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Pine & Crane 


So so delicious, and available for a limited time only. These chayote leaves are also known as dragon whiskers in Taiwan. #龍鬚菜🐲

Fun new cold appetizer! Thinly sliced salmon creek pork belly with garlic and chili oil. #蒜泥白肉

The hunks of pine and crane. #workingit #yourewelcome

Part of the reason I love pine and crane is because it has allowed me to meet so many amazing and inspiring individuals whom I otherwise never would have met. I first met Sego because she works for a gourmet food importer, and while we don't source any gourmet cheeses or truffles, she's become both a friend and a regular. Please join me in helping Sego (woman in picture) create a fantastic fundraising dinner for a worthy cause. I've watched her as she's volunteered her time and energy building houses and creating resources for those less fortunate. Her compassion and spirit of giving back continuously inspires me. She's rallied some of the Los Angeles's most talented chefs (@vartanabgaryan @alietrent @chefdlefevre @creampuffbungalow @chefsherryyard @melissacoppel @lizsen2me) to come together and cook a fundraising dinner on March 27th with all proceeds going towards Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. Tickets are $150 and can be purchased at www.togetherforgreater.com. Rare for me to go out to dinner on a night Pine & Crane is open, but I will be there to support! #notcomplaining #goodfoodforagoodcause #habitatguate

Celebrating St. Patrick's day with our dumplings today! #taiwanesespinach #spinachdough #luckyday🍀

Around for a limited time, traditional panfried omelette with preserved turnip. Classic Taiwanese/Hakka dish, tastes just like my childhood. #菜脯蛋

Happy holidays from our family to yours!! We're closed for Christmas today but will reopen with regular hours tomorrow. #holidayparty

One positive outcome from this election is that hopefully we can start examining what divided us as a country, have conversations we wouldn't normally have, and hopefully start understanding each other more. Despite all the divisiveness, I hope we can all easily stand united today and say thank you to those who have served this great nation. Two people special to me that I would especially like to celebrate today. One of them being my husband, Capt. Lucas Paul and the other our very own Priscilla Ruiz! #loveofcountry #oohrah #usmc #happyveteransday #strongertogether A meal on us today if you're a vet or if you are currently serving in the military.

What is a ghost's favorite cold appetizer? Bam BOO!!! 👻👻👻 Say hi to our Halloween crew today! #happyhalloween #wehavecandy

Wok-tossed savory clams from wa. Ginger, jalapeños, basil. #savoryclams #newdish

Sometimes our guests just melt our hearts and make our job so easy. This came in the mail today, all the way from Maryland. #madeourday #thankyou

What we do when we're slow at pine & crane. #threetofivepm

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