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Crystal  Nutrition major||Passion for healthy eating. ||Body~mind~spirit ||🍃plant based ~vegan recipes, my inspiration 🙌🏻🍃||recovery journey ||momlife

Oh my let me share my favorite soup. Guess what it is 😉. You guess right! Broccoli vegan cheddar soup . Topped off with come potatoes +bell peppers +jalapeño can’t forget sprouts my favorite . Makes my mouth drop . So spicy and good🌞 . I been so busy with so much changes . It been really hard for me to meal prep . So decided to make sure I made time, To not make excuses. This was one of my meals for the week. So happy 😁 makes me smile so big . Hope you guys are having a great afternoon 💕#plantbasebeauty

Happy Monday 🙂. This month has been a lil emotional for so many reasons . I decided that it was time to clear my space and home letting go is a very hard thing for me . Especially when they ment so much to me .I fine any excuse of why I need it. I’m sure you guys can be guilty of it too. We fines ways to why it’s so important. And it’s valid. At that time it ment so much and maybe it still does . But in order to move on of situations you have to learn to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore, it’s only hurting you to hold on to. The first step in letting go of the past is to determine your reason for wanting to let go of the past. Ask yourself: “What are the reasons that I absolutely must move beyond this?” How will your life change? How will it change the trajectory of your relationships? And how will you feel in this new chapter of your life?letting go is very hard, it has been for me for so many reasons. But I’m not there anymore. So I have to receive what god is planing for me now . And look at the past as a chapter in my life . Now it’s time to create new memories. ❤️. My past is my past I’ll never look back. Only to remember that god has another plan for me if it wasn’t for my past I would not be here today🌸

Your life matters, and if you align yourself with the truth that you’re here not just to “get” but to give, then other people will feel your authenticity and they will open up to you. Giving back reminds you what you’re made for. Focusing on the needs of others has a way of motivating you to do more than you thought possible. You feel the benefits immediately. You become more productive. You find creative solutions to problems. You find strength when you’re exhausted. And you’ll be better able to learn to let go of the painful past and step forward into the future in a more loving, conscious and compassionate way.🙏 #plantbasebeauty

Hello happy Monday 🌸. Fall is almost here . Just wanted something homie and fallish🍁🍂.So I made a pumpkin sweet potatoes soup !!! Oh boy so delicious 😋🍃. I hope you guys are having a great start to your week. 🌞#plantbasebeauty

My favorite poco de Gallo Tex mex salad, topped with some arugula +cucumber and avocado. Oh Freshness and easy to make ❤️. I’ll post recipe later tonight 🙂🌸. Have A great day guys 💕#plantbasebeauty

While I’m at work I can make and create anything that comes to my mind . I love working @chefnaomi . Amazing food that helps you live a healthier life style 🙂. Busy day for me today but a great day😍. Hope you all have a great one . Sprouted Micro Beans ,with beyond burger . Some pumpkin cashew cheese topped off with Kurt +cabbage +sprouts+and some delicious ranch .@plantbasebeauty. If your traveling to Fresno come visit us we’re located in the beautiful down town Fresno . We would love to have you here and have our delicious healthiest food 🍃🥒💕

what’s new guys ?🌞. Me I’m getting ready for another vacation yas so happy traveling is something I promise to do more often . I want to meet so many places ppl just nature . oatmeal this morning sounded so fresh peaches and strawberries on my craving list, oh can’t forget the walnut butter 😉. Had to make, so delicious. My tummy is so satisfied ❤️. Hope you guys have a great day 🍃chao amigos #plantbasedbeauty

Hola buenos Dias amigos . 🌞this weekend I was meal prepping and wanted something fresh and light for the week . I made some quinoa salad with fresh cucumber-tomatoes -cilantro-habanero -lime -basil -salt and pepper . I added some avocado, sprouts , can’t forget about the jalapeño pesto to give a spicy kick . I hope that you guys have a great start to the week. Enjoy 🌸🌝 if you guys want recipes let me know I’ll post it ❤️#plantbasedbeauty

Happy Thursday guys🌞. What a fresh fabulous morning 😍. Woke up, excited took my baby to school came home made myself some delicious peach chia pudding so rocks my world . Now getting ready for work . This week has been a lil rough on me so much going on adjusting to my new job and just my son starting school . And since I’m doing online classes today’s my first day at it. So you guys can imagine this girl is on the go. So I’m being a lil on the overload lol but it’s ok . We’re human juggling so many things at once it’s not easy, But we can do it . Things I love to do to calm down my stress levels I do a lot of yoga , go for a run -meditate. I just love the after feeling of relaxation ❤️🧘🏻‍♀️. I been really happy and thankful I hope that you guys have a great day and enjoy super pretty day 🌟#plantbasebeauty fallow your dream it won’t be easy but you can get there . Dreams come with hard work -discipline and determination nothing’s will be giving you have to work for it💕. Never give up🌸

Aguea fresca de strawberry, cucumber,melon super delicious and refreshing . Hope you guys have a great day ❤️#plantbasebeauty

Good morning guys 🌞. This past couple months I been so mia. I been having so many changes in my life positive ones as much of you know I love healthy nutrition it’s my passion. I’m still attending school, learning and educating myself. Nutrition,crystal healing is another of my passions .I have so many things I want to learn and one-day I’ll get to my goal holistic living is my life 🍃🌟. I’m so excited I got the opportunity to be sous chef assistant to a amazing plantbased nutritionist chef in Fresno ca . I’m so happy, what’s more amazing to do and work doing my passion. I’m learning a lot and someday, I’ll be able to start my own plantbased nutrition classes and educate others to eat better and healthier. I hope you guys have a great day . And know don’t give up and always dream . You can accomplish all you love ❤️🍉. #plantbasebeauty

I just love raw Fresno best and only raw food restaurant, in Fresno ca . Come visit ❤️.green smoothie yummy #rawfresno

Starting my morning with some oats and blueberries and some walnut butter I just freshly made yes . Amazing day productive day ❤️hope you all have a great one #plantbasebeauty

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