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Plan + Cook + Host (Darilyn)  Balcony garden + Healthy Eats 💫Helping millennials make healthier food choices without lacking taste💫 👩🏾‍🍳Personal chef turned gardener 👩🏾‍🌾

Isn’t this basil lovely? I planted 2 different type of basil this year, sweet basil and thai basil ( If you LOVE pho like I do, you should know about his stuff). Basil contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pain-reducer (menstrual cramps), and cancer-fighter properties just to name few. Basil is the perfect summer time herb that you can use in sweet and savory dishes. You can use basil in your summer pasta dish, infuse it your favorite summer time drink, make lemon-basil popsicles (YUM), or make the classic pesto. 🗣ALERT: Do not put your basil in the fridge it will ruin faster than my fro in 90º weather. Just place in a glass of water on your counter and it will last much longer and you won’t waste your money, basil, or both. How do you like to use basil? Let me know below. ✨Oh, and click the link in bio to get your FREE Summer produce guide.

The weekends are my time when I love to indulge in some of my favorite foods or venture out to some new restaurants. This weekend I had some amazing tabouleh from one of my favorite restaurants Jerusalem Bakery, which inspired me to do a twist on this yummy salad. I call myself a flexatarian lol - I only eat meat on the weekends. So, I like to eat meatless meals during the week for some balance. For this salad, instead of traditionally using bulgar wheat I substituted it with quinoa because that is what I had in the pantry. I grabbed some tomatoes (see previous post), peppermint (didn’t have regular mint) and cucumber from my garden as well. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans were added for some protein. Then made a quick lemon dressing.
Here is how I made it then swipe:
* 1 cup of cooked quinoa (chilled)
* 1 can of garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed * 1 cucumber, diced
* 1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped * 1 cup of diced tomatoes * 1/2 cup mint, finely chopped
* juice of 1 lemon * 1/4 cup of olive oil * salt and pepper to taste
Let chill for about 20 minutes then enjoy. ✨Click link in bio to check out latest blog post + grab your FREE Summer produce guide✨

Happy Friday! This has been a long one for me but I made it. I am still trying to adjust to my shift change for work so my schedule is still out wack. Anyhoo, peep those beautiful looking tomatoes from the garden. I am thinking about making a tomato salad with these babies. Perfect for summer salad. Tomatoes have a high water content so they are perfect to keep you cool in this hot summer weather. Click link in bio for latest blog post on why summer produce is the best and get a FREE Summer Shopping Guide.

I am thinking of my self-care Saturday. I relaxed in the park to soak up some good Vitamin D. ✨TIP: One of the best ways to get some Vitamin D is through your eyes. So think again before grabbing those shades 😎. Just don't look directly into the sun.

So, if you watched #WhatTheHealth and wondering what can I eat now, check out my latest blog post. Oh, there is also a FREE Summer Shopping Guide to help you out on your next shopping trip. Click the link in bio.

Summertime fine goodies from the garden. What's your favorite summer food to eat? Let me know below. 👇🏾

Earlier this year I was battling digestive issues - severe bloating and always feeling full. Over the course of last few months, I have been documenting my triggers, adding more fruits and vegetables to my life that help with digestion, and getting those good cultures into body. So while I am waiting for my re-up of greens on the go I'm using my probiotics to keep the digestion going and the gut in good shape. Even though I am watching what I put into my body, I need just a little bit of help. Click the link - Summer Glow Up in the bio for more information.

So today marks a change in my schedule. I have officially switched over to 2nd shift and I have not worked 2nd shift hits since college lol. But I am excited for this change. I was able to wake up this morning and sip some coffee and eat a bagel. This allows me time to work more on my dreams. In these next 90 days, I am going to be scaling my business, stepping out of my comfort zone, trimming up physically, and gaining financial freedom. What will you be doing over the next 90 days? Let me know below. 👇🏾 #TheCollective90

So yeah, today is the last day to invest $10 for your future. The caption says it all. Ask me how.

So about last night's dinner. This is one of my clients dishes to make - zucchini fritters. These are simple, easy to make, and DELISH. Check out my IG story. SN: Fritter is sitting on bed of arugula.

Scrolling and looking. Then repeat. 🙄That was the cycle I was going through when trying "figure" out if network marketing was for me. Until one day I just jumped, not even knowing where I would land. I ended up landing with It Works to build an additional stream of income to fuel my dreams of helping people make better food choices. Since joining It Works, I have not been alone. I have gained a wonderful mentor and bonded with other women fueling their dreams. Also, I was able to have my first live cooking demo session bc of It Works. I paid $99 when I gave this a chance but you can start for $10 to start living life on your own terms 😜. Are you ready to take that leap? Let me know below. 👇🏾
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