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Piñatex® by Ananas Anam  The sustainable natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre 🍍 - Low impact, socially responsible, cruelty free. - #MadeFromPiñatex


What led you to joining Ananas Anam?
"Real achievements are seen everyday at Ananas Anam. We are a fast paced moving start-up where routine never reaches you. Ananas Anam is bringing up together one of the most striving problems in the 21st century: Agriculture and Fashion Industry.” - Tatiana, R&D Manager
Meet #TeamPiñatex in Stories now! ⭐️🍍💚

Stand tall, wear a crown and be a pineapple...or carry a pineapple! 💛🍍
@maryspineapple are a vegan accessories brand based in Korea who have created adorable card holders and purses #MadeFromPiñatex.
No animals harmed (and no pineapples harmed either)!

We all need a little inspiration from time to time, so in case you’ve missed it, we have a new feature called #ResourceWednesday where we share what has been inspiring us! -
We’d love to hear what books you have been reading, documentaries you have been watching or podcasts you have been listening to!
Find #ResourceWednesday in our Stories now! 📚🍍💚

Conscious design takes many forms - it is as individual as each designer, yet has a shared heart.
We’re introducing some of the designers who create products #MadeFromPiñatex, sharing the ethos and values behind their brands. First up is @maravillasbags - meet the face behind the label in Stories and on our Facebook page (facebook.com/pinatex) now!

What happens to pineapple plants after the fruit is picked? 🤔
Historically, the byproduct of the fruit crop would be discarded or burned - but we thought that was a waste.
Ananas Anam uses the leaves from the pineapple plants to make Piñatex®️, an innovative alternative to leather made from pineapple leaf fibre 🍍🍍🍍

What does Piñatex® mean to you?
"I found out that Piñatex® covers almost all (if not all) the points that I was taught in the university of a 'XXI Century material'. It is sustainable, with optimal mechanical properties and looks fantastic, it has so much potential in all kinds of applications that it feels fantastic to be part of this project.”
Mikel, Operations Intern @ Ananas Anam
Meet #TeamPiñatex in stories now 💚🍍

So you worry about how fabric dyeing uses excessive amounts of water, that cotton crops take up a lot of land, that ‘pleather’ is petrochemical heavy, how manufacturing has greenhouse gas emissions...did you know that a plant-based diet significant reduces environmental impact in all these areas?
We appreciate that people have different food views, but there’s no denying that reducing the amount of meat in your diet is better for the environment. It’s #Veganuary, a campaign that encourages people to consider the many benefits of a plant-based diet.
Are you vegan? What’s your advice for someone who isn’t, but might be convinced to try? 💚🍍🌱🌴🥦☘️🍏🍵
📷 @clairemueller

A conscious classic - #MadeFromPiñatex cowboy boots by @lahaymx.
📷 @stylegonzalescom

Got those first-week-of-the-new-year feels when there’s SO MUCH HAPPENING and you’re not quite sure what day it is, where to focus, what’s important and how to make a positive impact going forward?
It’s #ResourceWednesday so check our stories for some must reads that might give you a new perspective for the new year 👌🏻💚

/ In case you missed it /
💚 www.ananas-anam.com got a complete overhaul last year, making it a lot easier to learn about the story of Piñatex®️, find #MadeFromPiñatex products from designers around the world, order a swatch card or get information about the textile 💚⭐️🙌🏻
Many thanks to @joryandco, @katteandco and @clairemueller for countless hours spent bringing this to life! We’re sure you’ll agree the result is huge step up from the old one 🙊 and we’d love your feedback! Is there anything else you’d like to see / read / know about?
Let us know! 🍍💚

A new year, full of potential, full of opportunities to learn, to develop, to make a more positive impact.
We are looking both backwards AND forwards, learning from past experiences to make better choices going into the future, but keeping the spirit of innovation strong!
This year we want to:
🍍 spend time fine tuning - 2017 brought a lot of new processes, we can’t wait to perfect them!
🍍 work with more farming communities to utilise waste leaves, providing them with extra income.
🍍 value our team, our designers and our friends near and far - because people are at the heart of what we do.
What are your key values for this year?

We’re looking back at some of our big moments in 2017...thank you for sharing our journey so far!
Disrupting an industry doesn’t just happen. It takes many ideas, many voices, many actions. Piñatex®️ was developed as a vegan alternative to leather and synthetic textiles that has a low environmental impact and a positive social impact, generating additional income for subsistence farming communities by using the waste from pineapple fruit farming.
Many people are involved in the journey, far beyond Dr. Hijosa and the team at Ananas Anam. Every single person who has told their friend about “a leather alternative made from pineapples!”, bought a #MadeFromPiñatex product and liked/commented/shared our posts is an activist for change.
So thank you - every one of you - for joining the conversation, supporting a start up and showing the world you want a better future. 💚🍍

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