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Have you seen the acacia walk at Longwood gardens?
Go if you can.
Walking through curtains of plants and flowers; letting them brush across your head as you pass beneath, and wondering about how it all came to be, is magical.

Staving off the winter blues with a profusion of orchids.
Only 27 days til spring... how are you making it through? Or maybe you are somewhere where spring has already sprung?

Have you ever smelled a witch hazel flower?
The smell is often described as sweet citrus and sometimes spicy. If you see one on a very cold day, and can't smell it, try breathing on it to warm it up and then smell again. It is lovely.
They are blooming now and well worth seeking out for winter flowers.
I've never done it, but like other spring shrubs, you can force blooms on branches indoors.

My favorite part of the @longwoodgardens orchid show was the Acacia walk. Loved everything about it, could stare at the beautiful rich colors and details of the orchids that filled the containers all day.
The show Is on through march if you are looking for a green break from winter whites.

This is a shot I took at the Chelsea flower show in 2012. ( #gardengoals ) Trying to use it to illustrate a story but not 100% sure of all the plants.
I see allium (not sure of var)
Carex (comans bronze I think)
Some sort of bronze fennel
Another grass or two (not sure of var.s)
Orange flowers look to be geum maybe...
Not sure of others?
Thanks for the help!

It's late. We have until 2 pm tomorrow to finish building this garden and filming our makeover show. But this garden is really starting to look great and I have to say this has been a whole lot of fun.

Day two- up early and garden construction well underway... looking forward to our makeover home becoming just as pretty as the neighbors'. Deep wrap around porches, live oaks, weather vanes and pretty skies are all part of the local Texas vernacular.
If it was just like it is now (I.e. 70 degrees and lovely) all year round, I could def. live here... @troybilt #makeover #sponsored

I'm in Austin this week working on a big fun project.
I'm helping @troybilt makeover a garden for a webisode called "Fresh Cut". So fun! I'm cast in the role of 'garden expert' - go figure!
I'll share as much as I can from behind the scenes... but I can't give away the big reveal (I'll share it next month when the series is live).
Day one... Removal... and sadly this Ligustrum (privet) is not staying.
Before we say goodbye, I feel like I have to pay homage to a tree that creates such pretty berries...I'm obsessed with them, even though those berries kinda of spread (apparently like crazy) around here.
Note: Being the 'garden expert' is a paid gig, so does that make this is #sponsored? I don't know, but just in case...

Crotons have never been one of my favorites.
I'm comfortable with them being outcast to icky office buildings and the 1970's.
But then I met croton 'Mr Peters' (Codiaeum variegatum var. 'pictum'). Wow, the pink and yellow is so much prettier than the red and orange I'm used to!

Winter blooming plants do exist. One of my favorites is witch hazel (Hamamelis) with blooms that look like little fireworks launching from bare branches.
Witch hazel branches are also used as dowsing rods. Have you ever tried to dowse? I haven't but would love to learn.

Back from Longwood Gardens in PA. Getting ready to turn around and go to TX. Busy.
But I'm lucky that all my work destinations allow me to sneak away and indulge in a little garden photography.
Wandering through a landscape with a camera is soothing and meditative -
My peaceful retreat.

How cool is this!? It was made by fitting chicken wire over a large wreath frame and then securing pinecones to it.
It is certainly inspiring my thoughts for next years holiday decor!