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Due to the early hour, I found myself alone in the temple with the men who work to maintain it. I watched them diligently making their rounds, collecting the burned incense and keeping the place tidy.

An over-the-shoulder glance, caught.

Having an unexpectedly long layover in Hong Kong meant that I had time to wander the streets for a few hours. It was just long enough to be reminded of the vibe of the city - one that feels simultaneously old and new and is always vibrant and bustling.

Two of my favorite things.

Shot on Tri-X 400 with a Hasselblad 503cx, processed at @photoworkssf

There's no shortage of outdoor dining options in Yangon.
Also, unrelated, one of my favorite photographers has finally come to Instagram! Please head to his feed to welcome him properly: @johnnypatience

Two men, both pushing their street food carts. A bright green public bus rushing by, narrowly missing them. Classic colonial era buildings looming over them in the background. Somehow, there's order in the chaos. #passporttoasia

Bookseller on the streets of Yangon. He was selling books in Burmese, English, and a number of other languages ranging from textbooks and dictionaries to fiction and biographies. He was basically a one-man Burmese Barnes & Noble. #passporttoasia

Tons of households in Hong Kong employ domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines. Law requires that the women all have Sunday off, so once a week, they flock in droves to places like Kowloon Park for a day of socializing and relaxing.
The women, often well-educated and with families of their own, live abroad working as maids and nannies because the pay is significantly better than what they would earn otherwise. Their wages are sent home to feed their kids and fund their educations.

Irresistible scene this morning, from a walk with @vonwong and my pup, @lunapoop. It was sad to see one of my favorite neighborhood murals painted over, but the lines and shadows from the painters made up for it.

I've been scrolling through old images, amazed by how many I love that I never get around to sharing. This shot, from #passporttoasia over a year ago, struck me because of the accidental mirroring in subjects. In it, this in-between moment of a woman likely raising her hand to rest on the nearby shelf is frozen forever and given new meaning.

The road home

A few portraits from my first roll on a 35mm film Leica. Thanks for the Leica M-A rental, @leicacamerausa, and for spoiling us with overnight processing all weekend, @richardphotolab! #kodakultramax400

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