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Pj Braun  President, CEO and founder Blackstone Labs,Entice LLC Www.enticeher.com Www.blackstonelabs.com

This makes me so proud!! Such a sweetheart! Thanks for the video @strengthaddicts 🙌🏻 #legionstrong #Repost @kyopenbodybuildingofficial
#Repost @strengthaddicts ・・・
💥 @mykadawn_npc_bikini gave her all and looked absolutely awesome at the 2018 #NPCKentuckyOpen & #NPCKentuckyState 😎
💥She’s also a proud member of the @blackstonelabs_legion & did an awesome job representing @blackstonelabs_official 👏
💥Between her great look at the recent @npcsouthernstates & today at the @kyopenbodybuildingofficial - I’d say
the sky’s the limit for her 😎
💥w/ @pjbraunfitness @karenyoakum_ifbbpro
📺 Full Interview Coming Soon at StrengthAddicts.com
👊 #npc #npckentucky #blackstonelabs #npcbikinicompetition #npcbikiniathlete #npcbikinicompetitior

My #mondaymotivation is this picture of me from 2014. This was a shot @ryanloco took of me while resting In between my actual #bodybuilding poses near the end of the original #beatpj !! I know I can get this look back and I’m pushing for it every day!! Come @mrolympiallc I think I will be there!! What’s your motivation!? #loyaltyiseverything #blackstonelabs #hardwork #president #ceo #entrepreneur #coach #askpj #worldtraveler

Whooooo.... old school throwbacks for legs today 🙌🏻 #wutang #thewu #methodman #gravelpit

VERY EARLY CADIO Q AND A TODAY!! Be on around 7am eastern! #askpjbraun

The detectives have been hard at work lately and someone actually finally guessed... freaking #heridav YES I HAVE A SERIOUS GF!!! Her name is @miss_rissaaa and she’s absolutely amazing❤️Everyone keeps saying “you look so happy!!” Or “you look so young, you look like the old pj from before you were married!” Well I feel amazing and she’s the reason why!! 😍😍😍
Now I’m gonna get serious and I hope this helps at least one person struggling! Going through a divorce for anyone is probably the worst thing ever. The betrayal that I felt and the heartache I suffered damaged me so bad. In fact I thought I would never be the same. My heart was black. And I had such bad trust issues I felt I would never believe in anyone ever again!! All that I knew and believed in seemed to be a lie and I had so much rage and sadness in my heart. As a man who prides himself on preparation I felt I had made the worst mistake of my life. I would never get married again... so much for kids.I was at rock bottom and I realized I had to reset myself. So I started seriously bodybuilding again and getting back to what I love the most. As physical progress came, Mental and spiritual came and I not only learned a lot about myself... I think I learned to see the world a lot different. At that point the advice everyone shouted was either “be alone!!! OR “go bang everything in site” so instead of taking a hard stance I started going on dates. THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE! They came quite easy to me and I became pretty good at them lol... during that phase I must admit I met some wonderful girls who played key rolls in my hearts recovery. I think In every relationship long or short you should aim to LEARN!! #message So that brings me to where I am now with Marissa. I am the best version of pj yet! it’s been so special to me That I’ve stayed quiet selfishly :FOR ME. I know I’ve put it all out there for you guys and in some ways it’s been a curse as much as a blessing so with this relationship your gonna have to just see us in person BUT I will leave you 2 things: 1- all my friends and family say “I’ve never seen you this happy”and 2 -not only am I healed... but I actually feel lucky! And I hate that word!

LADIES!!! You can and should be utilizing all the great stuff from @liquivida_livrenew just as much as the fellas!! #ivtherapy #loyaltyiseverything #Repost @itsheartbreaker
Just got my energizer B12 shot from @liquivida_livrenew ! Come check them out tell them Heartbreaker sent you!!!! #heartbreaker #girlswithgainz #liquvida #energy

MEMORIES!! How many of you have worked in the moving/ packing business ... I grew up doing that for my dad!! Hard ass work but I always loved carrying the heavy stuff haha 🤣 #waitforit #blackstonelabs #loyaltyiseverything

One of my #og brothers @zack_king_khan ... not many people make me smile the way he always has year after year. Great to see you bro 🙌🏻 #benweiderclassic #britishchamps #england #blackstonelabs #loyaltyiseverything #ifbb #ifbbpro #worldtour

That’s a wrap folks!!! I fly home tomorrow morning. Love the #uk but happy to be headed home!! Next stop on the world tour is @mrolympiallc in #lasvegas where you know we rip it up!! #worldtakeover #loyaltyiseverything #worldtour #lordbraun #president #ceo #entrepreneur #worldtravelor #19 #number19 #generationiron

Blast from the past, my favorite #uk physique competitor @dondizzley is in the house here at the #benweiderclassic !! Go check her out, we first met years ago and her physique is just mind blowing! 🔥❤️ #worldtakeover #britishchamps #loyaltyiseverything #wpd #ifbb

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