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Piqi Miqi  Singer, songwriter, producer, model, event organizer Touch Each Other out now! 👇🏾

Very thankful to all y’all for sticking wit me this year, even though I haven’t been dropping much music this year, I had the chance to travel to many countries and different cities to perform for people who know me but mostly for people who don’t know any of my songs who just came out of curiosity. For many years of my adult life I’ve been broke as fuck, paying my bills late, not being able to buy shit when I wanted to and living like a starving artist. But my faith in God and by God I mean the UNIVERSE, the LAW, the source of LIFE and LOVE that we all have inside of us has fed me throughout my journey...This year I finally started making money from music, I finally got people interested in my work enough to make a living, and I’m 30 years old, I started taking music seriously from 24 so it’s taken me years...a long fucking time. I made a contract with myself many years ago that I will never quit, that I will always follow my dreams until I achieve my goals. I still got ways to go, and I’m slow as fuck but I’m doing what I love and I have freedom which is what I always wanted and what I always l expected as a child. A lot of people ask me when I’m dropping new music, drop new shit Piqi, but don’t worry boys and girls I’ve been hard at work and I am not in any rush. I wanna give you and myself my best work. So rest assure I will surprise you with what I’ve been cooking up and you know it’s gonna make your undies real wet from all the dancing u gonna do when you hear that new Piqi Miqi. Shoutout to all my fans, friends and family for their support and for helping me book shows and make a living. Also I’m trying to show u my true nature here more often so if you gonna be offended by my sexual sense of humor, raunchy behavior or inappropriate jokes, please... If you know me personally u know I’m a friendly guy but I gotta dirty mouth since I was a child and I need a good spanking. If you know me you also know I’m kind, loving, and motivating. I like deep conversations about the essence of life, the human struggle and whether or not aliens are controlling politicians. But seriously y’all thank you for accepting me and giving me a chance! 📸@kateguic mua @annie.rat

I’ve got something in my front pockets just for you...take a guess in the comments! It’s not dildos and lube I promise!! 🤔🧐 🤫 photo: @kateguic mua: @annie.rat

Switchin up my look for 2019 🤭Photo by @kateguic MUA @annie.rat

Hot moment from my performance for YSL #yslbeautyclub scroll right to see my sexy boots 🕺🏾📸 @lukaswagneter s/o to my grandma for making my momma 🔥🔥🔥 s/o to all my grandmas worldwide keep up the great work!!!

Me rockin a secret party for @ysl photo by @kubokrizo #yslbeautyclub #ysl #meetfactory

Just a few more days till our annual Halloween party and things are already getting quite spooky!!! Last night I was brutally attacked by some vampire chick while playing video games wit @isakrsna check out what happened!! And make sure you show up to our Nightmare on Opatovicka this Saturday !!!! Link in bio @jachcudzus DJs : @weeveronika @krutoymartyn @zagamijericho live rap from @j3rryhomes doors open at 10 at the Grid on Opatovicka 18!! Vid by @_amaynda_ grafik @degenerovana_forma_kultury

Tour dates
11.10 Warsaw (Smolna @manoid.live album premiere)
8.11 Prague (Swim Club)
17.11 Olomouc (Dream Club)
More dates coming soon! 👟 @footshop #footshop 📷 @annie.rat

Portrait of me by the talented @barbaragorbunova

🍫🍫🍫Extra chocolately today 🍫🍫🍫 📸 @barbaragorbunova #darkchocolate #hersheys #snack #sweets

Wanna see my concert and get a chance to scratch my furry chest live this Friday at Grid? Yessss ⛓🐻⛓ I start at 11pm exactly. After party wit DJs @lillexi_music and @h.yber hit the link in my bio for details @piqimiqi photo by @barbaragorbunova

Hey girls, boys, boy girls and girl boys guess what? I’m throwing a concert and party Friday 17.08 at the Grid. All summer I been working my ass off on some new music for my upcoming project and I finally have something to show! I wanna try out some of my new jams wit my Prague loves before anyone else! I am also seeking your support to help me fund my next music video clip which I will shoot in September. The song is called “Run While You Can” and it sounds just like the title! The profits from this concert will help us pay for the production, talent and marketing of the music video. Please help me make this a hit and come Friday to see my concert! Thanks for your support and I’m looking forward to see you all! Hit the link in my bio @piqimiqi 📸 @barbaragorbunova

Jive, dig it, groovy, let’s boogie, ummm if you know some more 1970s slang, leave a comment!!! 🌸🌼🕺🏾🌼🌸 📸 @ultravvvera 👟 @footshop #groovy #70s #canyoudigit

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