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Yep. Been that kind of day. Repost via @pitbullsofinstagram @ourpitpage. Follow @getwuf

Repost via @thegregmurray With Lakewood's current issues, this beautiful street mural being painted last week couldn't have been more timely.... #meanttobe

Outside of photos of my family, this is the most important photo I've ever taken. Period.

Here's to ONE LAKEWOOD. Just like the city's website address says... This photo was taken on the street of a Lakewood councilman that voted for the ban in 2008. Hopefully it impacts him in a positive way.

FACT: Dangerous is not the way a dog looks.

#lkwd4charlie #1lkwd Kevin Butler Tom Bullock Tristan Rader Brian M. Taubman Brian Taubman for Lakewood City Council At-Large Meghan F. George for Lakewood City Council Meghan George John Litten Councilman John Litten Ryan Nowlin Cindy Marx Cindy Marx Re-Elect Cindy Marx for Lakewood City Council Mayor Mike Summers City of Lakewood, Ohio - Municipal Government WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland Cleveland Scene Magazine Fox 8 News cleveland.com *leash photoshopped out, safety first;)

Abby needs your help!! Please go donate to her medical fund at the link in @k9lifestyle's account bio. A few days ago, they contacted the vet to set an appointment as Abby was not doing well. She was experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, she would not eat anything that was presented to her and she was lethargic. When they came to the vet as soon as she settled in she had bloody diarrhea and was rushed to a room. They discovered she has lost five pounds in two days, she was obviously dehydrated and we needed to get to the bottom of things immediately. Their amazing vet set a plan in motion, first they wanted to rule out parvo since her vaccination history is spotty and they took blood to begin panels. They then discovered her levels were extremely low and this was the worst reaction to vincristine she'd ever seen. Abby has been admitted for in hospital care, fluids, GI medications and anything else she might need. I hope to get more updates soon. Hospital care and the tests required are expensive and she deserves the best! #heartbroken

Who loves this?? Via @luvabullz and @trooperandmoe

how I feel when that annoying af person opens their mouth. picture via @the_goldenpitties

My brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field around 10 pm. He walks him this late so he can let him off his leash so he can do what he loves to do, explore all the different smells. They heard a young kid scream and before my brother knew it, Hurley took off after the scream. With my brother close behind, he saw Hurley grab a copper head snake away from the little boy and fling it around, later found out he had killed it. The little boy ran to his mothers vehicle and speed off so fast that my brother was unable to find out any information on the little boy. (We are assuming because they left so fast that he was bitten and being rushed to the ER) My brother then went on to call animal control and the Highland Village Cops showed up to check out the scene. They asked to take a look at Hurley to see if he was bitten. To my brothers surprise, he was bleeding, had a swollen neck and foaming from his mouth. Sure enough, they found two puncture wounds in his upper lip. Shelby rushed Hurley to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital where he stayed the night so they could check his blood clotting ability multiple times through out the night. Shelby and Hurley both got home this morning. Thank God, Hurley is doing a lot better this morning, just seems a little uncomfortable with his swollen face and neck.
It was later discovered the little boy had come across a copper head nest and hopefully Hurley prevented him from getting bitten, or at least getting bitten multiple times. We are still trying to find out who the little boy is and make sure he is okay.
Here's our hero pit bull. I'd like for his story to get around for those who judge his breed. #pitbull #dontbullymypitbull via @stacierae_


Repost via @ziggythepit For the people who asked for greater detail: zig, my husband and I were walking at the same time a woman in her 70s was walking her shepherd mix across the street from us. As soon as the shepherd saw zig she started going a bit nuts, - barking, pulling, lunging uncontrollably. Zig eventually got bent out of shape but we were able to keep moving along - a bit faster at that point. Next thing I know, the woman is screaming and the shepherd is sprinting across the street at us (the shepherd somehow got out of the elastic cotton looking harness the leash was attached to). There was nothing I could do. Luckily I know zig's strength ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ the shepherd messed zig up all over his side and his face before zig managed to defend himself and got her. Only zig wouldn't let go. Three women pulled over to help. 1 talked us through remaining calm. Another showed my husband how to better hold zig in the situation. (Grab a hold of his back legs to be far enough from the epicenter of it all while eliminating more traction) And the third took an ice coffee and threw it over the dogs' heads. Zig immediately let go and the dogs were separated and taken out of sight from each other. Luckily there were witnesses who saw it all from beginning to end who were able to confirm the story to the cops when they got there. Only after confirming the story, were the cops more sympathetic with zig, THE PITBULL. ...especially with the shepherd still going nuts at anyone walking across the street with a dog while we were waiting for animal control. The cops confirmed the other dog was fine apparently But we had no communication with the owner. The cops told us she said she rescued the dog a couple yrs ago and it was never good with other dogs. The cops also let us leave to take ziggy to the vet before animal control arrived. We are able to access the police report tomorrow and plan on following up with the woman at that point. I am certainly no stranger to situations like this but every time I learn something new. (Continue in comments ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ)

@thecrazydogladies shall inherit the earth.

If you believe in prayer, please stop and say a few for @ziggythepit who was attacked by another dog yesterday. He's ok but has a road to recovery ahead of him.

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