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DAISY CHANDLEY  muse 4 rent (oxford uni/west ldn) ♓️ 💌 pinkandtonic@gmail.com 🍑 private 4 pals: @redandcoke 🦐 she/her


I fell harder for this @poster__girl__official dress than I ever have for any quote unquote ""person"" and I'll never forget the moments we shared

I'll admit this look screams "humanoid alien chick from mainstream action movie who will be given a cursory number of 'empowered' fight scenes and 'I grew up with brothers, I know how to handle myself' moments before she's inevitably murdered in a sexualised manner to progress the character development of the male protagonist' but I love it anyway

this @studio_fulton show was honestly something e l s e like I still can't get over the level of bejewelled zebra magic on display here

expectations vs reality

@eli.beristain presenting me like the pouting disembodied head I always dreamed of being

me blissfully ignoring fashion week stress

hi my name is ebony dark'ness dementia raven way

fair enough

thinkin bout how doves and pigeons are the same bird 🤔🤔🤔 (beautiful magical team tagged, pic for @sister_magazine, and amazing bodice by @ingridkraftchenko)

soz if this has now been inflicted on you twice but I'm sh00k that a picture like this exists and doubley sh00k that the same cool kids that made me laugh in the first place actually made me like it (I'm not crying you're crying)

once pointed at this tshirt and the bouncer accepted it #truestorybro

hon hon hon (thanks 2 my photo slave @kierancz)

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