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“I've been cooking since I was 7 years old—I’ve always had a knack for it. I usually cook every night for my family. The meals have to taste good, be quick to make and use minimal ingredients. What I like about cooking my own meals is I know what's going in it.”—Therrin, king of weeknight meals in Mandeville, Louisiana, saving ideas for recipes and fitness on Pinterest

“Sunday morning. I'm in bed, drinking coffee, thinking about maybe getting up...🙈”—Zoe, not a morning person in London, England, saving ideas for coffee and cats on Pinterest

“Breakfast for dinner, on pizza! When I saw this, I thought it was genius, plus it was super easy. I made the dough myself, and topped it with garlic oil, mozz, potatoes, peppers, parsley and an egg.”—Jamie, full-blooded Italian, saving ideas for brunch and vegetarian recipes on Pinterest

“Recently I decided I wanted platinum hair, but a lot of people told me not to do it. Even the hairdresser asked, ‘Are you sure?’ Since my son was born, my life has changed a lot because I’m almost always thinking about him. But on that day I thought, ‘This is for me.’”—New mom Maria, from Zaragoza, Spain, saving ideas for platinum hair and kid clothes on Pinterest

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