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In reference to @boanthony14 question yesterday about the TBMs in the 1977 Sci-Fi flick “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share this scene with all of you who haven’t seen it, and for those who have, enjoy some nostalgia 😊

Everyone had such fantastic answers to my question yesterday! Aside from the turret not existing, it was the glass canopy that was extended to accommodate 4 additional passengers behind the pilot (+2 in the belly). This configuration came after the modification of the TBM-3Ws, due to our involvement in the Korean War, and gave wave to the strange but really cool TBM-3R!

Turkey Tuesday 💙 with TBM that’s not like the rest , can you see why?

cc: @joanofflight

⚓️Cosplay Shmasplay ⚓️ @benjamin_johnson29
📸 Stephen Beatty

Its HAPPENING!! 😍✈️🇺🇸

This years #Indy500 / 102nd running, we were greeted by a Northrop Grumman B2 Stealth Bomber and it was FANTASTIC!! 😍🛸🙌

Remembering our fallen not just today but everyday 🇺🇸 cc: @tbmpilot

History behind this photo: Brad Deckert, owner and pilot of this stunning TBM Avenger example, went through every loop imaginable even when it meant flying 13hrs over mountains to the west coast and removing a wing from his Avenger just so that he could have it transported to Oahu on a C5 in order to fly his incredible machine over the Pacific and Arizona Memorial. This was the first time since WW2 that a TBM Avenger, which got its name from its sole purpose being to avenge Pearl Harbor, had been to Hawaii. The photos taken there were taken by Warbird Magazine to be shared with all of you! Fun Fact: after its demonstration, the TBM didn’t have a ride home, so Mr. Deckert had to leave Hawaii knowing he may never get to see his aircraft ever again 😳

Love my girls on the flight line @warbirdfan72

One of my favorites by @joanofflight this past weekend with the lovely #IdaRed

Did I mention that @joanofflight is really good at her job 😍 thanks for being my photographer again ❤️ - more pix to come from the 3rd annual #TBMReunion so stay tuned 😘


3 years ago my bestie @perko17 moved from Chicago to Colorado to peruse her dream of becoming a successful florist. Today she is the lead designer at one of the most successful, unique and well known shops in all of Colorado! So proud of you babe 😘🌸🌷🌾

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