I told myself never tell yourself you can’t . You will make some today. 😀. When having an autoimmune it’s very important to know your allergies and what makes you feel sick. In my case as soon as I’m expose to anything that my body does not like. I feel it right away or during the week, I’ll start to feel the consequences after a meal. I’m very careful of what I put in my body. So this is how I made it happen in my kitchen
Street corn 🌽
2 cans of garbanzos
Vegan fabanaaise😀and stirrrr💫

To make the Parmesan vegan cheese
I dided
1 cup of cashews +nutritional yeast to your taste and salt and pepper to your taste . You can also put some chili power on top. ❤️ I hope you guys have a great day 🌞#plantbasebeauty

Oh me some pizza. Toppings with tomatoes +bell peppers + pesto nutritional yeast +collard greens+ carrots +red cabbage can’t forget avocado. I added some vegan ranch on the side. Today I woke up a little gloomy going though a lost of a love one is not an easy thing in life. Weather you lose a family member, friend your pet. Grief is something that is not easy to get over . Depression !!!! when losing someone so close to you. Today marks a year where I lost part of me. I lost my hearts and I’ll never be the same person again I’ll always have the memories we made💕 it’s taken time to rebuild my heart. It’s been rough but I been getting Thur it. In the past 8 months I’ve Lost 4 important ppl in my life. I learned to understand that we’re here for a time and we need to enjoy while we can and love each-other. Not taking our love ones for granted with times things have gotten easier but just missing them is so hard. Just wanted to let you guys know if you guys have lost a love one with time it will get easier. Tell them how much you love them and know they will be always guiding you Thur life and they will be your garden angels . I just decided to write this. we have all gone Thur something like this and that’s how life works . Just knowing to make the best of each day and memories 💕. I came home and did some meditation . I know sounds weird, but I always talk my grandma and I always feel her close to my ❤️ . And makes me feel much better . I hope you guys have a great day. Take the time to tell your love ones how much thy mean to you. Enjoy life . I’m thankful for life and my family and my son . I couldn’t be in a better place in life now. I’ll always miss them. And they will have a special place in my heart . #plantbasebeauty

Happy Sunday💫, great weekend camping😄.now home and time to relax . enjoying some tacos . Recipe will be posted ⬇️. I hope you guys have a great day and remember love yourself and take a day of self care.🍃. I did a lake meditation 🌟yoga morning routine and just made my day so much better 💫#plantbasebeauty
Two cans of garbanzo beans
6 potatoes 🥔
Red onion
3 bell peppers of your choice I did red -yellow-green.
1 Tbs taco seasoning
1/2 green salsa
Salt and paper to your taste 🙌🏻
And of course I had to use @sietefoods tortillas💕

Hi guys🌟,good morning today I just wanted to share. I’m still a working progress life has hit me hard this past couple years . where I went Thur a lot of emotion in my life . I cried, I been hurt, lostest in my life. I learned to move past them and how to deal with my emotions. When I went Thur a very dark time in my life, I just didn’t know how to handle situations in life during that time. I had so much anxiety. I started doing yoga, meditation, oils, just learning to be more clam. Today I’m so happy where I’m at, I can control that even on my blue days i handle them very well. I have control how I will feel, I let myself feel bc it’s healthy to do so that way we take everything out and once. When I’m done feeling and connected which my emotions!!!i pick myself up And go on with my day . It’s ok guys feel learn grow from your emotions but also know that we have to dust ourselves and pick up ourselves and keep being strong . There is a light under that tunnel. 🌞life has been rough but also amazing and I’m thankful I’m 😃 🙌🏻. When you start feeling blue get out go for a run ,meditate talk to your closest friends just get it out some how. It will make you feel much better trust me. Have a great Wednesday 💕#plantbasebeauty

Good morning and happy Sunday guys 😃 , I wanted to share my fave summer drink!!! Cucumber lemonade. So feashing on hot summer days and it’s good for you very detoxing . Sometimes I get tired of just simple 🍋 water so I kick it up a notch..I’ll post recipe ⬇️ •cucumber lemon water •3 lemons •½ liter of alkalized water💧 •2 cucumbers •Maple syrup (Optional, to sweet to like).
Hope you guys have a great Sunday . Go out for a run, meditate,spend time with family enjoy life. Take sometimes to slefcare!!!💕 .🌞#plantbasebeauty

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