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Boutique Pilates Studio PERTH  L U X U R Y • f i t n e s s ✖️ studio for women🤸🏼‍♀️Private & small group training: Equipment, Floor & Barre✨@reneesiljeg & Co 👯‍♀️

T H E • t o w e r ✖️ is the perfect exercise apparatus- it works the whole body, in all planes of movement, using different resistances, in ways that strengthen, mobilise, lengthen and stabilise, in unlimited different ways 🙌🏻 The. Best. #pilateshouseperth

T O • d o ✖️ annnnnything. It’s all in your hands 🤲🏻 know what you want and who you need to be to get it. You have the power 👊🏻 #pilateshouseperth

G E T T I N G • h i g h ✖️ a tricep dip variation on the Cadillac...like, ON the Cadillac 😂 #pilateshouseperth

S N U G • a s ✖️ a bug... (well bunny, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it)... in a rug 🧣 We preheat the studio before the PH babes arrive, because there’s no way we are stopping a little cold weather stop us from getting our daily Pilates fix 🤗 ya feel? #pilateshouseperth

H A I R • b a n d s ✖️ yes we have them at the studio to gift you in case you forget, and no, I don’t know why I didn’t grab one before this little mat flow 😂 #pilateshouseperth

L A Y E R • u p ✖️ she’s a cold one in Perth today! But the studio is toasty and cosy, the coffee is steamy hot and the warm ups live up to their name 🔥 we got you 😉 #pilateshouseperth

P I L A T E S • s t a t i o n s ✖️ with boxing drills 🥊 @boxilates is the perfect way to destress, sweat it up and stretch it out 👌🏻 #pilateshouseperth

S U N D A Y • t o - d o ✖️ relax ✔️ write the future ✔️ what will you do this week that you doubted you could do last week? What will you do today to nurture part of you who knows you have no limits? #pilateshouseperth

T H E • s t u d y ✖️ of control 👣 Joseph Pilates defined his method ‘Contrology’ as “the complete coordination of the mind body and spirit” ✨ have you ever heard of a more worthy study to partake in? 🙌🏻 #pilateshouseperth @reneesiljeg

O L D • s c h o o l ✖️ we’re all about it...like good old fashioned dedication, hard work and consistency (...and phones that we weren’t inclined to stare at all day long 😅) #pilateshouseperth

L E T S • t a l k ✖️ about priorities 🗣 what are you most motivated to do? What are you loyal to? What do you value? To what are you most committed? What do you strive to better? What are you unconditionally determined to focus on? What is too important to brush off with excuses? Is it selfish to say “Myself”? #pilateshouseperth

S T R O N G • b o n e s ✖️ Muscle strength and body shape is often, for better or worse, a primary focus when it comes to fitness. We rarely consider that which lies beneath 💀 BUT...how effectively our muscles move our bones, their density and the health of our joints are all just as important when considering how ‘fit’ we are/would like to become. Plus, strong bones, with healthy ranges of movement at the joints provide a framework for the body...the shape of your body and how you carry yourself can be manipulated by your posture just as much sculpting your muscles 💪🏻 Now...go and move those bones of yours! #pilateshouseperth

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