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Britt Holland  ♈Aries 🎨Artist 💙Lover 🌙Indigo Child 🔯Shamanism 🔮Mystic 📚 Bibliophile 💙💙💙

When people tell you can’t make a living with tattoos making crazy hair..... for all of those who doubted, but mostly for everyone who believed in me, my art, my passion. Thank you!
With that said! I made it to mainstage bitches!

Princess Vespa is a model

This is my passion. Follow my color account at @cozmic.color

Time flies by so fast. I can’t believe Lunas last day of TK is on Friday. My little girl is growing up and faster than I imagined. I blink and she is a head taller than the counters and see herself in the mirror, we fall asleep and wake up to a little girl who is too long to physically put on my shoulders on my own. As she gets bigger and grows out of my arms and skips at a safe distance ahead with just enough courage to do it on her own but also with the perfect amount of innocence to not go too far, I’m proud of what an amazing little 🌛she is becoming. I’m so excited for the future, but for now I just want to hold my baby girl for as long as I can.

Work life

Hey everyone! In case you don’t follow my professional account @cozmic.color
I’m offering a discount on rainbow hair services the month of June.
Happy Pride Loves!

Still can’t believe this is my head. I’m obsessed with my new cut from @doug_theo

When the cards hit it all on the 👃

Baby girl graduates TK


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