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Piqi Miqi  Singer, songwriter, producer, model, event organizer based in Prague

When I want a discount on tofu at the supermarket, I put on this face 📸 @kateguic

I really love how @kateguic captures me on film! thank u 🙏 it’s always fun to shoot wit her cuz she’s super fun and awesome !!! Shoutout @recycle_vintage_store for this adorable zebra shirt I wear it like every single day and It was only 200kc! Shoutout @footshop for these vegan Martens now all the ladies wanna cuddle wit me cuz my shoes sharp and clean

I found this SUPER SPORT T-shirt in one Croatian bubuska’s closet it was collecting dust so I stole it hehe. Do you like it? 📸 @petr_simon my favorite cherry Martens from @footshop

The best feeling for me is right before I get on stage in a new city, I know no one in that crowd knows my music or gives a fuck who I am and now it’s my job to prove to them my skills and once I pop their cherries they start vibing and totally enjoying what I have dedicated my life to. I know they paid money to get inside so I’m gonna put on a fucking show, I don’t care if only 5 people come! I’m gonna give you all I got and you gonna be happy you spent your money @illectricity festival !!! Photo by Sandro Sklepić

Performing at @illectricity festival in Zagreb at @mochvara big shout out to @trikach for djing my songs they were mixed perfectly during the show !!! Thanks to @punkbubu for booking me and @tonetuoro for hooking it up! Thanks to the crowd for being awesome and enjoying my sound. Photo by Sandro Sklepić

Musician @photay and I after the “after after after” party in Zagreb which ended at like 12 noon! As you can see we are completely sober and still have all of our limbs intact. Can’t remember the name of this club but it’s a 150 year old factory full of rave music and sexy vampires!!! Kind of like the movie Blade!!! I almost got bitten but my breath smelled like garlic. Thanks again to @illectricity festival for inviting me to perform! Zagreb was one of my favorite trips on my tour. also thanks @illectricity for the homemade rakia!!!

A cold day in Latvia when my balls almost froze off luckily I heated them up after and everything is fine now 🙏📸 @_amaynda_

Shot of me being bossy in Budapest 📸 @_amaynda_

Found this sexy basketball court in Budapest
#filmphotography #abovetherim #35mmfilm #filmsnotdead

I’ll be watching you 🕵🏿‍♂️ 📸 @dmitrievnaxx
#lurking #creepin #voyeur #piqimiqi

Lurkin somewhere in Berlin 📸 @dmitrievnaxx filas from @footshop
#35mm #vhs #fila #piqimiqi

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