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Here are seven pit bull terrier K9s -- seven officers of the law who are working to make our communities safer -- yet some people have the audacity to discriminate against them... #BreedDiscriminationIsWrong
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@cjiro is one wise dude! Always on point with everything he creates!

Yesterday the @standupforpitsfoundation sent a $500 donation to help out @forgottendogsrescue with a whole bunch of puppies they took on. They need our help, so if you're able to contribute anything from their wish list or a few dollars, now is a perfect time to do so. Thank you! Repost via @rebeccacorry
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On Sunday (Mother's Day), this precious boy (Pacman) was ruthlessly gunned down by his neighbor in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Pacman wandered (uninvited) into his neighbor's yard to play with the neighbor dog (who was also off leash). Pacman's big sister, (10 year old Ivee) ran over and grabbed Pacman's harness to walk him back into their own yard, when a man screamed "get back!" from a second floor window.
The man then stuck a firearm out of the upstairs window and began firing in their direction, shooting Pacman in the chest (and narrowly missing her in the process). Pacman tried to hobble back over to Ivee when the man shot Pacman twice more (with 10 year old Ivee standing only inches away from her beloved doggy). Pacman bled out and died with his family watching in horror - forever traumatized.
According to witnesses, the responding Mount Vernon officers told owner Jenee Hall there was nothing they could do because Pacman "wasn't licensed and looks like a pit bull" and according to Hall, implied Pacman must have done something wrong based on his perceived breed.
I have called and spoken with the police department to make inquiries and to request the official report. I also spoke with the city law director's office to respectfully ask them to do what's right and prosecute the shooter to the fullest extent of the law (which on Sunday the prosecutor did not plan on doing). We need your help to get Pacman and his family the justice they deserve. So please call and/or email the Mount Vernon city law director (contact info below) and politely and respectfully ask him to prosecute the shooter to the fullest extent of the law (and reference the following facts). Here are those facts. The shooter 1) illegally discharged a firearm in city limits (misdemeanor), 2) endangered a child by firing several shots just inches away from her (felony) and 3) murdered a beloved family pet (a felony now thanks to Goddard's Law). Pacman's owner (Jenee Hall) told me she believes this murder (and the other referenced crimes) are being ignored because of blatant pit bull discrimination.
See additional important information in first comment.

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Tag a deserving fur mama and wish her a Happy Mother's Day from you and us at @pitbullinstagram. Photo via @nycdogswag

Today is for you.
For every time I selfishly couldn't get out bed and you laid beside me for hours.
For showing me how capable I am to love and nurture another broken spirit. We mended each other in a way that fused our hearts and souls together. I never knew what I was missing until I met you.
Anyone who comes into our home is physically overwhelmed with the love and trust you give to people.
I cannot express in words how much I love you, and need you in order to be the person, and mother I am today.
We have loved together, and we have lost together.
We have lost so many, together.
We have had our hearts broken together, I have used your shoulder to cry on more than any other friends.
You are my best friend.
And to think that just because you were born genetically a certain way, someone could take you away from us, for no reason at all, and end your beautiful light.
YOU Poe are the reason for all of this.
I'm walking for you.
For every thing you have ever done for me,
It's the least I can do.
I love you, so, so, so much.

1pm, Victoria Park, London ON.
Come walk for Poe.
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Saturday mornings got us like.

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