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Pita Taufatofua (Pita T)  🥇2 Sport Olympian🙏🏽 🇹🇴 Motivator-Speaker-Actor-Athlete ✈️Currently->Tonga 📚E-book soon Mathew17:20 📩Contact->TeamPita@outlook.com

I can talk to hundreds of executives and not break a sweat but when you’ve got 500 kids you need to embrace their energy not suppress it!
Thank you for having me Ocean of Light School

These kids thought they would teach me the latest posing techniques!

Someone decided to join my morning exercise session....
#HesShy #MustHaveBeenJealousOfMyGoat
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Time for a walk...

Two days ago I was doing photo shoots in LA, today I am burying my Uncle Uili here in Tonga.
He passed away on the last day of my aunty Sius funeral. I believe he was heart broken at seeing his sister pass. He had a great life and is survived by amazing kids.

Why do I share these things? Because this is the reality of life. It’s not all shine, it is rarely fair nor is it meant to be. There is no social media filter for the truth. I share so that maybe people can see the real balance and if this helps them in some way then it is a positive.
My Family has lost 3 uncles and 1 aunty in weeks. But nothing has changed, we still focus on all the good things we have. We are happy to celebrate their life.

This week my Aunty Siu passed away and was buried in Tonga. This was the last time I saw her at my sisters wedding earlier in the year. Despite years of chronic bronchitis and her husband passing away a few months before; she said that she wanted to stay alive to see my little sisters wedding and she did. She passed away surrounded by family. Happy international Women’s day to the strong, kind Women in our life.

Can’t wait to watch all the World class athletes compete in the Paralympics! 1 more sleep
#olympics #olympians #athletes #motivational #inspirational @olympicchannel @pyeongchang2018

Glad to be on this side of the bench for once....

My fellow Olympian @german_madrazo has been relentlessly pursuing little motivational videos from me for his friends from the Mexican para-national team. When I found out that his friends are super athletes I slapped myself for taking so long! Love seeing this guy working with my Taekwondo family in Mexico 🇲🇽 🇲🇽

Sometimes we overcomplicate life....
#StickingToMyDayJob #AthleteForLife


This is my Gold Medal
This is my Reward...

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