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Spicy Vegan Creamy Ramen Soup🍜

♦️Curves Ahead♦️
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🥑Vegan Flautas with Creamed Guacamole

Happy Spring Equinox
Let the flowers blooming a plenty in your garden and your heart. May the sun kiss your face like a lover on a sunny day.
Poetry by Pingjungting

📷 @ivenoven
This is one of the most beautiful and creative cakes I've seen.😍

📷BCC and CP
Scrolling through my feed and I'm noticing that several people are writing about MAUCRSA and Collectives. I think this is still the answer for Medical Cannabis. If the People and BCC set down and brainstorm they could come up with a viable solution. Not everyone is going to be granted a liscence; this may be do to taxes, or local municipality that do not want a large cultivation in their city or county. Granted, taxes will be adjusted but still a heafty burden. If this model stayed in place it could supply or link up with the Compassion Programs and they could fall under that legislation. Yes, this would separate it from Adult Use but it seems like the answer. As Cannabis is legalized it could continue to grow. BCC and the state could collect a small amount of taxes or transport fees if let's say you live in Santa Clara County and transported to say Alameda County. It could be a Network system of for the Patients Collective and operate in the same relm as adult use. If you already operate with a liscence and supply to a dispensary for Adult and Medical this would not change. The "Collective Club" if possible could fall under a 501c not for profit these business models already exists. If they are implemented for Cannabis it would solve a lot of the issues. Business exist alongside each other that offer similar services one is non-profit and the other for profit but coexist. These are my thoughts and views. Inspired by @cannabisprotectors and @beardbros_pharms both have some good info on their Page.


Mmmm, what Monday taste like🌺
Vegan, pancakes with raspberry compote. Drizzled with Almond Butter and Maple Syrup..
🍶 Arrowhead Mandarin Orange

This is a new species of Scorpion discovered recently. I recently found out I have Scorpio in my chart🦂...🌊💦vibes. Explains, a lot about myself I didn't know. Plus, it's like it's kindred they find a mystical blue scorpion and I find out I am a Scorp....plus blue is my fav color guess that's why I'm a Blueray..all mystical stuff..😀

Vegan Street Tacos

📷 Vincent Desiderio
I want to spend the rest of my learning and growing"up" with you. Through, pictures, books and love. You captivate my mind like know one has. Is it illusion or are you my one. Your asking the same questions I already know you are. You are the most beautiful picture book I've ever seen. I can't put you down I want to read you from cover to cover and back again. Maybe, this lifetime won't be enough. I will search for you again in the next. I already know who you are.. you're the love of my life, this one and far beyond into the next.... forever and always.
Written by Pingjungting

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