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Black LOVE ๐Ÿ’—

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For saving yourselves in Alabama last night, and in the process, saving everyone else (even when they ainโ€™t wanna be saved). For the 94 percent that tried gallantly to save America last November. For being the backbone of Americaโ€™s wealth for 300 years (and counting). For propping up the black church with free physical and emotional labor and financial investments that go unrecognized. For doing the same thing for black boys and men. For loving hard. For staying when daddies sometimes leave. For the listening ears and praying hands, and the hard candy the elder ladies, especially the ones in white, carry in their pocketbooks. For laughing โ€œtoo loudโ€ and throwing a side-eye that can silence children and grown men. For being able to hold full conversations with other black women in the unwritten language of facial expressions. For the amazing shโ€” we do with braids. For stretching a dollar. For seasoning food properly. For elevating filled-in brows and laid edges to an art form. For all the scalps oiled as an act of love. For not aging in dog years. For getting ish done by running for Office, scaling a flagpole or starting a whole movement to assert #blacklivesmatter. For participating in previous movements where black women did the dirty work and carried the intellectual load, but didnโ€™t get the credit or the microphone. For going to the whole dang Moon, literally, or shooting for it, figuratively. For having rhythm and always being on beat. For being the most educated group in the country. For still working THRICE as hard, despite getting 65 cents on the white male dollar. For embracing therapy, self-care and โ€œnoโ€ as a full sentence. For the way we yell for family at graduations and for our kids from the sidelines. For the way we dress up for concerts and Easter Sunday. For the gap in the waist of our jeans and the way the elders wear a church hat. For being style icons. For being us, magical, magnificent and melanated, and 50-11 other glorious adjectives that weโ€™ll continue to celebrate in each other until the rest of American catches up, if they can. For Sisters Only. @demetrialucasdoyley

Sza for Fenty Beauty
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Cardi B for Steve Madden ๐Ÿ’—

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This could be us but you be playing boo.

Happy birthday @morereginahall!
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This is going to be so good!
Goooo @yarashahidi #Grownish

Our favorite GOT MILK Ads
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Tomorrow a B O M B takeover is happening @lindsaysmiththeagent is taking over our Instagram Snap and we cannot wait! Tune in ๐Ÿ’—

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