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Pita Taufatofua (Pita T)  🌊POLYNESIAN WARRIOR -OLYMPIAN- ACTOR-TONGAN FLAG BEARER ✌🏾UNICEF Pacific Ambassador 🗣I MOTIVATE PEOPLE 🎓Mathew17:20 📩Contact->TeamPita@outlook.com

We didn’t get the win but for a country of only 100k this is how we support not only our country but all teams and all people.
#TheSeaOfRed #MMT

Tomorrow night I’ll be speaking in Sydney and meeting a lot of my Sydney team at the FSF fundraising dinner. So pumped! FSF is a charity to provide education to disadvantaged Youth in Tonga. And to top it all off the ‘Mate Ma’a Tonga’ rugby team take on Australia in what will be a sea of red!
#tonga #matemaatonga #sydney

True Royal bravery. Following in Princess Diana’s footsteps to connect with the People.....I will thank them personally next week....

Who else would like to chill with this seal?!

My first line of work here in Fiji for UNICEF was kicking off international hand washing day. 1 in 5 kids in the pacific are stunted. One of the major causes of this is physical changes in a child’s stomach lining due to poor hygiene. Promoting something as simple as washing hands may sound trivial but can have a profound effect on the life of kids in the Pacific.
@unicefpacific #unicefPacificGoodwillAmbassador

Duty calls... UNICEF Pacific Ambassador

We are just about to start working on a very important project. Our goal, to change the lives of kids in the Pacific.
@unicefpacific @robertolivernz
#UNICEFpacific #UnicefPacificAmbassador

I caught up with my Hapkido master, Kiwan Kim. After high school I lived in a friends garage for over a year as I had no home in Australia. I would walk every morning and night to his gym. He knew my financial situation and let me train many years for free. When I competed at the Winter Olympics he had driven 6 hrs to stand in the stadium at -10 degrees holding up a sign to encourage me even after I hadn’t seen him in years. He taught me self discipline, mental fortitude and respect. Even to this day despite now being a friend, I still call him Sabunim which means Master.

My Father always said that if you don’t have callouses on your hands you aren’t working hard enough...
Looking down at my overly smooth hands, I think he’s right!

I took these pics on December 31st 2006 in Haapai Tonga. Every year as a child we would travel to the outer islands to put on a family feast for over 1000 people at the Church. This is how we would welcome the new year, by giving back and re grounding. My last New year was spent in snowy Erzurum, Far Eastern Turkey trying to qualify for an Olympics. The scenery and temperature was very different to what I grew up in but still amazing.
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Change your focus to gratitude and your life will change...
Let’s put it in Perspective..

Jumping was the easy part ....

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