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I'm along for the creative ride with one of my favorite bloggers (Danielle at @thejealouscurator ) .
The prompt for today is 'vintage'. I spent the day outside... and managed to fill my vintage camp canteen with my favorite rhododendron. And photograph it.
And I am also realizing as I post this that somehow I am a whole week behind. Drrr....Oh well... I'll catch on tomorrow. #afyecamp

I'm going to Italy this summer!!... And i have a wide open schedule to make my way from Rome to Milan in mid-late July.
What should I see?
I'm looking for nooks and crannies, undiscovered gems, ways to get off the beaten track and see and experience something new (btw- I've been to this area a few times before so have ticked off most of the big sights already).
I'd love to hear your top tips, or maybe you know someone I can connect with (or maybe you?), what about great gardens, interesting food or history?
Lay it on me...
📷: @visa.krd

What is your opinion of garden tours?
Love them?
Or perhaps you feel like Ailsa Francis - "I've always thought that viewing a private garden as part of a guided tour is awkward at best, regimented at worst" - she shares the story of 3 very different tours of 3 very different gardens in "On Tour" - the top story on www.pithandvigor.com
📷: Les Jardin de Quatres-Vents, Quebec, Canada

They were a treat, bought in the market. Now they are fading to the lightest prettiest shade of pink. Glorious at every stage. I wonder what variety they are?
It is almost peony season on instagram. Shameless overwhelm of peony flowers will be everywhere...maybe just a couple more weeks I reckon...I can't wait!!

I've finally got all my dahlias in the ground!! Hoping for something as glorious as this grassy combo captured by @kewplantsman Alexander Hoyle who is #onetofollow .
Plants in the shot... unnamed dahlia (care to take a guess?), Salvia and Hordeum jubatum (foxtail barley). Photo taken at Aberglasney gardens.

The last hurrah!
Taken just a few days ago.. and now they are gone. 'Tis the season of disintegrating tulips. #pv72seasons
Is it me or does everything seem to be changing and coming and going at a breakneck pace?
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Garden projects can be expensive! But they don't (always) have to be. In the latest edition of P+V, Ann of @amateurbot.ann.ist shares the story of her living willow arbor in Portland, Oregon. It is the centerpiece of her garden and a true joy. And, it cost $35!!! (+sweat equity and patience)
You can read about it on the website.
📷: @amateurbot.ann.ist

Garden goals. So many things to share with this shot. I found it on @debbytenquist 's feed which is totally #onetofollow if you aren't already.
The place:
LE JARDIN PLUME, nr Rouen in Normandy, France.
Designed and built by husband wife team Sylvie and Patrick Quibel, find them at @lejardinplume
Square pond, wide deck, miscanthus hedges; all of it so swoon worthy. I admire their ability to be so minimal - the results are stunning.
Can't even begin to say what my favorite part is... what is yours? 📷Allan Pollok- Morris for The Telegraph.

Needing to find my own calming mental place today. Sometimes I visualize landscapes to do this. Today, I'm thinking of the starkly beautiful hills (moors) of Yorkshire England and all the heaths and heathers that live there. It is calming, but also tough and resolute.
Is there a place or a landscape that you find helpful (for any reason) to imagine?
I have different ones that I conjure for different reasons. Aspen groves in the CO mountains are also particularly powerful for me (but that is a softer more delicate place than I need today)
Does anyone else do this?

Shakespeare fan?
I'll admit I'm a dilettante at best. But sometimes the words just get me... like "Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!" (I heard that yesterday- you can probably guess the context). Such a great line.
Also came across @thedahliapapers ( #onetofollow ) yesterday... and thought I'd share this very cool shot of the knot garden at the @shakespearebtrust in #stratforduponavon
You have a favorite Shakespearean line? Do share... And what about those dark purple tulips, or the swathes of allium that will be ridiculous when they come into bloom?

Current season: Clear cool nights with beautiful lighting. #pv72seasons
Glad I had the 'good' camera with me to capture this on my way to dinner.
What micro-season are you enjoying? Share and tag with #pv72seasons

Wouldn't it be so cool to shrink down tiny enough to be able to tour this fascinating piece of architecture?
Noah Wilson-Rich Ph.D (chief scientific officer at @best_bees ) gives us an In-depth tour of this yellow jacket nest in "The Stump". "The Stump" is the first story in the Assembly issue of P+V. See it on the website! (www.pithandvigor.com)
📷: @lindaparkphotography

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