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Nikki  28. San Diego, CA. Art school graduate. Motion Graphics and VFX. Animu and Cosplay. A cool and ballin' lady folk.

I just printed super cute Polaroids for my Patreon and they are too adorable not to share ;0;

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby it's a name you should know.

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby (s)he's the star of the show.

I can't wait to be the fat pink ball I was meant to be.

I need to make the collar, properly style the wig, make hair barretts and paint my umbrella add the star at the top.

#kirby #nintendo #nintendocosplay #kirbygijinka

Some Chun Li by the Sakura trees at Sakuracon.

Photo by @kenken_ns
#capcom #chunli #streetfighter #cosplay

💕Girls Supporting Girls 💕

I miss @kimbearlicosplay so much 😭 Sakuracon can't come soon enough.

Photo by @johncasquejo

#chunli #sakurakasugano #streetfighter #capcom #cosplay

Hey guys I just opened and moved my print store to Tictail! I'll be putting up new prints and Polaroids in there every month now and if you're on my Patreon you get a 23% coupon off every month and the ability to request any photos in my sets as a print or Polaroid.

Check it out here https://piggynukkacosplay.tictail.com (or in my story) and use HEYTHERE10 for 10% off until the end of September.

Love this photo of @kimbearlicosplay and I from when I want to Alska for #Taikaicon in June! CUTIE FIGHTERS~

Photo by @johncasquejo
#streetfighter #capcom #chunli #sakurakasugano #cosplay

"There’s no shortcut to getting strong, only daily training!" Photo by @adpopo
#chunli #capcom #streetfighter #cosplay

A lovely day for some Maids! What can we get for you? 🐻: @maipookiebear
🐮: @petslimegirl
🐭: @tipsycaek
🐷: @piggynukka 📷: @adpopo

I started working on Kirby again! I custom dyed a wig to match my dress (from my Pig Maid costume) heat styled, and cut it today!
Stars are a stand in since I'll be doing some resin cast ones for the wig~

#kirby #nintendo #kirbygijinka #nintendocosplay #kirbycosplay

What a good pull to start the weekend!! I just posted a 25 photo set on my Patreon in this outfit. This and maybe one other photo will be all I post so if you wanna see some Piggy Bathing Suit Top goodness you'll need to pledge!

Taking GIFs in this outfit tonight for rewards too~
Photo by @adpopo
I just did an edit to make it look like a Love Live card.

We shootin' 👏

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