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Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Pizza  Ⓥ 735 Bloor St W @ Christie Pits & 862 Pape Ave! EVERYTHING VEGANER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE Bloor: Tue-Sat 12-12 Sun 12:00-20:00 // Pape: Wed-Sat 4-10pm

Is there a better treat for your May 2-4 weekend than beer battered HOSER FRIES?! No. I mean we don’t know what other options exist, but these still win. #vegan #hoserfries #apiecalypse #apiecalysenow

Holiday Hours: regular weekends at both shops,
Both Bloor and Pape closed Monday and Tuesday! Have a safe royal prom or whatever we get a long weekend for... #vicky #may24

We made it through ROUND 1! Still need those votes to win @nowtoronto’s best summer dish challenge! Beer battered curly fries, spicy chili, cheese sauce, onion, vegan sour cream and bacon bits, topped off with ALL DRESSED CHIPS = the epic HOSER FRIES! get into it! Summer Fun(ner) #apiecalypse #apiecalypsenow #nowtoronto #summerdish #vegansdoitbetter

Reminder: we have DONUTS and today’s sales are being donated to orgs that help reunite mother’s with their families! Come on down and help a mama by eating a donut! Win/win. Photo by our lovely @blackjadenc (she/her) ❤️ donuts by @bikepvnx (she/her)! #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypsenowbakery #apiecalypse #donuts #vegandonuts #mammas

Winning combo by @theresesoria! Fat Mac, BBQ, and jalapeño poppers. Looks like dinner to us! #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypsepizza #pizzapiecalypse

We got these good ones working tonight at Bloor Street! @flamealexa (she/her) and @sam_thofh (they/them) are your slice slingers for this early summer eve! #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypsepizza #veganpizza #weneedsomereallybigrings

@lanchberylaura with that CHILI MAC and CHARLIE pizza! We heard you liked carbs so we put carbs on your carbs so you can eat carbs while you are eating carbs! #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypse #pizzapiecalypse #macandcharlie #asip

If you love us, please consider nominating us for a readers choice award!! Last year we were in EIGHT categories! All the vegan pizza, donuts, baked goods, and $5 slices for king of the whole dang world!

WE ARE IN THE RUNNING FOR @NOWTORONTO ‘s BEST SUMMER DISH CHALLENGE! Voting link in bio! We are representing vegan summer food epic ness with our summer special: HOSER FRIES. @beausallnatural beer battered curly fries, spicy vegan chilli, house made cheddar cheese sauce, vegan sour cream, green and red onions, and crushed ALL DRESSED CHIPS. It’s potatoes on potatoes fried in carbs with cheese sauce. There is nothing wrong about this. COME TRY IT STARTING TODAY and if we win this thing, we’ll put it on the menu forever. Help us prove vegans do it better. No one can touch our junk food empire!! #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypse #nowsummerdish #nowtorono #takeoff #alldressedchips #beerbatteredfries

Looks like a perfect day for a pizza in the park like @kaleebrown got after! Unless you are near Pape which STILL HAS NO POWER so we cannot open. Sorry everyone. The entire grid is down north of danforth at Pape. #apiecalypsenow #apiecalypse

**Everyone on the internet today.**
Skywalker in and grab a slice to help fuel your day of puns! #apiecalypsenow

Raine Maida pizza necessary today.
I....Worry about the weather and
Whether or not u should eat.

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Why-e-i-e-i-e-yea hea hea
Why-e-i-e-i-e-yea hea hea
#1997whoswithus #apiecalypsenow

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