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I went to the nursery... not even the pansies were ready.
Getting impatient.
So I bought some other things... I've got an idea for a clever container garden... this is a sneak peak...
So thankful for succulents...

Me and my buddy have big plans...Hydrangea pruning plans - and maybe an apple tree or two.
I do the pruning and he makes sure I take regular breaks (by running off with my tools). #helpfulnothelpful

It is pretty, but I am so looking forward to the snow being gone!
I've got big plans this season.
More evergreen (trees), massive soil improvement projects, reworking the bed to the left of the front door, and quadrupling my dahlias.
What are you big plans for the season?

Happy first day of spring!
I'm itching to get outside but a lot of snow still covers everything.
So instead I'm pottering with my camera and writing about spring garden chores you can do in 15 minutes.
But as soon as the weather allows... those taro (elephant ears) bulbs are going to get planted and everything is going to get a good tidying (within 15 minutes! I swear!)
My fastest 8 spring garden chores are listed on the blog today... what can you get done in under 15 minutes?

Garden Inspiration from the Northeast Kingdom (Vermont). So inspiring... the owners of this garden were a retired fighter pilot and a woman whose goal was to grow every zone 3 tolerant plant.
People after my own heart - for sure.
I've been updating, adding pictures and cleaning up old posts... just fixed up this one. If you want to see more, go to the website and search for "kingdom cottage".

Who went to the Philly Flower Show?
If so you might have seen my friend Carrie's Stinze garden (it won the Governors Cup). Among naturalized spring meadow-like planting it featured a beautiful lace fence.
Who doesn't want a lace fence? (BTW - this is a real fence, not just some diva show garden fence) .
At $7500 it is half what you would pay to buy it regularly.
Contact @studiotoop (that is Carrie's design firm) if you are interested.
Hurry... the show is ending... and it is a one of a kind feature, and only one person will get it!

I love this simple container garden so much!
From the cone container to the white gaura that sprouts put the top it is so charmingly quirky.
The rest of the plant scheme is calibrachoa (in a fiery orange), variegated vinca, and mecardonia. All super easy to grow.
Anyone know where I might find cone shaped woven hanging planters like this?

I haven't started seeds indoors for years. (I had a munchy kitty who made it tricky)
Excited to be experimenting with a variety of combinations of flowers.
Verbascum (southern charm) is a favorite of mine, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows from seed.
What is your favorite flower to start from seed? I'm looking for more ideas for easy grow and really pretty.
Also, any ideas on what the purple flower in the background might be? It is a great compliment don't you think?

What were the skies like?
Last night, they were kind of amazing... for about 5 minutes. Captured through the snow-rain out the car window.
Fingers crossed they are just as amazing tonight...this time I'll be ready with the better camera. P.s. Makes me think of @steporr #latergram

I have an announcement (that if you are a paid subscriber, you already know about): Starting with Issue No. 6, PITH+VIGOR will be digital only.
I'm very excited to remove the stress and overwhelm of the print project, I'm looking forward to an all digital issue No. 6, and I am happily now revisiting ideas and projects that I haven't had the time for.
One of those ideas is turning some of the artwork featured in the publication into posters, or prints, or something that celebrates how great they were.
This was one of my favorites... done by @abbey_lossing in issue No. 1. Would you be interested in this as a poster (or something else?)? Let me know in the comments -- if there is enough interest, I'll see what I can work out with the artists.

So much flower inspiration here for winter!
Last week I was in Switzerland 🇨🇭... (yes, the snowboarding was spectacular)
...and I saw so many pretty winter containers.
I loved this collection the most though...boxwood, hellebores, Calluna, evergreens, and what is the pink one in front of the boxwood? (I know it... but blanking...) and also not sure of the standard on the left (is it a daphne?)
Such a great selection given the winter season. Don't you think?
Who says you can't have color and flowers outside in February?

This beautiful light made my winter garden a whole lot more interesting.
It is truly a piece of art.
If you want to know more about it, check out the website.
I live in the country, next door to an observatory (where darkness is prized) so lighting, other than the most necessary and functional variety, isn't something I've messed with. (Until this)
Have you done anything interesting with light in your garden?
Anything inspiring?

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