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B0ss  •I AM NOT JOJI• i make edits and stuff. This is a fan page to show my devotion to Joji and Filthy Frank

I'm back

sorry for the inactivity, can't promise you that I'll ever will be active but thank you for your patience, I'll post whenever I can. I'm glad that some of you guys enjoy my half assed edits. ALSO, I've noticed that a lot of you think I really am Filthy Frank and the real Joji but you'd actually be surprised, I'm just some scrawny little kid. Although, the filthy frank community is undoubtedly filthy, it's nice to know that you guys are very supportive towards Joji and I really respect that. (Joji's Insta is @sushitrash and Filthy Frank's Insta is @papafranku )


i start school next week

salamander man playing his glorious ass recorder •nyeSSSSSSS•

about 100000CH ago?

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