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P!NK  Sticks and stones they may, break these bones but then.... I'll be ready... ✊🏽

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The stories of children being detained at the border have shaken us. What’s happening is against everything we stand for as an organization & what we should stand for as a nation. That’s why we’re working with the Texas Access to Justice Foundation to provide emergency assistance & legal aid to families. Read more at the link in our bio.

Of all the photos I could’ve posted of my dad and I, for Father’s Day I wanted to post this one. This shitty photo was taken by a shitty paparazzi in New York the day I announced that my marriage was broken, and over. Feb 21. I will remember this day forever. I walked out of my hotel room alone, and this paparazzi said to me “how’s the divorce going pink.” And after I told him a couple of things I won’t repeat here, I cried. I turned around. And I went back inside. I called my dad.
He came right away. He jumped on a train, no questions asked, and was in my room three hours later.
He said, “lets go. We’re goin out.” Here we are. He has been my person all of my life. He has fought monsters in my closet, and monsters that posed as principals in school buildings, you name it. He has taken on the world for and with me, no questions asked. He made me feel important. He made me think I was worth loving. He taught me how to do it all myself. And when no one else was there, he told me to love myself.
I thank my stars for this man, that he was strong enough not only to fight his own monsters but mine too, and now my kids. I love you daddy sir. ❤️ happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day babes. You’re one of the best. ❤️

It’s in his blood

I’ll stop the world and melt with you

Nature. Nurture.
Kiddos. Gratitude

Yes, everything he said. No other words :( #Repost @ogeverlast
Rest In Peace @anthonybourdain . As parents of a child with a constantly life threatening disease stress and depression are par for the course. I and my wife have a pact to never let feelings of self destructive nature go undiscussed. I personally can’t imagine the amount of torment and pain that would have me leave my children in the wake of such a decision. He seemed a highly intelligent and rational man. I’m sure all those close to him are just like “if he’d only said something” as most do who are left behind to push through. So please if you have feelings of doing yourself harm know that there are people around you who care if you only speak up and let your pain be known. Sometimes even strangers ears are there for you. I probably have such a hard time understanding suicide because I experienced death on a very real level and understand its permanence. I’ve experienced massive amounts of physical and mental pain and have never wanted to return to that place willingly. Rage against the dying of the light people.... Tomorrow can always be better.

Straight from the garden- for my baby girl. #byebyefirstgrade✌🏽 #proudmama

Because every voice matters

Here’s the picture of that hot ass husband. After willow got her hands on it of course she showed me how to turn it around @hartluck we love you baby 😂😂😂

When you’re trying to turn selfie mode off so you can take a picture of your hot ass husband #ineedfuckingglasses

@andrewmacpherson_official came to the show last night and took the best picture ever (per usual) check out his newest work- it’s beyond incredible.... I love you @andrewmacpherson_official

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