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Pita Taufatofua (Pita T)  🥇2 Sport Olympian- Tongan Flag Bearer🙏🏽 🇹🇴 Motivator-Speaker-Actor-Athlete ✈️Next stop->LA 📚E-book soon Mathew17:20 📩Contact->TeamPita@outlook.com

I remember when we were kids I would go with my cousin and our parents to plant trees. We just assumed it was part of living on a farm.
In the second pic you’ll see my cousins daughter harvesting the coconuts from those trees and in the third his son learning how to climb. It’s amazing to see something you plant give value to others!
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Thought I would share my answer Incase it helps someone else.
Any progression in life will require ‘work’. Focus will require you to ‘work’ on finding things that your soul naturally feels drawn towards. The answer will not present itself to you until you are actively seeking it. It will not just fall on your lap. Everyone has a number of things that nourish their soul. Your first step is to find one or more of these things. Some will say “ but I don’t feel there is anything that I am drawn towards ” this isn’t your soul speaking, it is that pattern in your head that you repeat over and over telling you there is nothing. It is a lie. We all have a purpose. It’s easy to feel focussed when you find the purpose for your life that is exoteric. Meaning about something bigger than ourself. If you can’t find it just yet, don’t worry because you you can create a purpose. That’s how you start. All you need is for it to be somewhat associated with things that you are drawn towards. Once you are in that positive mindset you’ll be more open to your real direction and “focus” will be a by product of you moving in a direction aligned with who you truly are
Feeling lonely- There are two aspects to this. One is internal and one is external. Both have an impact on loneliness. The truth is that working on you being comfortable with yourself will have a flow on effect of you being more open to love or relationships or happy feelings around others. As with focus this will require “work”, nothing good comes and stays without “work”. Contrary to popular belief, your goal then isn’t to fill loneliness with someone (externally) but to start by loving yourself (internally). Why? Because the only person you will only be around 24 hrs a day is you and your own thoughts. So how do you do this?
1) acknowledge any perceived physical imperfections as things that make you unique. Embrace and celebrate them.
2) “work” on character flaws that lead to a negative life experience. Fix them
3) “ Forgive” absolutely everything you do wrong or fail at. Learn from it but also forgive yourself quickly. Loneliness disappears when you love who you are Internally first.
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The failure set. Those last few reps when everything is hurting, when the body wants to stop. These are the ones that produce the maximum results. -
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After a year of trial by ice, my mind body and soul is slowly returning to centre... #Summer #TonganWarrior #TeamPita #naturals

Never underestimate the power of a United front. Every voice matters..
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What an amazing event! Happy to see soo many people soo passionate about the planet that we all share..
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Proof that Women can do anything!
Tonga’s Commonwealth Games flag bearer Megan Maka showing the power and beauty of Women in sport!
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When I saw my Father at my Uncles funeral he was going through a very tough time. His body was struggling and his mind had taken a very tough hit. I postponed LA to spend the last few weeks taking him to a number of different appointments and through intensive rehabilitation thanks to Andrew at Bodybuzz. He is now moving better then he has in 20 years and is actively implementing a much healthier diet.
Looking after the people who have always looked after you is not a duty, it is a privilege!
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Beach training, complex movement patterns under tension
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Two more sleeps before I share the stage with these professionals! What could a shirtless, flip flop wearing athlete possibly know about climate change??
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