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Piper Curda  garbage in a cardigan

taking a break from having to look up at people all the time


didn't mean to cloud your vision

YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES IS OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE RED. all episodes are up in their binge-worthy glory & they're technically all FREE (shoutout to the month free trial) so go forth and conquer. LINK IN BIO. could be biased but I think this show & all the people in it are pretty dang great. also in honor of premiere day here are some of my favorite behind the scenes pictures and videos that you might never see. including, but not limited to: @itsmikegray doing karaoke at a strange thai restaurant-karaoke bar hybrid, @kararoyster and a very red tree, our friendships quickly deteriorating over a game of resistance, our fearless leader @jubaldi, and also just a great picture of @thekaranbrar that we all have set as his contact photo in our phones. hope you have as much fun watching this as we did making it.

not a want, but a need

who needs more than 3 hours of sleep when you have friends that will buy you coffee and lie about the size of your head to make you feel good about yourself #sleepisforthedead

the trailer & release date for #youthandconsequences has arrived !!!! it's got drama and smoldering close-ups and actual real diversity so if you're into that you should watch and stuff. full trailer (where u can catch a glimpse of ya girl) @ link in my bio & all episodes drop on @youtube Red on MARCH 7TH so get stokeddddd (ft. some of the best people I know: @annaakana @ssavannahjaydee @sophie1reynolds @kararoyster @seangrandillo @katiesarife @itsmikegray @mosesstorm @thekaranbrar) ps follow @yandcshow for updates n things 💥

"torso of a youth" - marble (1st/2nd century AD)

so much art in here that it is probably pretty tough to spot me in this pic #selflove

this guy has a sometimes beard, an absurd height, & he honestly hugs me too much. but he's also an incredible artist and makes magical music and SPEAKING OF WHICH he just released a new music video (which you can find at the link in my/his bio). watch it n experience a little bit of his wonderful soul that I am lucky enough to know on the daily. now excuse me while I go be wayyy tooooo proud of hiimmmmm.

we are officially launching our campaign to become one of those instagram couples that somehow has a professional photographer following them around at all times and exclusively uses song lyrics as captions. now taking submissions for a grossly unnecessary couple hashtag. leave your suggestions in the comments down below!

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