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Plan International Asia  Photos & stories from the field | working in 14 countries across Asia | focused on child rights and development

#STUCK - a new online series that depicts the lives and struggles of young girls in Asia. Watch the series here:

"We often cannot say what we really want to say," says #YouthReporter Frelyn, 16. "By making videos, we get to open up to others." #PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines #Haiyan #YolandaPH

One of the most important parts of participatory video is the community screening, where children engage with their community and challenge decision makers through their films. @planphilippines #PlanAsiaTakeover #YoungHearts #everydayphilippines #Haiyan #YolandaPH #Philippines

Through creative media, children are able to express themselves and share priorities to each and their communities. @planphilippines #PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines #EasternSamar #Haiyan #YouthReporter

"I have to fight back for myself and my family. I am not used to staying at home. I am not used to being unemployed." After surviving a terrible accident that rendered her bedridden for a long time, Jemelyn, 22, can no longer bear the thought of doing nothing.

With the aid of crutches, she walked to the village hall when she heard that Plan International is providing financial and training support to out-of-school youth who want to start their own business.
Jemelyn now owns a small commodity store.
#PlanAsiaTakeover #everydayphilippines #Philippines

"When I was young, I thought of getting revenge," says Nash, 30, former child soldier. "It is important for parents to encourage their children not to join armed groups because it can have long-term, devastating consequences for them. #PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines #Mindanao

"I want to be a teacher. I want to help the children," says Mohamedin from #Maguindanao . Through our education project in Southern Philippines, we have supported hundreds of learners from marginalized and remote communities, as well as train native language-speaking parateachers among these groups. #PlanAsiaTakeover #everydayphilippines #Philippines

"I was 15 when I got pregnant. I didn't think much about school. Life wasn't difficult then. But because of what happened, I lost the support of my family. I also wasn't able to finish school.

Everything's different now that I have two children. I have to think about how I can be a good role model to them. When I found out Teacher Rheane was looking for high-school dropouts for an alternative learning program, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to study again. This is my chance to turn things around. And it won't stop here. I want to take up culinary arts after I finish high-school." Marian, 23, was able to come back to school thanks to an alternative learning program by Plan International and Dubai Cares.

#PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines

"I really want to show the world that in the Philippines, climate change is a reality. It's not jus an idea; we have to live with it." Marinel, 18, is one of Plan International's young advocates. She went to Paris for #COP21 to urge decision makers to put children at the heart of the climate agenda. #PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines #ClimateChange

Philippines is currently experiencing the jitters. We're set to choose the next leaders of the country in an election on May 9. (6 of 6) @planphilippines #PlanAsiaTakeover #Philippines #everydayphilippines #eleksyon2016 #pilipinas2016 #elections

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