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  From vancity. I dont trust ppl with bad eyebrows. the way you treat yourself is the standard you set for others.

It was a fun weekend at the diamond rally. Even funner when we got to meet Valentino Balboni, chief test driver of Lamborghini and got to watch him speed through area 27. And had a blast cruising back to van. Such a good driver. It was a honor to have possession of his limited edition Lamborghini gallardo Valentino balboni editions. ( he was in the green lambo, I was trying to chase, failed every time ) #lamborghini #area27 #diamondrally #valetinobalboni

This was our last convo, although we haven't seen each other in a few months, he still remembered my bday. For once, it was him that didn't show up to our appointment but I know he would've took me to dinner if he could. One of the truest and solid friend I know, always had my back, wish I was there for yours. I've spent the last 3 years, during xmas, new years and my bday at funerals and mourning deaths of my best friends all victims of drug abuse. Holidays and bdays has never been the same. I've seen many over the pass few years losing friends and loves ones. Maybe it's time to pay close attention to those we love, that has an addiction, it's a sickness that can't be fought alone. I wish I did but I got tired and abandoned them only to wake up having only memories of them. May you finally be at peace my bro, Tim le. I'll always remember our long talks, double cigar sessions. I'll always smoke the high qualities, like you always say, life is to short for a bad cigar. R.i.p

I told the artist to make me 10 lbs lighter but she made me 10 lbs heavier, not this chubby in real life. We not gay @micks_t

Because my stylist @stylus.t made me post this pic of my sexy hair to win a draw for free haircuts for life. Can't say no to free @cheveux_boutique_ #xmasgiveaway

From left to right.
Pic 1: when you dress all alike like Vancouver DB to the club. Pic 2: when you take pics of your back tattoo like DB. Pic 3: another pic of back tattoo just before you go naked. Pic 4: when you spend all your money on food and party and resort in selling mobile phone accessories #taipei #trashedintaiwan

When your model body is on point and random ppl want to take pics with you
#arminvanbuuren #taipei

Before and after we got lit at armin only event, lit af @micks_t

Just landed in Taipei, I didn't even have to try to pose for this pic, it was so natural, natural model in the making. I use to be the same size as the sumo in the background

The mistake of passing out at a party, you wake up and become part of a meme. This is too funny not to post, props to whoever did this

When you gotta go find them dragon balls but you must be classy and take that shot of henny. Vegeta later years..... Fatgeta

When @dannieriel comes out and fuck shit up kind of. Very weak sauce. We had a dance off, I think I won

Tainan night market has a lot of good food but the only thing that caught my eyes were these deep fried crickets. So the savage in me made me eat them. Ppl always asked me how I lost so much weight, well I eat protein like crickets. Straight protein diet. And yes I do put everything in my mouth and eat anything that has leg and a heartbeat. #tainanflowernightmarket #crickets #crunchy #deep fried #diet #protein #savage

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