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Pillar CrossFit  Building Elite Athletes Through Spiritual And Physical Fitness.


100+ Seats saved in front of Lane 7. Let's do this peeps! #Community #PillarStrong #PillarNation

Champions are made today! But the truth is that they've Been slowly made over the last 300+ days of training! The Friday nights and the early Sunday mornings will prove their worth today! #Community #TeamPillar #PillarCrossFit #PillarStrong #PillarNationRiseUp

If it wasn't for the Community at Pillar there wouldn't be a Regionals or Games team! It's just a fact. The amount of support that is required from our community, family and friends is astounding and as both a former Team athlete and now Team Coach I am well aware of that!
Because if this I wanted to figure out a way to give thanks to all of you who continue to support us and chant Pillar CrossFit!
Tomorrow our Pillar Team will wear custom shirts. These shirts list every person that was signed up for the Open this year as well as family members and past pillar athletes that have moved and no longer attend Pillar! By putting your name on their shirt we are thanking you and acknowledging the fact that none of this is possible without you! Your names will be surrounding their names in the same way that you surround them with cheers on game day! (Disclaimer: NO ONE was intentionally left off of the shirt. I did my absolute best to list everyone I could think of but I'm sure I missed someone. I apologize in advance if that's the case.) #Pillar #PillarStrong #PillarNation #LeaveNoDoubt #Community @crossfitgames @ashynono @vmarielara08 @poptartsandposes @franklara14 @dcfpcf @trainharder22pcf @nickjrodriguez

Great showing today Pillar Community!
Let's get rowdy tomorrow in our Neon Yellows!

1st WOD we are in Heat 4 at 10:30

2nd WOD we are in Heat 4 at 12:15

Please get there as early as possible. It's not easy saving 90 seats all by myself! Also let's put those fat heads and GIANT PILLAR letters that Casey Ann made for us to use tomorrow!
The whole CrossFit world is watching so let's let them know who we are! #Pillar #PillarNation #PillarStrong @crossfitgames #PillarCrossFit

our love, thoughts, and prayers go out to Scott Deem's family and friends....as well as his brothers in service who serve our community everyday! thank you for your service Scott! #sanantonio

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