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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here 🎄We’re just about finished decorating for our favorite holiday and have been basically living in this room for the last week. Happy Saturday morning, friend! Is this your favorite holiday, too? #christmasdecorations

We mentioned yesterday that PJ was recently diagnosed with a skin condition and how he’s switching up his skin care routine. He was diagnosed with Melasma, which is most commonly found in pregnant women (we know, strange right?). Melasma causes dark pigmentation that look like little dark patches on the skin, usually around the upper cheek area of the face. There are no other symptoms beyond the discoloration, but PJ’s doing what he can to take care of it, and this is what works for him: to even out the skin tone, use a moisturizer with bronzer in it to give your face that extra glow; and to prevent future damage, use a broad spectrum SPF. We’ll keep you updated on his progress with this and how it changes over time. Do you have any beauty products you swear by? @target #ad #TargetBeauty

Who doesn’t love a good @target run? We’re here at least once a week, which is why we’re so excited to be partnering with Target to discuss self-care. PJ was recently diagnosed with a certain skin condition (we’ll talk more about that in the near future) and because of that, he’s had to start a new skin routine to help tackle the issue, and now he’s being super careful about what he puts on his face. As recommended, he’s been using sunless tanner moisturizer and broad spectrum SPF (Link in bio!) What are your go-to self-care products? #ad #TargetBeauty

We got all of the sweatshirts packed this weekend and are shipping them out tomorrow! We can’t thank y’all enough for your support with them, and we can’t wait to get more in stock, so stay tuned. Besides that, we spent the weekend at home working on the house (because it never ends, does it?) and enjoying the cold weather that came through, putting our fireplace and a couple of bottles of wine to work. Hope you had a good weekend, too, and here’s to a great start to Monday (and happy Veteran’s day to all those who have served our country!!) ❤️. #husbands

Growing up, PJ’s biggest inspiration was his mamaw Dorothy. She gave him his work ethic, his temper, his love of coffee, and his creativity. She also gave him his love of plants: how to grow them, how to pot them, how to nurture them; which is why he can also tell you most of the plant species in our area. He never got to tell her how much she meant to him, because she was gone too soon, but out of everyone in his family, he’s the most like her. Any new place we visit, one of the first things he always notices are the plants and what grows there. When we visited Amsterdam, he fell in love with all of the potted olive trees they had throughout the city, and before we even got home, he was searching for where we could get them in the US. Some of y’all recommended @fastgrowingtrees and we are obsessed! They shipped these right to our front door and are just another reminder of his mamaw and what she’ll always mean to him. For $30 off your order, use the code THEMCKAYS30 at checkout at the link in our bio! #howistylemyfgt #husbands #ad

One (fall) Saturday morning 🍂☕️ #husbands

#TBT to staying in, drinking wine, and listening to Bossa Nova Radio, aka pretty much what we’re doing tonight. Okay basically what we do every night and somehow never get tired of it 😂. What does your ideal night look like? 🍷 #husbands

There’s a reason why your name is tattooed on my wrist and there’s a reason why I wear a bracelet with your initials on it and there’s a reason why I took your last name after we got married and there’s a reason I wake up in the morning and forget what we were fighting about the night before and there’s a reason I take so many pictures of you and there’s a reason the camera loves you, though not as much as I do and there’s a reason that, even after all these years, I don’t argue with anyone the way I do with you and there’s a reason that you were my first and last kiss, because you’ve always been the beginning and end of everything for me and there’s a reason for everything I do when it comes to you, and you know each and every one of them. Thank you for being my reason for so many years. -T ❤️. PS: who is your reason? #husbands

Okay y’all, you know that there was a spelling error on our “y’all” sweatshirts a couple of weeks ago 🤦🏻‍♂️, but so many of you said you loved them anyway! So, today, for a limited time, we’re selling the sweatshirts on our Etsy shop! There’s a limited supply, and once these sell out, we plan to create more (with no spelling mistakes 😂) and have those ready to go before the holidays. These “Property of Y’all Univerisity” sweatshirts make the perfect gag gift, and are also great for wrapping up in on a cold fall/winter night. In this photo, we’re both wearing large sizes. Click the link in our bio to get one for yourself! *U.S. orders only at this time* #Etsy

Last night it was cold and windy and spooky so we climbed to the roof for a few minutes to take it all in; the colors and the smell of fall because you know it’s our favorite season and there’s just something about fall in a small town that makes everything seem right in the world, even if it’s only for a few minutes 🍂 #husbands #fall

We love a good before and after, and with the help of @deltafaucet, the ones of our master bathroom refresh might just be our favorite. Before, when we were on a tight deadline, we went with your standard everyday faucets on two pedestal sinks. After, we switched the faucets out to add more elegance, and swapped the pedestal sinks for a wood stained vanity with a Carrera marble top. We’ve been flipping houses for 10+ years and Delta has always been a brand we’ve trusted. When it came to our own bathroom, Delta was an obvious choice and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Swipe to see a few before and afters, and then check out the link in our bio for the full story! #ad

Whether it’s a text or a phone call or a quick note in the morning, a kiss when you get home from work or making them dinner in the evening, no matter if you’re on vacation in Amsterdam or at your desk at work, let’s remember to show the most important people in our lives why they’re the most important, even if you don’t feel like it, or even if you’ve already told them you love them a hundred times today. And because it’s Monday, let’s go big and tell them a hundred and one. #husbands

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