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pippa & renée Posts!  I love penne Elise gallbladder and fill up a sock👌😩🐍 #BANGERAGAINSTRATS Feel sad, but you ARE brave💫✨ used to be @reneeandpips!


hi she's beautiful
cr: @/nytimesfashion
#q comet obc or oobc cast recording?
#a I love both but probably oobc but not bc of pippa I just like it better, a lot of my fav songs without pippa sound better in oobc in my opinion

just realized I've never posted this !!
Comment if u want the next part -
Hamilton YouTube channel thanks @pippavideos 🤤
#q flip flops or sandals?
#a flip flops I'm lazy

I choked when I saw these I love her so much -
#q sandals or flip flops
#a flip flops bc I'm lazy

wow I love this video bc of steve reading the map in the back
sorry I just have to bring up that great comet was r o b b e d and it is not at all fair and I'm very upset but congrats to the winners anyway.
pippa/ jasmine's ig
#q how many exams do u have left
#a just 2 really long ones and then I'm DONE today was my full day!

#pippaweek day 6 !! Favorite hair style,, her opening night hair for hamilton, this is so pretty wtf
cr: @/sarahpotempa -
#q fav hairstyle in general?
#a no clue tbh some type of braid like this I guess

#pippaweek day 5 favorite video! This is just a small part of it of pippa being modest n cute about her makeup but my fav video is The whole 18 minute Facebook takeover//sorry smh I have this whole video but I'm feeling very lazy and I have so much homework to do wtf
pippa's Facebook live -
#q do u wear makeup
#a hell no (Also Comment below if you would like me to post more clips from this video after pippa week bc I have the video on my computer)

(her outfit is just perfect wha a t)
cr: adam's insta
just posting to maintain my theme to post for pippa week day 5 tomorrow smh😡🤚
#q last day of school?
#a June 28th I'm gonna cry

#pippaweek day 4! Favorite song: no one else! Although I might just be being lazy bc basically all the comet songs I love and I've posted this clip a dozen times it feels like, no one else made me fall in love with comet and fall in love with pippa even more honestly! -
cr: no one else live at Barnes and noble on YouTube !
#imsorry to sage and mya bc I posted the same video pls forgive me😭
#q favorite song sung by pippa?

#pippaweek week day 3 !! wow happy 27th birthday phillipa soo. You have no idea how much you inspire me and how much you mean to me. You are My feminist role model and ur kindness inspires me, you are so modest and talented and gracious and beautiful and meeting you twice has to have been two of the best days of my life, your performance inspires people. You make me happy at my worst times and I thank you eternally for that. you deserve the most spectacular birthday ever. I love you loads 💓💓💓Everyone leave her lots of birthday messages 💓💓 -
Cr: I don't know various places yikes
wow pippa is 27 wowow

#pippaweek day 2!! Although pippa is fantastic in every role, my favorite of hers is definitely natasha !!
-I love and appreciate the whole cast so much, but it's pippa week so sorry that it's mostly pippa
Cr: "What is the comet" documentary on youtube// this editing took me so long smh
#q favorite pippa role?

#pippaweek !! pippas fav color is orange and she's left handed (like me and sorry I stole ur FACT @pippavideos I'm not a copy cat i swear 😩🤚) and grew up in Illinois and went to julliard (and fun fact she's cute) (like look at this pic tf)
cr: I forgot sorry
#q fav Amelie song bc I miss it
#a where do we go from here

renee talking about singing at the super bowl!//I'm so bad at posting k i l l me -
cr: people
#q tv shows or movies?
#a tv shows movies make me bored sometimes

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