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Matt, Kate and Axil  Vanagon TDi Specialists

Getting the metal on our #911T into Glasurit 801-703. This is a chromated epoxy primer. Must be good stuff cause you can't use it in most states I hear! @glasurit_official #satajet100 #satajet

Let the #metalwork begin!
Found a few spots to fix we could not see until it had been blasted. Our restorations start from the bare metal, you never know what you have until you remove all the paint filler and rust. A #911 is just as sexy in the raw as it is complete to us anyway.

Off to the blaster........third times the charm. First two blasters blew US off and not the Porsche ,so we found another. Never had a Porsche on a snowmachine trailer!

A very special Porsche , with a very special engine And a very special fuel pump. The list goes on. #PorscheRS

Getting the body fit!
Door gaps , hood gaps , bumper supports welded,old welds cut out...going to be a nice #porsche911t

Striping the few spots down that we knew had been repaired on the body and checking the locations that usually rust out. It's looking pretty solid but will need some metal here and there. The big job will be pans and a new parcel shelf. Metal is coming from @restorationdesign1 they obviously have a passion for Porsche's!

Striping paint and ordering the metal we need to make our #911t great again! We #lovewhatwedo

Almost nothing left to take off our #911t this #porsche is a survivor!

911 being disassembled for restoration. Axil is learning how to take off rusty old nuts and bolts without breaking stuff. The only casualties were two fender bolts snapped, one door hinge bolt head rough but got it out,and one bolt in door. Only two other previous bolts broken in its past, one headlight retainer bolt,and a couple turn signal/light assembly screws. Overall this #porsche911t is in absolutely beautiful shape after all those years. We #loveporsche cars!

Today we start to restore this 1971 Porsche 911T.
We absolutely love these cars! Being born and raised in a exclusive air cooled VW/Porsche shop of my fathers a #hotrod to me has always been a #porsche911 our boy Axil is the same way. He even asked me if it was ok that he liked the Ferrari’s that our good friend Ross Coleman builds. Good boy for asking!

Syncro cooling pipes heading out to @gowestycampers. All cnc work #madeinidaho and then #tigwelded together. We are very happy with the direction of our manufacturing capabilities. #haas

My happy place is a lot happier when my wife and boy have caught fish!

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