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Garden Maker🌳 Rochelle Greayer  Author, creator of PITH+VIGOR magazine. Inspiring people w/ dirt under their nails. What season is it? Share w/ #pv72seasons www.pithandvigor.com


Spring, summer, fall, winter- seasons that mark changes in weather, light, and happenings in nature. Each is wildly different from another.
But what if you tracked seasons as the ancient Japanese did? They marked a new season every 5 days - 72 seasons in a year. Each micro season encourages observation of small changes.
I'm kicking off an insta project of my own - to try and document a small change every 5 days. I'd love for you to join in too. Use the hashtag #pv72seasons to mark you posts. Name your tiny season, share local traditions, lore, horticulture, stories... or just a pretty snap.
I can't wait to see what is happening in your corners of the world.
So my first season is called "first cherry blossoms 🍒 🌺 ". The orchard across the street prunes their fruit trees heavily right now. It seems so harsh, but also weirdly beautiful because the blooming branches lay on the ground for a few days (before they clean it all up) creating a strange but striking profusion of flowers from the ground up.
What is your current season?

Spring planting projects everywhere! Feeling overwhelmed.
Working with this pretty funky euphorbia. It is euphorbia tirucalli (aka firesticks) and I think it looks like ocean coral.
What kinds of projects are you up to?

Book cases in the garden? Why not. Just put the books in Perspex boxes. ❤
I adore this garden wall at the @citizenm hotel in NYC.
So charming and chic. Perfect, even in the rain.
From books and shelves to colorful sculpture I'm finding so many ideas in this garden.
What detail do you notice? Is it inspiring to you too?

The tulips in NYC's Central Park are at their peak.
I wonder if they plant these fresh every fall or if they are spring planted (forced)? Or (I'd be shocked) if they were here year in and year out. I couldn't tell.
Only clue was that I know it's hard to find this many unique forced bulbs of a unique variety (these are a gorgeous pink color with a frill edge).
They were so solid and dense...spring is lovely here!

Spring cleaning and loving the light and sparkle from the freshly cleaned windows. The plants are loving it too.
What else can I shine up?

Also - new post- talking about windows and gardens (yes there is a strong relationship)
Curious? - check the website. wee.pithandvigor.com
It is #sponsored by Lemi Shine @lemishine #cleanfreakclean

Last year my yellow hedge didn't bloom (late frost I think)... but this year it literally erupted in a matter of a few hours.
I love forsythia and the speed of spring.
Only problem is I can't keep up with getting the cleaning and clearing done!!
How is your spring?

Latergram of the camellia down in GA that reminded me of ice cream... a flavor whose name I can't remember...
But the flower is camellia .... variety is 'Tudor Baby Variegated'. Is it weird that flowers remind me of food?

Now I'm thinking maybe it wasn't ice cream, but gelato....probably with cherries...

What on earth am sorry looking at?
Two of these have sprung up in my garden. They have a snowball like head with very soft flowers, light green leaves and a thick stalk. Plus they are easy 8in tall when my daffodils are barely half that.
I am totally stumped... doesn't look like a weed, but I don't remember planting them.

Orchid house symmetry.

Happy Saturday!

A Mediterranean garden in Savannah looking so great.
Now I want to paint my shed orange.
Utterly exhausted from my travels with @troybilt. We built a kids garden today... I'm gonna pay for this first-day-all-out effort tomorrow.
(Why can't I find an aching back emoji?)

Toto, we are not in New England anymore!
You might guess I'm in the palmetto state, but I'm actually in Savannah, GA. Traveling with @troybilt and looking forward to installing a children's garden at the Savannah botanic garden tomorrow.
This is the lovely Palmetto collection at the Coastal GA Botanic Garden.
It is positively spring here and it just seems so exotic to my winter weary New England eyes.

I'm Halfway thankful for the impending snow storm.
Wait did I say that?
But nothing like a snowy weekend to get the website finished and ready for issue no6 to go live starting next week.
Fingers crossed it all comes together by Sunday night...
Until then... a sneak peak at the cover that features Amber Locke's artwork. ( @rawveganblonde )

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