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Pinion  If you want change in the world, make it so. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Dungeon IX.

Video of our final set is in our bio now. Thanks @loatheflower. Sweat it out.

So long and goodnight. 🥀 thank you all. We’ve all banded together to create a wonderful community. Images by @camykazeee.
Special thanks to @xstandforitx @thezangreene @danielpumpkinseed @wvrmgrind @hangingmoontn @chambernashville @faltermke @nihilma @rek.age @eyehategray @hatemoshme420 @discomfortsc @revengeseason_ @alertthesky @krysten.jobes @josh.landrith @_killtheirpast @_cvtthroat
@youngfratjesus Dad’s Garage and anyone not mentioned here (you all know who you are) for helping us along the way and sharing the stage with us, being incredible friends and taking care of us in all the ways you have.

Last chance tomorrow. 7pm sharp. DM for the address.

Shirts only available at the final show Saturday. All proceeds from the entire show go directly to Planned Parenthood of Tennessee.

Y’all like sticking shit on other shit?

Thanks to @mlscreenprinting


2017 was incredible to us. Thanks for taking the time to come see us every now and then and all the kind words and support. Thanks for staying rowdy as shit.
With only a couple days left in this year we want to let everyone know that we’re going to step out of performing for an indefinite amount of time to work on new material and improve ourselves.
We’re not gone forever but we will be in hibernation for a good while. When we come back we’ll be bringing the apocalypse with us. Thank you. 📸: @easterxdaily

Bittersweet farewell to @hangingmoontn and @wastetn. Thanks for having us be a part of your journey. Thanks to @easterxdaily as always for the incredible images. #easterdaily #hangingmoon #waste #pinion #that70shouse
#nashville #nashvillehardcore

Tomorrow is @onpointpartypatrol’s final party. Act accordingly.

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