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On my way to Nepal, I had a 23-hour layover in Singapore, just enough time to have a restful night’s sleep, a few good meals, catch up with some old friends, and take in old and new sights. Of course, I re-visited the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome because they are truly must-sees. Then, I discovered that @vonwong’s #plastikophobia exhibit had recently opened at Sustainable Singapore Gallery so I had to pay a visit.

The exhibit highlights our reckless wastefulness by showcasing 18,000 plastic cups that were collected from some of Singapore’s bustling hawker centers over the course of 1.5 days. It’s up until April 18th, if you happen to be in the area between now and then. Worth a quick visit!

Sunny foreground, stormy background = my favorite

First night on Kauai! Thanks for turning the fireplace back on so I could make this video, @amahanalei!

Part of an unrealized project for @priime. The project unfortunately never saw the light of day, but I figured the photos should be shared sometime. Turns out, the San Francisco skyline has changed a lot over the last 3.5 years. What notable building didn’t even exist when I took this photo?

It’s true. 🍦🍨

There’s some good powder up in Tahoe this winter. 👌🏻

Join me for a week-long travel photography class I’m teaching at Madeline Island School of the Arts in Wisconsin this August. They’re offering 10% off tuition for my class to people who sign up with the code “pketron.” Link in my bio.

An old favorite from back when I went to Flickr meetups regularly. This is from almost exactly 7 years ago with @diyosa - back when she used to take photos. 😝

These skies call for an instant-gram. Remember back in the day when we all used to do those?

From a December practice session with the @profotousa B10 and A1s (although only the B10 was used for this shot).

Standing strong

On this day, I arrived at the pier to find a majestic pelican perched on the railing. I had never seen one that close before. It was patient with me and my camera for a while, and then it rushed me just as I was taking the third shot. I was nervous, I’m not going to lie. I got these three shots and then left it alone, but still it lingered on the edge, watching everyone as they walked by.

I’ve been going through my old Hasselblad images for a project and found these window self-portraits from about 7 or 8 years ago, taken with my first Hasselblad.

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