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Jess / Pineapple Studios  Yoga & pottery studio. Wilmington NC. Forever inspired by the grieving process, tidal changes, and lunar phases. I'm Jess 🙋🏻 let's live a sweet life.

The face you make when the chef tells you to “buckle your seatbelt” and sends out 6 courses of food.

Summer Solstice + sun chasing. Warm weather has me extra grateful for people who say yes and recognize the say yes-er in me. It's the longest day of the year, making it your most moment-abundant day to show up for your people. ✨

"To be consumed with passion is to be gallant to discover"
-Sunday Adelaja
I think there are a lot of ways to wander. We can stroll new cities. Or take a stroll down memory lane. That wandering and that letting go of the reins is pretty necessary for discovery. You can't fully see yourself without taking a few steps outside of yourself, followed immediately by diving back into your heart space and gut instincts even deeper than you were before. Over and over.
I think that's one of my favorite parts of the studio. People wander in the front door. Emails like "I think I'm meant to be here" wander into my inbox. Today alone I watched 3 separate groups that rented time here surrender to some discovery. Kids touching clay for the first time-in awe at the permission to make a mess. Grown up teary cheeks on yoga mats- again allowing permission to make a mess. Or be a mess. Because is there such a thing? Your mess is just your discovery.
Tag me in the ways you're wandering this weekend. Let me know how it felt sacred to you... I have a gift for the post who makes my heart swell the most. Happy weekend!

This is Kathy. I don't know if the English language has a word to house who Kathy is. She's some combination of a mom, a friend, a mother in law, and a therapist if therapists were able to also cry on their clients' shoulders sometimes. We lean on each other.
She's the woman who raised the boy who made me. And I just don't think they have a word for that.
Last Monday I was able to show Kathy the studio for the first time. We even ate at the restaurant on the water where I used to work back when Wilmington and Pineapple were still just daydreams. We walked the same streets where her son once walked with me and I was reminded just how magical this town can be. Not to mention the beauty of the twinkling lights in the studio at 10pm. If you've ever wondered how a heart looks on the outside of your chest- I think it looks something like that sparkly yellow haze.
We can't escape the pain of being human. But we can certainly use our grief and the craters it carves to hold so much gratitude and connection. I look at this photo and each time it feels like an electric shock making my heart skip beats. Like our smiles could fly off the screen. We can be storytellers and story carriers for the way people were. The ways the wanted us to be. Happy. They wanted us to be happy.

Rainy day thoughts:

Just because you could have done more doesn't mean you should have.
I've always loved the rambling idea that "you did the best you could with what you had at the time you had it." Hindsight is only helpful with what you do next. Happy rainy Tuesday!

Photographic proof that the people you spend the most time with definitely rub off on you. It's ok to be choosy and it's even more ok if your favorite person is actually an animal 😍

The earth, that first among good mothers, gives us the gift that we cannot provide ourselves. I hadn't realized I had come to the water and said "feed me" but my empty heart was fed. I had a good mother. She gives what we need without being asked. I wonder if she gets tired, old Mother Earth. Or if she too is fed by the giving. "Thanks," I whispered, "for all of this." -Robin Wall Kimmerer
The sentiment of being fed by the giving. That's yoga to me. 💛 A few more flows this week Thursday-sat 9am! And I'll see you Sunday 11am @waterlinebeers

Sometimes, without trying or spinning your wheels, things just "line up"
I'll be honest, I'm an analog girl living in a digital world. I still organize all appointments in paper. I check my agenda every night and every morning. I hand delivered paper invitations to my birthday party this year.. I even made nolan drive me door to door. Clay, film, this process of binding poems into pages; all of it satisfies my cravings to move with intention. Or look up. Or both.
Change isn't always forward. New isn't always progress. Nostalgia, as savage as she can sometimes be, is also the same creator of summer camp vibes or a song that reminds you of a road trip. I think that's why I always feel so grateful to work with mediums that feel like home. I like knowing that I am sticking to the four elements when it comes to telling my story- where I came from and where i'll go. Not to mention all the beautiful stops in between.
I think that's why the more of these Bahamian mugs I make, the more get placed in my kitchen cabinets. They remind me of days that were digitally detoxed- my first stretch of screen-free days that I had taken since opening the studio. A sensation that felt a whole lot like returning home to myself. Bahamian mornings skinny dipping in swirling blue waters before paddling to town for coffee. Or for iced sweet red wine that was somehow breathtakingly delicious in its simplicity. I hope this mug reminds you to strip down your days in similar ways. Cheers.

Today was for special moments alone and reading poems of tradition where sand and water meet. Feeling a little slow-moving because gratitude has me wrapped up extra tight. Grateful for the ways the unexpected can help carve your truest trajectories. Grateful to have learned to live by being well loved. Happy Monday everyone!
"If I die, survive me with such sheer force
that you waken the furies of the pallid and the cold,
from south to south lift your indelible eyes,
from sun to sun dream through your singing mouth.
I don’t want your laughter or your steps to waver,
I don’t want my heritage of joy to die.
Don’t call up my person. I am absent.
Live in my absence as if in a house.
Absence is a house so vast
that inside you will pass through its walls
and hang pictures on the air
Absence is a house so transparent
that I, lifeless, will see you, living,
and if you suffer, my love, I will die again." -Pablo Neruda

With my studio schedule, my weekends typically get condensed down to half a Sunday. Sundays have been my favorite day of the week for as long as I can remember- and I feel like I just keep learning to cherish them more and more. Cheers to the weekend and here's hoping yours is keeping you cozy.
Mug of choice this weekend? The winter 2016 moon phase mug. I was talking with yesterday about the crazy ride of opportunities those little mugs offered me. And although I don't make them in that particular style anymore, a little ladybird told me that there is ONE left at @edgeofurge raleigh.
One little guy out of hundreds. Maybe thousands? This Sunday I'll be soaking up the whirlwind and the bliss. 💛 #notsostationaryafterall

"Sundays with tangled limbs, linen sheets and raindrops playing the soundtrack to our perfect morning. 3am conversations about your deepest fears and mid-sentence stops to dance barefoot in the kitchen- just because.
Come honor me in my wholeness, both the tall parts and the messy parts. Invite me to rise into the parts of me that still need growing." @iamhertribe
I'll be honest, I found this quote (or maybe it found me) 4am post-meltdown. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙋🏻I've read it everyday since. Funny how things keep circling back + around whole, health and holy. This week has had my mind wandering the ways we are loved- the ways we are seen and valued. The weight those feelings have when they remain unwavering in moments we are falling short for ourselves. To be loved despite the spinning plates falling. To feel seen before they crash- not after.

I think by now most of us know and understand that our own happiness is our responsibility. But what if we pause and unpack that responsibility a little bit? What if we allow ourselves to say, "yeah I take great care of myself, treat myself with love and compassion, but could still use a little help over here!" Isn't that still within the realms of maintaining our own wellbeing?
You already arrived whole. Needing to be seen didn't cut you in half. Happy Full Moon. 💛

My Monday woke me up early, tugging at my heartstrings. Muscles and bones and inherent passions still mulling over how to understand health and holy and whole. I hope everyone is starting our their week soft and strong and filled to the brim with grace. Maybe "whole" is much like being at peace. Something you feel until you realize you're feeling it and then you're left smiling as the moment shifts; preferring to stay illusive. I hope your Monday is speckled with unforeseen moments of wholeness.
"I want stars, strength, and balance in my soul
it's been a while since they were last together in me." @noor_unnahar

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