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Shanni  Etsy shop is open! ❀️ There are coupons in my Etsy shop announcement for 10% to 30% off! 😘

My first Foxy Fix is finally out of the box this morning! I love it! The colour is perfect! It's greener than the photo shows. The hot pink stitching is so pretty! I maybe could have gone with a compact instead of the wide, but I guess I can chunk it up. This is my work planner, so it's not going to be overly decorated. My no. 2 pocket size should be here soon so I can move my daily planner into that one. Can't wait! #foxyfix #travelersnotebook

So, I've pretty much successfully made it through my 7 day no spend, as long as I don't shop in my sleep tonight. Oddly, I feel no satisfaction from it. πŸ˜‘ Or maybe I'm subconsciously trying to convince myself that there's no value to controlling my spending? Or maybe I'm just in a really bad mood from not being able to shop all week? πŸ€”Anyhow, my reward tomorrow is that I can open my first ever Foxy Fix happy mail when I get to work tomorrow. I'll share photos tomorrow.

Not spending money is hard. At least it gives me time to doodle.

My very first Foxy Fix has arrived! But I can't open it yet. I made a deal that I can only open it after I've done a full 7 days without spending money on planner stuff. So, if I stay on track I can open this Monday morning. Think I'm gonna make it? 😬 #foxyfix

I just can't today. Anyone else plagued with Sunday Sadness every week like I am? I seriously get totally bummed out by Sunday afternoon because it means my time at home is almost over, and a new week starts tomorrow. 😞 Weird thing is, it's a holiday tomorrow but the Sunday Sadness is still hitting me. Maybe coffee and stickers can fix this? β˜•οΈ If you check out my Insta Story you'll see a sneak peek of a few of the new listings that will be up for the sale starting April 28. 😌 #stickers #plannerstickers #travelersnotebook #plannercommunity #plannernerd #plannerspread #washitape #sundaysadness

Is this mom life? Suggestions? #stickers #plannerstickers #handdrawnstickers #momlife

Good news, we've finally settled on the sticker designs for the bossy sampler that will be included in orders from the first day of the April 28 - May 1 sale. Bad news, my silhouette does what it wants. 😠 I'll try to cut the next sheet a little better. #plannerstickers #handdrawnstickers #plannergirl #plannercommunity #ihatemysilhouetterightnow

Getting ready for my Foxy Fixes to arrive! Can't wait! #foxyfix #travelersnotebook #crafttime #feelingcrafty #dashboards #shakerdashboard

Happy 4 days off to all my Canadian, British, and Australian Planner girls! (And happy 3 days off the the rest of you...) If cleaning my house doesn't take up the whole day, I'll be finishing up some of the sticker suggestions that were given to me a few weeks ago in the giveaway contest. New releases are being saved up until April 28. I'm running a "choose your own sale" from April 28 to May 1. Each day will have exclusive samplers, including a sampler set hand drawn by @bossysister82. Save up your sticker money for the sale! πŸ˜‰ #plannergirl #planneraddict #travelersnotebook #stickers #plannerstickers #plannerspread #kawaiistickers #stickersale

Stickers make Mondays better. Thank you @wilawalo_co and @sprinkledpug! The stickers are adorable. And thank you for having reasonable shipping rates to Canada! πŸ’“ I just can't bring myself to spend $13-$19 on shipping when I know it really costs less than $2. 😬

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