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erika  Focus on the good. It's the only thing that can lead us through the dark. ✨

Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you. It's not pie. There is enough for everyone. And the differences between us are what make this a beautiful place to live. More colors, more backgrounds, more combinations of race and religion and culture. We are all in this together. And the things that unite us can always be stronger than those that divide us. Love is stronger than hate. Teach that. Live that. And don't allow the hate of others go by unnoticed. We have to stand up and say No, I won't live that way and I won't be silent about it.

A long time ago I saw @elisejoy embroider her name onto the binding of a quilt she made. And it just sort of stuck with me. πŸ’– #pinkmakesquilts

Oh hey Monday, you're alright. And who doesn't love flowers you can knickname glads. #gladiolus #pinksgarden #pinksbloomsonblue #aquapinkandyellowaremyfavorite

A long drive last week meant I got all my #moonstonequilt pieces glue basted. I am really loving how this is going to come together! Also, Scott made me a small lap desk with a little raised edge so nothing slides off. It was so much easier, and nothing got lost in the car. Winning! (Moonstone pattern by @giucy_giuce and available from @karenthediyaddict. Also, he is having a giveaway for a trip to San Fran to take his class!) #pinkmakesquilts #pinksmoonstone

Happy Birthday Harry. We are celebrating with a trip to the bookstore for her own copy, and watching the first movie together tonight. You're a wizard Harry! #mysweetcreamie #8yearsoldismyfavorite #creamiereads

Hey plant babies. I know I recently cut you off from your parents, but if you would grow in your new spots that would be great... #propagation (a ridiculous fiddle leaf fig saga in my stories today. How I tried to grow a new plant from a fallen leaf, kept it alive for a year and a half, and ultimately killed it in the last week due to total stupidity. And sunshine. Ugh. That big shiny leaf in the back is me trying again to grow another one. I'll let you know if it works, in two years or so... πŸ™„) #pinksgarden

Too long for stories. Here you go! So fun to watch her figure this out! #mysweetcreamie #8yearsoldismyfavorite

After church shenanigans. Girlfriend learned how to rope climb today. #mysweetcreamie #8yearsoldismyfavorite I'll put the video in my stories! (Also, there was some lesson in there about honesty. She is converted!)

Better than rainbows. 🌈 #pinkmakesquilts #itsnothoardingifitsfoldednicely πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ for ridiculous pictures of my stash....

Should we keep track of how many times she changes her clothes today? 12:55pm. This is the 4th outfit... #mysweetcreamie #8yearsoldismyfavorite

Dahlias. Todays rainbow from my backyard. 😍😍😍 #pinksbloomsonblue #pinksgarden #mybhg #abmlifeiscolorful #abmcolor #abmsummer #acolorstory #flowers #dahlia

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