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New Mexico, you have been mostly very kind to us as we've traveled as pilgrims into your country, climbed your mesas and requested safe passage from your intense guardians.
I'm in awe of your ancient beauty and am leaving small prayers behind for the health of your land and people.
With love, wonder and mad respect,

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Pretty blissed on this babe this week. Sharing space and sentiment with her among women making beautiful art in a sacred way is a pretty fine way to spend some life hours. So grateful for our students and the energy they poured into their environmental self portrait iconography.

@melodyrossbravegirl I adore you.
@florabowley thank you for this pic.

What a character Georgia O'Keefe was. Visiting her second home reminds me of what it's like to be a pilgrim in a new land which moves your heart and inspires your work. Her little piece of Ghost Ranch allowed her to be a monk among artists, somewhat of a hermit focused on what captivated her and committed to exploring the landscape and culture. She was known for shenanigans and being rather crotchety, tough on the outside and soft and loyal on the inside. I've loved being in this country and imagining what it was like when she saw it the first time.

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Some friends you know you never ever want to be without.
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Everything about this land is MAGICAL. It is like the Avalon of America. If you haven't been to the area, and you love the high desert, you must. Creosote, yucca, Indian paintbrush, artemisia, piñon, cholla, juniper-heaven for this desert-lover. It is not a wonder that Georgia fell hard for this place.

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So exciting to receive the second proof while in this rim rock landscape.
Ghost Ranch feels like being in a bowl, having come through a keyhole. The space is a container and all manner of collective flora and fauna are swirling within it-some light, some dark. It's a good time to snuggle down in one's golden bubble and discern what is ours and what belongs to someone (or something) else. Timing is everything.
Boundaries & Protection is my new book, the first in a series of non-prayer books. It will be available for pre-order June 9 and live June 16. Launching with the full moon and summer solstice!

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Little bits of sunshine on every path. And ghosts in every corner. No shortage of spirits here. It is l.i.v.e. with *activity* of a tricksterish sort.

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I saw you perform more than any other artist to date. You left big marks on me, especially in the very early days with Hands All Over, in which you said what I'd been wanting to say and didn't yet have the words for. Later with Birth Ritual, Reach Down...so many. I'm sad that you went the way your close contemporaries did. I was hoping you wouldn't.
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Can't be near the spirit of Georgia and not honor the bones.
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Staff of Stability.

Traveling with some super sisters this week and noticing what it's like to be out in the world with them. Older women than us often come over and say things like, "You girls will keep each other young if you stick together" and "Keep getting together and never let each other go". Does this ever happen to you when you're with folks who help each other glow? Do you find strangers wondering what kind of magic you're up to?
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The earth and sky are so completely in love here.
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Do you ever visit a place in total awe of how like home it feels? I last came to New Mexico in 2004 and being here is a reunion. The desert plants are old friends I love to commune with. The skies open with unpredictability. The red rocks an anchor to the earth. The night creatures afoot with important business.
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