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Nikki  28. San Diego, CA. Art school graduate. Motion Graphics and VFX. Animu and Cosplay. A cool and ballin' lady folk.


On a late Valentine's Day date with my boo today

Happy Valentines Day Instagram ❤️
I wrote this poem just for you. I even endowed it with my scent.

Aren't I the most thoughtful person in the club? 📷: @disc_photography

#DDLC #DokiDokiLiteratureClub #yuricosplay #yuriddlc #cosplay

Valentine's Day looks 💅

We got a PO Box again Boyo's~

That means I'll be able to open a print shop again soon (yayyy~) and I'm also going to be dabbling in making some spooky cute acrylic jewelery that will he for sale.

HOWEVER I love letters! And I love writing back. So if you want to shoot me a nice note I'll write you back and we can be penpals :D

🎶YOU GOTTA DO WHAT?🎶 I've got lots of Parappa related plans for next month and I'm very hype. Here's a cool photo edit @bushidobrownsd did for me as a Christmas gift to start the mood!

Original photo by @prinny_fun_cosplay/@images_by_jc
#parappa #parappatherapper #cosplay #cosplaygirl

Combatting sexual harassment since 1989

Here's a photo I took for a fashion shoot with @jdesomer while I was in Portland for the holidays.

Lots of stuff been happening and with cosplay stuff rolling in from ALA I'm probably not going to be posting much from this and my other fashion shoot. You can get all 50~ pictures though on my Patreon though for only $3 a month along with GIFs from each shoot and some more extra goodies.
Check the link in my profile for more info~

✨Smile and say PLUS ULTRA!✨ I was taking a selfie with @Rachsaysmer and @fishcaek took this picture of us!

I'm so happy she sent this to me. It's so cute!

#BNHA #ochakouraraka #minaashido #bokunoheroacademia #bnhacosplay

I managed to grow a not horrible set of teeth (with the help of a lot of oral surgery)

I got my first Yuri photo back from @adpopo!

#DDLC #dokidokiliteratureclub #ddlccosplay #ala2018 #yuriddlc

Cosplay is over for the weekend for me! But I'm really glad our #DDLC group came out so well. It has been a fun month of working together.
Sayori is @zalorasilver
Natsuki is @summerfonseca96
Monika is @suddenlyjenxx
Yuri is me!

Skirts made by Sayori, jackets (-Sayori's) made by me, vests done by Natsuki!

Photo by @adpopo
#DokidokiLiteratureclub #ala2018 #animelosangeles #cosplay

Find me tonight at #ala2018! I have piss poems to give away :V

#ddlc #dokidokiliteratureclub #yuricosplay #cosplaygirl

I don't feel I'm a super good Yuri (but thanks beautycam for making me feel better) but I'm still gonna have fun #DokidokiLiteratureclub today!
#ddlc #ddlccosplay #yuricosplay #cosplaygirl

Doing a #BNHA slumber party shoot and then I can finally shower.

#minaashido #ala2018 #bokunoheroacademia #cosplaygirl

Mina Ashido Makeup test #2: A GIANT FAILURE

I went ahead and tried another type of makeup of Kryolan's site (Aquacolor+) since it was a closer color and I'm not pleased with it. The application is very difficult (from these pictures you can't see but there's large areas on my face that the paint rubbed off from just trying to layer it) and it has the consistency of latex.

It's also still not the color I want so I will be using my first paint for ALA and then exploring other options before Sakuracon.
Also I bought Sclera and they don't fit in my eyes ): Like I got them in and there a huge air bubble, like when you try to fit too much Fabric around an object. That means that I'll never be able to wear Sclera for this cosplay unless I get custom fitted ones, which I never will since they cost 300-400 dollars and you have to toss them after a year.

Oh well, there's always Photoshop!

Swipe right ➡️➡️➡️ I made these images to pin to the top of my Twitter timeline and I figured it would be fun to share them here too!

If you want the links to any of my social media check out the link in my bio! They are all there~

I've been working pretty hard on my #dokidokiliteratureclub jacket. I think I should be able to get it mostly finished tonight. Then I just have to make my Monika and Natsuki's blazers this weekend.

#ddlc #cosplay #cosplayprogress #cosplaygirl

I did a makeup test for Mina! I just wanted to see how the base paint looked with the wig. I'm going to order a different colors because I think it's too warm.

This is also my first time using body paint in a cosplay ever. I went with kryolan aquacolor. I need to practice more.
#minaashido #bnha #bnhacosplay #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #cosplaytest

I was given an Amazon wig to cut into #Eliza from #Skullgirls for someone. Since it wasn't very thick and wasn't really made well for the hairstyle I did the best I could with it!


I've been bad at posting new cosplay photos from shoots...SO HERE YOU GO~ 📸@anwoprinz

Here are my ALA plans.
Please come to our panels.

Please hit me up if you're cosplaying from BNHA.

Please hit me up if you are available for taking photos cuz I'd really like pics of Mina and Yuri.

Hit me up if you a mutual and you wanna eat and drink.

#animelosangeles #ALA2018 #Animelosangeles2018 #ala

I had so much more fun at #coslosseum than I expected to? I went with only the goal of meeting people and making new friends since I'm new to San Diego (moved here in June). I ended up not only walking away meeting a bunch of new folks but also with a Judges Choice award from the cosplay contest (this is the first time I've gotten a physical award in a contest ever!) And a couple photoshoots!

I'm so glad I went.

Photo preview is by @darrylpamplin

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