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Weather won't stop us from the biggest game in TFC history. #tfc

Singapore Party #1 #sin

I've noticed each province's legislative buildings have their own distinct flare....except Nova Scotias...that shit is weak. #yyj

#PSA To see the degenerative effects of 🍻🍸🍷, swipe ➡️👉

The blurry camera did a good job hiding the fact that I was cross eyed #rehaanswildone

3 stand out moments from the historical win. In case you didn't know, #TorontoFC is the first team ever to win the league, the domestic cup, and MLS Cup in the same season. And we still got Champions league left...jump on the bandwagon while there's time!!! Everyone is welcome. 🤗

Dun kno 🇨🇦 #kings

One last Albertan hurrah before I made my triumphant return to the homeland....and boy was it glorious, says everyone except my internal organs, my bank account, and my poor old phone stuck somewhere in a cab that I'll never see again. In chronological order, #leafs @ #flames, leafs @ #oilers, and party everywhere else. Thanks everyone. #yyz #yeg

Despite the shitty weather @gagan_99 brings everywhere with him, it was a fun weekend.

This video of #myson and I at the Jaswal BBQ Bash relieves all stress in my life. And here I am, being all charitable and shit by sharing it with you.

The second of 2 brothers ring'ed up in within 7 days. Hectic week, but I'm thankful it saved me a flight!

The Gentlemen. Couldn't be happier to be a groomsman for @glassiz

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