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No pain, no gain.' Your progress is measured on your dedication to improve your body. Double Tap if you have already reached one of your #PFFitnessGoals.

If you don’t have stairs at work then we have the perfect class for you to step up your overall fitness. Try out our Step class, and step up a sweat while having fun!

Did you know? After a workout, your body's ability to rebuild protein is enhanced. This is why we recommend that you eat as soon as possible after your workout to ensure you replenish your body

Planet Fitness and Modern Athlete are proud to announce that they have teamed up to bring you the Planet Fitness Modern Athlete (PFMA) Running Club. It's the first of its kind in South Africa and offers runners the opportunity to be a part of both a reputable running club and the preferred destination for health and fitness in South Africa.

The best project to work on is you! Let us help you achieve your #PFFitnessGoals. If it's doing an extra rep or running an extra kilometre, we have you covered with the best! #PlanetFitness #Gym #Fitness #Health

Influenced by ballet, Pilates and Yoga, #UtlimateBarre targets your form and alignment, strengthening your muscles and lengthening your body. A combo of dance conditioning and high-intensity interval training, it’s an awesome mid-week workout to get your blood pumping! #PlanetFirness #HealthyLiving #Goals #Gym Motivation

Setting realistic gym goals can help to keep your eye on the fitness prize. Every time you hit the gym try to constantly improve your last performance. Be proud of your hard work and determination. #PFFitnessGoals #Motivation #Exercise #PlanetFitness #Goals

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” -Unknown #Fitness #Motivation #PlanetFitness

Good things come to those who SWEAT! Thank you to all who joined us for one of our BIGGEST events of the year. The SWEAT Workout Party pushed our limits and showed us what can be achieved when we set ourselves #PFFitnessGoals. Thank you to our partners @usnsa and @womenshealthmagsa as well as all our instructors, for filling up @nelsonmandelasquare with the true spirit of Planet Fitness! #PlanetFitness #PFSweatParty #Fitness #Gym #Workout #Fitness

Dark chocolate has been proven to fight depression and boost your energy. Studies show that people who munch down on a block before they start training use less oxygen. #InternationalHappinessDay #Happiness #Gym #PlanetFitness #Happy

Let go of the outside world and focus on the fusion of different musical genres for the perfect combo of high-intensity and strength training. Bollywood Fusion is launching at selected clubs! Double Tap if you are all about dance and self-expression. #BollywoodFusion #PlanetFitness #Exercise #Fitness #Gym #Workout

Double tap if you want the perfect booty.
Our Brazilian Booty Blast Step focuses on high-intensity training around the lower body and core, literally blasting your booty into shape and giving you a results-driven Workout. Let’s step on it! #PlanetFitness #BBBStep #HealthyLiving #Fitness #Workout #Exercise

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