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Pipsa  I make my clothes

We made summer clothes for ourselves! #watermelondress #fastfashion #eatmyshorts

I just realised that I don't have enough loose fit t-shirts! And it is so hot that who wants to wear something tight and clingy 😄
The floral fabric is second hand and the blue is new. (I made the skirt three years ago and the sun visor last summer.) #summersewing #toohot

We live by a lake and today it was finally too hot not to go for a swim ☀️ I don't really like swimming enough to go more often, because the water is always so cold and wet. I had to make another swimsuit, because I lost the first one so this is almost the same but different fabric. I sewed the side seams from the outside this time so I didn't have to leave a hole for turning and sew it by hand. You can see the changes that I made to the pattern (from @suurikasityo 6-7/2004) in the last photos. #sewing #reversibleswimsuit #summer

I had to make a smaller sun visor to wear with headphones. And a bicycle helmet. Because the bigger ones cover half of my ears. The fabric is from a second hand @marimekko Jokapoika shirt that I also used to make a pillow case a few years ago. #refashion #sewing #secondhand #jokapoika #sunvisor

I started coffee bag weaving again this week and made a birthday present for my dad. I wanted to make it black&white, but since I only have yellow ribbon for the handles, I also used some yellow parts of the coffee bags. The coffee bags are mostly Kulta Katriina and some very old Saludo. #coffeebagbag #recycling #weaving #shoppingbag #reusablebag #kultakatriina #saludo #kahvipussikassi #ruutupunonta #kahvipussiaskartelu

I made a plastic bag inspired fabric bag. Just added a drawstring so I can close it if I want. I got the fabric second hand and cut it in six pieces that will all be reusable bags so there will be #zerowaste ♻️ #sewing #reusablebag #ecofriendly #drawstringbag #totebag

One more t-shirt 🌞

This morning I sewed a t-shirt for him and then we spent the afternoon watching airplanes with 15000 other people 🛩️ #sewing #madetomeasure #tshirt #lentonäytös #ilmavoimat100

I found a cool hoodie pattern in Suuri Käsityö 3/2018 magazine and I had to make it! I didn't have the fabric that they recommended so I used something that I had saved from my mothers stash. I don't know what it is called but it's a synthetic knit fabric that is used to make sweatpants and jackets. #sewing #suurikäsityö #hoodie #imakemyclothes #memadeeveryday

I made my first ever swimsuit! I couldn't find swimsuit lining fabric so I decided to use another lycra and make it reversible (inspired by @hallaxhalla ☺️). The only one piece swimsuit pattern I found at the library was from 2004 (@suurikasityo 6-7/2004) 😄 and I had to make a few changes to the top part, but it turned out perfect. #sewing #swimsuit #suurikäsityö #sunvisor

A quick fix to turn a thrifted men's flannel shirt (size fitted L) into a cool and comfortable boyfriend shirt. I unpicked the cuffs, cut the sleeves 12 cm shorter and sewed the cuffs back on. Then bleached the top. #refashion #sewing #dipbleach #flannelshirt #boyfriendshirt

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