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Pir Saqib Shaami [Official]  Research scholar based in the UK. Founder of Kanz ul Huda international. Twitter: @ShaykhSaqib


The King

Maslaq e Ala Hazrat...Zindabad! (Allayhirahma)

Give thanks to the Almighty for all you have been blessed with. The more you thank Him, the more he will give you.

Another landmark event to take place in Karachi Insha’Allah.

Smiling is contagious!

"My daughter was at another masjid for a whole year and had barely gone past the 3rd/4th page of Qaaidah. Since starting with Kanz ul Huda, in just 6 months, she has memorised 12 Surah's with Tajweed, she is now on 2nd Sparah and recites with amazing mukharij.
Her Ustadha has taught her the method of Salah and daily Islamic teachings are being taught and my daughter is encouraged to implement it. She even encourages us at home not to use bad language!! My daughter came home one day and kissed my hands.... I asked her where did you learn that from? She said the Quran Academy.... thank you Kanz ul Huda... my heart melted in that moment... thank you ". Our renowned Quran Academy, for children 5+, Birmingham UK. Taught by male and female teachers. May Allah grant us all the honour of giving our children the blessing of the Holy Quran and an Islamic environment. Classes run in two sessions, 4:30-6 and 6-7:30pm, Mon - Fri.

For success when undertaking any task.

Service to the creation Of Allah ( Khidma tul Khalq )

Sayyidi Pir Saqib shaami sahib hh feeding chickens and pigeons at their house in Birmingham Uk. This is one of the 28 daily activities of all Saqibi mureeds and members of kanz ul huda according to the teachings of Mashayikh e Chisht, included as the 6th point in the mission statement of Kanz ul Huda which is Khidma tul khalq.
A friend of God must have affection like the sun. When the sun rises it is beneficial to all, irrespective of whether they are Muslim, Christian or Hindu.

A friend of God must be generous like a river . We all get water from the river to quench our thirst. It does not distinguish the good from the bad , a relation from a stranger.

A friend of God must display hospitality like the earth. We are raised and cradled in its lap, and yet it is always under our feet.

A sin committed does harm an individual so much as looking down upon one's own fellow human beings.

The spiritual disciple deserves to be called a dervish only when he lives in the world with no self interest.
Sheikh Moeen ud dn Chishti ra

Kanz ul Huda Mission statement

With Iman (faith) , Ikhlas (sincerity), Ilm ( knowledge), Amal (implementation), Da'wah (invitation) and khidma tul khalq (service to the creation), we will help ourselves and all of humanity to achieve the Mahabbah (love) and Ma'rifah (Spiritual closeness) of Almighty Allah and Rasool Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). for more information visit www.kanzulhuda.com
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Somebody once asked Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham [RadiAllahu Anhu]: "If you have found any fault with me, let me know what it is?" He replied: "I have found no fault with you, because I have been looking at you with an eye of affection and therefore have seen only good in you. Therefore, ask someone else about your faults." My brothers and sisters in Islam, the eye of contentment is blind to any fault. While the eye of spite reveals every error.

Teri ik nazar ki baat hai .... meri zindagi ka suwal hai ... !!

Sayyidi Pir Sahib, apni Daadi Sahiba ko yaad karte hue. Sayyidi Pir Sahib, remembering their beloved grandmother... (May Allah elevate their rank)

لوگ اکثر میرے شیخ سیدی پیر ثاقب شامی سے پوچھتے ہیں ..کیا آپ تھکتے نہیں ہیں ؟ جواب مجھ غلام سے سنئیے .کیسےکہہ دوں کہ تھک گیا ہوں میں . جانے کس کس کا حوصلہ ہوں میں
People often ask pir sahib, “Do you not get tired”?
The following is my response ..
kese keh doo ke thak giya hoo me, jaane kis kis ka hosala hoo mein

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