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Mike  Airline Pilot B737🔜B787 ERJ135/145 Manchester 🇬🇧 Photos my own, some taken with GoPro 📷 DM’s welcome for any aviation related questions or advice 📩

Progress update: B787 Technical test done & passed. Very relieved and now onto the Full Flight Simulator tomorrow morning! 📚🤓✈️

Little update for you folks; For the rest of September and until about mid October I’m still in training for the Boeing 787 but with my October roster I have my first long haul flights. Cancun and also Cape Verde to look forward to after training! ✈️ 🇲🇽 🇨🇻

Last 737 flying selfie for a while, next one will be in the 787...Let’s get heavy! ✈️

Ever wondered how we control the air temperature onboard? 🌡 All through this control panel that sits right above my head! The aircraft air conditioning system takes hot high pressure air from the engines and cools it way way down and reduces its pressure so it’s safe and it’s sent into the cabin. The cabin is split into 3 zones as you can see by the bottom three knobs. To control the temperature in each zone we turn the knob which adds warm air from the engines that bypasses the cooling steps to the cold air. We call this trim air and warms the air up to a desired temperature. The top of the control panel shows the temperature gauge and here I’ve selected the Forward cabin with the top right knob to show the temperature in there and here we see it’s 24° which is quite pleasant! Also, when you fly, please don’t just wear clothes for the destination like flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt. Dress for the flight, bring a hoodie! 👍🏼🔥❄️

Great pictures by @egcc.spotting._ of me headed off to Las Palmas on Saturday. Thanks for the photos!

Watching the sky literally change colours in front of my eyes during sunset 🌅

Sunny skies over Europe

Gran Canaria with Mount Teide in Tenerife in the background 🇮🇨

Me spotted taxiing out in Manchester to depart for Corfu, thanks to @egcc.spotting._ for the awesome picture! 📷

Our Canadian cousins from Sunwing basking in the setting sun in Corfu getting ready to head back to England 🇨🇦

Treated myself to some custom made Raybans 😎

May not look like much to most people but this ‘spike’ of colours on my weather radar pointing up isn’t a problem, a fault with the weather radar or even weather itself, it’s actually a result of the aircraft being ‘painted’ (targeted) by a radar! This could be either a military jet or a radar installation on the ground. This is in the vicinity of the Ramstein military zone making our way towards Frankfurt which made us believe it was something military in the area nearby. Eventually it soon disappeared and we carried along on our merry way to Izmir!

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