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I think I have a problem.
Also, @pizzacamp , your dough makes tasty bagels.

Pizza night. @anniecoll and #sweetwill

@pizzacamp did it again. I experimented with size and cut 2 batches of dough into 5 pizzas. In the end, I had to adjust some things, but it was so good. Here's the breakdown:

1. Classic round. I used too much dough, or let it over proof, and maybe sauced it a bit much, so the crust puffed and pushed everything to middle, and it stayed soggy. This was followed by a much better mushroom pie that I forgot to take a picture of. But I learned from the first.
2. Weird shaped peppers and onion pie. After the first two, I cut some dough off pies 3 & 4, to make them smaller/more manageable, and to add to the dough for pie 5, to make it more classic pan pizza vibe. This looks funky but tasted great and stood up proud.
3. Spring cream pizza. Basil/chive cream sauce, asparagus and lemon zest. So wildly good. Tied for best of the night.
4. Pan pizza, using excess dough from other pies. So much better than last week's. Tied for best with cream pizza.
5-10. Dough progression, in reverse.
We also quick-pickled some onions and serranos and both were big hits. Great crowd, great time!!

Decent day so far.

See you tomorrow, my dear.

The barbacks keep getting younger and younger.

The server said, "you ordered too much food, you need to move tables."

Carrots and radishes going WILD!!!

Meet my fermentation station. L-R: kombucha mother, carrots/radishes, beets/beet stems, sauerkraut, habanero mash.

Thanks to @pizzacamp , I made my first solid batch of pizzas.
1. Dough after a long rest.
2. Portioned doughs.
3. They grew up!
4. Pan pizza pre-bake (I needed a smaller pan, or more dough. My mistake.)
5. Pan pizza! Needed more time, but was tasty.
6. Classic, round pizza. This stole the show, by far.
Pizza Camp was really easy to follow and the results were the best home pizza I've ever made or had. Check out the book, it's beautiful and well worth it.

Hey, @thugzbunni - our friends are working hard and making progress! Little baby peppers, and the cuke plants are pushing up through the dirt.

Not sure what happened. Woke up, read a text, went back to sleep. Woke up again and nothingness.

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