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pippa & renée Posts!  long live great comet☄️❤️ #BANGERAGAINSTRATS Feel sad, but you ARE brave💫✨ used to be @reneeandpips!


kind of low quality but also high quality -
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#q how do you feel about school
#a right now it's making me really depressed and it's only the first day, I really hope it gets better

I started listening to comet last August. I only listened to a few songs, but my best friend @pippavideos urged me to listen to it through in late September. I am so glad I listened to her, I had no idea what a big part of my life this musical would be. I feel so so grateful that I have gotten to see this show twice. It is so groundbreaking, breaking standards of theater, and celebrating and and promoting diversity. This 12 time Tony nominated musical means so much to so many people. The whole cast has so much talent, and they are all so kind and amazing. I can't believe this show has been on a 5 year journey and it comes to an end today. I'm so happy I got to witness the cast one last time today. Goodbye my gypsy lovers + thank you so much @greatcometbway for everything ❤️☄️

this makes me cry and yes it is now also my profile picture:) comet is the all around greatest piece of art, I can't describe how much it means to me and I feel so lucky !!! Seeing it today was so magical and I literally cried so much yike. I love the whole entire cast and I hate to see them go :( get ready for the water works on September 3rd people :/
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#q comet obc or oobc?
#a I honestly can't decide

lol sorry new post but it's michael jackson's bday and I love him so much so here's this!
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#q when does your school start

they're literally perfect and amazing and there's so much more comet content to post and sorry I might post a lot of it bc I love the show so much 😬
happy trails to oak and Ingrid💞💞 they were both fantastic and I'll miss them
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no question rn I got nothing sorry

yayay finally posting + I'm so happy I found this! This is short but rlly great and I'm inspired 😩
I know I missed a TON of stuff like leslie's bday, Karen's bday, Eliza's bday and comet announcing it is closing 😭😭😭. I will probably post a lot of comet bc it is a blessing to this earth and the best thing ever!
cr:@/amypoehlersmartgirls (it makes me so happy that I found pippa on amy poehler's smart girls acc yay)

#q: favorite comet character?
#a marya!

aaaah really there is no pippa and renée content everything is dry wtf !! I'm excited to meet @pippa.posts tomorrow ☺️
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#q are your ears pierced?
#a yes

happy bday to the QUEEN JAZZY J 💞💞💞
and a late bday to my love @pippaspoon and pls follow her
cr: the queen's ig
#q do u like the office
#a I live for it

hi it's anna and I'm back from camp (well I was yesterday)
thanks so much to the bff @pippaspoon for posting for me & she is @ comet rn and I'm so happy
Cr: Broadway.com
#q fav country other than the one you live in?
#a Sweden

once in American Eagle anna saw renèe's new post and almost cried it was amazing

q: did you watch The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
a: yes

credit: zimbio

renèe's final Hamilton bow

q: what book are you reading right now?
a: behind closed doors by B.A. Paris

cr: Jeannie Ku on YT

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