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1/3 of the bat beak squad🐳  I love penne Elise gallbladder and fill up a sock👌😩🐍 SIN sin sin™ My sista bryce💥 Feel sad, but you ARE brave💫✨ used to be @reneeandpips!


someone goes: can you sign this Canadian boxing glove?
Pippa: oh?
Are you from Canada?
person: no
us: LAUGHIN G SO HARD @pippaspoon
I had the best time ever with my bff and there's a video that sne took it's so cute omg (and credit goes pretty much to sneha)
#q how sad r u about Amelie closing
#a honestly very very very very:((( but I am in no way complaining bc I got to see it

posting again bc I am petty // I really hope this is me and @pippaspoon today pls
Steven brant on YouTube -
#q wish @pippa.posts a happy bday and get her to 1k pls! Comment when you follow

hi sorry gotta post more consistently but here are 2 of my fave pics from the Lucille lortel awards-
1st one-twitter? I think?
2nd- I stole it from @jazzypippa SMH WHO STOLE IT FROM @pippavideos WOW
ps I didn't mention this but I will miss amelie so much oh my goodness
#q favorite sport you don't play?
#a I love badminton

by FAR my fave moment of this interview:)
late show with Stephen colbert
#q any tests this week?
#a yeah 3 smh

really needed this -
@we_racket -
#q cold or hot showers?
#a cold

Literally I'll never stop watching thisdjdjdd SHE SAID F U C K-
@colbertlateshow -
#q do u like kiwi?
#a 😫💦😋😋yas

wow I'm so happy/sad right now I can't renée was so good in Henrietta laCKS AND SHE FUCKING SLAYS I WHEEZED WHEN I SAW THIS --
and today I met my wife and best friend and we had the bestest day and I love her so much and we met so many cast members ah! I miss her! Swipe left to see us today !!
@reneeelisegoldsberry -
#q did u watch the immortal life of Henrietta lacks?
#a yeah I'm so shook I can't breathe

yikes I hate the Mets #unstanned but this is so cute fuck
pippa didn't come out but that's ok bc me and @pippaspoon had an amazing day I love my wife so much!! I will update on my next post
shoot uh this came from the pinto gc I forget
it's funny how it's raining on earth day bc the earth is crying bc we do such terrible things to it,,

@reneeelisegoldsberry -
#q are you following @pippaspoon
#a if you aren't then you fools better get on it

This made my day:)
but nope still really sad
cbs this morning
#q appreciate amelie
#a thanks

Swipe left to see God herself smiling☺️☺️ Y'all I'm really sorry I've been posting mostly pippa/AMELIE but there's like no new renee content, dm me if you want me to post something in specific💕
also y'all should read this article it's beyond cute & I MADE THE SECOND PIC MY ICON BC pippa looks like literal sunshine

cute Amelie opening night vid!

@ everyone stop unfollowing me pls
Amelie broadway
#q do you have braces?
#a yes but only 6-8 more weeks!

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