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Piper Curda  not that funny, just know a lot of puns


friendly reminder that this duo is still very much alive and also that adults can still have fun at chuck e. cheese

dont wait for the perfect moment - take the moment and make it perfect #HCoStyleScene #HCoPartner

easy breezy beautiful

april showers

thankful for friends and dope weekends and cool roommates and future roommates and random walls and happy days and a God whose sacrifice made all of the above possible #heisrisen #heisrisenindeed

countless times this year I found myself in my school's prayer chapel on campus, talking to God. I found a lot of peace and solace there. but the most meaningful thing I found there were other students' prayer requests. some of them were devastating and some of them were full of hope, but all of them were real. we are all fighting our own battles. we are all a little bit lost. we all have prayer requests. we all have praise reports. and our common denominator is jesus christ. and I dunno, I think that's pretty cool.

missing my people & our moments

the only national hooplah day i'll celebrate because I can't pass up an opportunity to brag about how hot my family is #nationalsiblingday

music feeds my soul #HCoPartner #HCoStyleScene ✌️❤️ 🎶

april fools

this is an accurate representation of how pretty much my entire life has been, in case you were wondering. this beautiful sunshine specimen is my older sister and I am really not sure how we are related. nonetheless, I have looked up to her my entire life and still do to this day. she is my biggest cheerleader and my biggest inspiration. her creativity is unparalleled and her smile could make anyone on earth fall in love with her. life wouldn't be nearly as fun or funny without you, un. happy twenty-first birthday and GET LIT (within reason)!!!!

I have spent the last thirty minutes writing, deleting, and rewriting this caption because I want to properly express how much you mean to me. but I have decided that is impossible. what you mean to me cannot be put into words. it is in the bottoms of our coffee cups on our breakfast dates. it is in the tears (and tea) spilled over our three hour phone calls. it is in the way we know it is okay not to be okay in front of each other. it is in the way you invited me to your birthday party five years ago when you barely knew me and the two of us never looked back. thank you for always reminding me who I am, being the calm in the storm, and sometimes being the storm and taking me along for the ride. happy birthday rito. my love for you is as strong as your rap skillz. @kimmycaruso

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