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Another is off to spring training. @ramz_romano reports to Chicago Cubs spring training, sporting a leaner and more muscular frame. Increased explosiveness, body control and mobility. I’ve watched this young man grow from high school stud, through a challenging college career and now get to be a part of his journey chasing his dream as a professional baseball player. Get shit done! #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #chicago #cubs #speedkills #baseball #mlb #earnit

Today was great, I got 10 hours of sleep, woke up looking jacked af, watched the sunrise, and drank coffee while my dogs ran the ranch. Drove to work with no traffic and got all green lights, new clients called this morning, and the rest of our @elitefts equipment arrives tomorrow, and my clients and athletes killed it this morning. So I decided to squat heavy at my lowest body weight in five years. Nope, I’m not the strongest, the biggest, or the leanest, but I will always strive to be better than I was yesterday. As a man, as a coach, a friend, a lover, a fur dog father, too often I see all these people post negativity whining, yes whining, about all the shit their day has been, and I am probably guilty of this too. Change your approach, first thing in the morning, it’s going to be a great damn day! #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #speedkills #pivotalspeedmethod #squat #powerbuilding #peepthehammies #igdeletedmypost

Define what your sexy is! Too often we allow other people’s standards to be ours, standard is average, who the hell wants to be average? Don’t let the scale define your sexy, instead create a sexy that you can live by. Keep it sexy bitches! #pivotalsportsperformance

Gotta start this Monday off with a little man crush Monday... Pivotal Sports Powerlifting coach, Nick Batts is a diamond in the rough of PL coaches that have come and gone through the doors of PSP. Over the last 8 months, Nick has invested into the gym, the coaches and the athletes in a way very few do. He uses a detailed approach to coaching the big three from head to toe and can change a athletes technique from dog crap to looking like they actually know what they are doing in a manner of a few sessions. Always willing educate anyone with a open ear. Nick is a Kabuki strength advocate(research it people), here he is demonstrating with the new @kabukistrengthlab transformer bar. If you’re looking for a powerlifting coach, or just want to improve your technical mastery of the big three schedule a session with kabuki strength disciple @get_the_funk_outta_here #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #squat #bench #deadlift #powerbuilding #speedkills #uspa

My dog and a gun #perfect

Energy- positive and negative forces, either flowing or staying stagnant. What we give out in this world is so much more important then what we take from it. Guard yourself from negative energy but flow with the positive, shape your environment to create your happiness. Someone once had told me I settled, all I have to say to that is “child please (🖕🏼off)” if you’re happy, it’s settling into a life you have earned, a life you deserve, a life of passion. I won’t whine about what I went through last year, but instead I’ll talk about what it’s brought me to, it’s brought me to the realization that no matter how bad life gets, if you fight with all your grit, all your night and attack it head on.... you get stronger, you gain wisdom and knowledge.... you learn that the simple things are worth more to you then ever before. The humility I’ve gained has created a new energy, a new drive to be better in every aspect of my life. The negative people and energy are dead to me, they are lessons learned through the course of this life. I see the world again, not just my world, not through a screen, but like two dogs looking out over the land we want to roam, free and untamable energy. Sorry for the novel but even if this helps one person, it’s worth it. #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #huskydogs #ranchdogs #gymdogs #sheepdogs #papaonai #kingkoah #goodvibesonly

It’s not just about the boys in here, our ladies get after it too. 14 year old Alaysia @alaysiiaaaa, performing a 205lb trap bar deadlift. We took 8 weeks of setting her body mechanics and neural patterns for hear deadlift by using various non-loaded, KB loaded hip hinge deadlift and finally sub-maximal loading of the trap bar prior to this heavy effort lift. Youth training is 100% about technique, increase the intensity as technique is mastered. At higher % lifts, note your athletes biomechanical flaws then determine if they are technical, physical or psychological... #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #pivotalspeedmethod #speedkills #youthtraining #soccer #squat #sandiego

It’s the year of the underdogs. I’m proud to be apart of that journey with each one of you! Pivotal Sports gear and DangerSzn dropping soon! Let’s go! #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #psp #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #pivotalspeedmethod #speedkills #baseball #ghouse #underdog #sandiego

Today was @nickallen10_ last day before he heads out to spring training. I’m proud of this guy, staying hungry to be great. Every season is Danger_szn! Training montage dropping on the psp YouTube soon. #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #dangerszn #speedkills #bemyvalentine #oaklandathletics #mlb #baseball #nike #jump sprint #pivotalspeedmethod

There is nothing more gratifying to us coaches then seeing our athletes succeed. We celebrate each other’s successes as they are our own! Yes we are big ass kids, we love this ish! @nickallen10_ with the new gym record at 63inches, he’s only 18. #pivotalsportsperformance #pivotalsports #superiorpreparation #superiorperformance #speedkills #bounce #whiteboyscanjump #mlb #baseball

This place, this home has become my sanctuary. Learning to balance my high energy life at the gym and sports, with peace and rest. There is nothing like watching large animals run free. #pivotalsportsperformance #yinyang #findingbalance #ranchdog #horses #runwild

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