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daisy  not like other girls!! much, much worse. amsterdam 🌷

always the corpse bridesmaid, never the corpse bride 😢😢

in the netherlands they don’t say ‘I love you’, they say ‘leren fietsen, idioot. je bent een volwassene’ and I think that’s really beautiful ❤️

finally living my metropolitan mamma mia truth and running away to amsterdam on wednesday!! 1 like = 1 prayer that I find a conveniently dilapidated hotel WITHOUT a horse in that I can reside in for the next six months

if a tragic disaster ever occurred at a @polyesterzine event, the hair dye market would dramatically and irreversibly crash (📷 @babesonshoots)

Jenny Holzer: Queen of Content

we swore ourselves eternally to a latin chant without knowing what it meant so clearly horror movies have taught this generation nothing

“make sure everyone knows I’m still single and this isn’t a couple photo”

theory: pamela anderson’s elegant and effortless coordination in beach settings is a power stored entirely in her boobs and NOT her red swimsuit as I erroneously assumed when making the purchase

leaked stills from upcoming room with a view sequel where lucy honeychurch trades in her residual social restraint for a serious case of chub rub

“no need be best. only good and kind.” - dog on the internet

gotta stay hench so I’m physically strong enough to ruthlessly and repeatedly destroy my own future

the boys next to us are talking about press ups so it’s a race against time to black out

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