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Piper Curda  garbage in a cardigan

today is your birthday. today you are nearly taller than me. today you are kinder, wiser, and stronger than I ever thought possible. today I continue to refuse you are anything more than the small baby we left wednesday night AWANAs to go see in the hospital on this day fourteen years ago. today I love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow. today we celebrate you and all you are and have yet to become. happy birthday, say. today is your day.

better than the best cup of coffee. the greatest tool for reaching top shelves. my forever partner for mundane trips to walgreens & denny's in the day time & also life in general. here's hoping the hairs on my head attack your face til the day i'm bald and we always stay so dadgum good looking. happy birthday, you ancient man.

furniture buds 4 life.

social anxiety is real & social media is not!

my soph!!! if I were THAT girl I'd say you were the serena to my blair (shoutout to you for introducing me to gossip girl) but I am not any such girl and also I hate serena and I very much do not hate you. here's to never really knowing how to take pictures together and a friendship born out of pure luck. I'll forever be your utah mom as long as you promise to watch terrible movies with me until we die. thanks for being a stellar friend and an out-of-this-world film muse. happy nineteenth, you beautiful specimen.

big big happy birthday to the (completely unbiased) best big sister in the universe and my lifelong best friend. you're finally that age taylor swift is always talking about!! I will forever be trying to put into words how incredible you are and how important you are to me and I will forever fail because words don't do it justice. thank you for being someone to look up to (literally & figuratively) my entire life. LYLASMBNH

we don't take a whole lot of pictures together but that's mostly because our time together consists of obscenely loud laughing, ugly crying, or some kind of sweaty yoga or hiking type activity. the conversations we have over coffee refresh me more than the caffeine & our six years of friendship mean more to me than any trip to mcdonalds ever will. here's to climbing down mountains at night (literally and figuratively?) and brunch at hugo's until the end of time. happy birthday, rito. you are the best there is!!!!! #WHATNINEPLUSTEN #CUK2018 !!!!

why so stoked??? ya girl gets to do her first GIVEAWAY and it's for something I fully stand behind. @cmfrtus sells WEIGHTED blankets which sounds odd but they feel like a whole hug!!!! (for science side of insta: this helps release more melatonin & serotonin which helps you sleep better. nice.) there's also two sides: fleece which is soft as heck and a 100% cotton side which helps you stay cool at night. ssssso if you want one of these for FREE (which you definitely should), all you gotta do is FOLLOW @cmfrtus, COMMENT that you did, and one of you shall be randomly selected to receive this magical blanket (orrrr go ahead and treat yourself to one at www.cmfrt.us). GIT #CMFRTABLE FAM. #ad

combining all the best advice taylor swift & willow smith ever gave me

"sit like a lady" pt. 2

taking a break from having to look up at people all the time


didn't mean to cloud your vision

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