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Miss Pixels  ‪Work; ‬ ‪Design 4 Life tattoo Liverpool 🦖‬ ‪I tattoo. Trad & neo trad. I like things 💖‬ ‪EMAIL ONLY NO DMS THANKS‬ ‪💌 me: hotlittleboss@gmail.com‬

Life’s a witch ⚡️
Finally got to finish this big ol’ cover up for Sam! Thanks darling 😁 great to see you again and sorry for hurting the back of your knee 💖💖 Mostly healed ✨

Fun illustrationy giraffe to start the day 😁✨ thanks joe!

Eevolutions! ✨
Thanks a bunch Corey for letting me do this for you 😁✨

Tiny buzzy little bumblebee to start the day 🖤✨ thanks margi!

Snorlax ✨
Had the pleasure of tattooing the lovely @keeleytattooer again! This time with one of her designs 🖤
Thanks lovely great to see you again 😁😁

Pudge controls the weather 💕

Fun lil one to start the day. Always great to see you akira! 😁

New limited designs! ✨

Hey all so I have some new hearts up for grabs as these were really popular last time I did them! ☺️ set price of £70 each full colour on arms or legs (they are just over palm size) but if you want a pair on you I’ll do a little discount 🖤
First come first serve and I have space this week! 💌🦖💌 And yes I will be doing more Disney villains soon....

Seasonal spookums ✨

Hey lovelies! It’s the spooky season. I have Halloween available and would love to fill the day with some spooky stuff. Here’s a few available pieces, I’m working on some more too ☠️ also happy to book ahead of Halloween if anyone is interested as I have some spaces in the next few weeks ☺️ Drop me an email if you’d like to get something done anyway 💌🦖💌

Stag fun today ✨
Thanks Adam 😁

3 heads are better than one ✨ cover up on an old tattoo and some scarring
Spent the last few days with one of my besties. Missing you already @madhats 💖

Also did some Zelda action for marie 💖
I really like doing lady faces

Lil jiji for Marie earlier today 💖thanks lovely, a pleasure to see you again 😁

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