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Wendy  HappyBujoArtMemoryKeepingJunk JournalPlanner addicted mom of 👫 slightly floral obsessed 🌺🌸🌼 crafting account : craftypiggie 🐷

Still finding my way with this type of memory keeping/ journaling. Trying to embrace the white space and less is more aesthetic rather than my usual gaudy mess evoking the Barry Manilow circa Copacabana aesthetic 😂😂 #travelersnotebook #colorcastdesigns #travelersnotebookmini #travelersnotebooklayout #memorykeeping #scrapbooking #lifedocumented #journal #journaling #journaladdict

Since i have problems staying within the daily boxes/sections (cos sometimes there’s a lot of nothing going on and sometimes it’s just... nothing 🙄) I decided the heck with the boxes!!! Covered up all the dates and using it as a free for all bujo type planner/journal/sticker smackdown. Plus I need lettering practice + way too many date stickers. To me, it’s the planner equivalent of going braless!!! Woohoo!! 🤣🤣 #thehappyplanner#happyplanner #mambi #mambiplanner #bujo #bujocommunity #bujospread #happybujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalcommunity #horizontalplanner #planahappylife #creativeplanning #discboundbujo

When her royal highness of all things scrapbooking, Susan @littlethingsbigdays, first posted hers a little while back, I was like, “what??!! 😱🤯🤯” I knew I had to get me some. This is perfect for a klutz like me - no more abandoned, ripped up, f-ed up tns cos I made a mess ( it NEVER turns out like how I imagined 🙄) I glued on some flowers for the girl so it’s pretty but not too girly (to quote Michelle @planner_mama702 😃) Not sure what I want to do with the boy’s yet. Copy Susan yet again and paint it?? Leave as is? 🤔 Any suggestions are welcome. The third one with all the flowers is for me cos I want it pretty AND girly 😊 Now to print those damn photos!! #colorcastdesigns #memorykeeping #journal #journaling #tn #travelersnotebookalbummini #scrapbooking

Eeepp!! Was tagged by the ever amazing Rachel @thelifefacilitator for #fivefacts so here goes :
1️⃣ I’m a bit over the half century mark! Mentally, I think I’m still in my teens. On some days, physically, I feel 80 so I guess the age is bout right 😂
2️⃣ Am mom to “the boy” aged 15 and “the girl” soon to be 13!! (I sometimes call them that a la Homer Simpson, I sometimes forget their names 🙄) I had my kids kinda late cos i kept hitting snooze on the biological clock
3️⃣ I have quite the potty mouth. I live in Quebec where we HAVE to speak French most of the time. It’s extra fun swearing in French 🤣
4️⃣ I 💕 to laugh and will constantly poke fun at things, people..myself included. I like to think I have a wacky, self deprecating sense of humour 😊
5️⃣ For the past three+ years, I get up and tie my hair in my “ladymomboss” ponytail. It’s now almost down to my butt!! Haven’t had my hair this long since...ever!! I’m secretly pretending that I’m Ariana Grande or Madonna circa Blonde Ambition 😃
I chose this Snapchat filter (I can’t take “normal” pictures anymore) cos I have all the ❤️ for all you amazing planner/artist/journaling babes who constantly ❤️ my posts and leave the sweetest comments. You truly make my day 😘
I tag Michelle @planner_mama702 ( I know you hate taking selfies but I did it! Snapchat, Girl, Snapchat 😆) Lyhai @mylife.in.paper Lupe @lupitaa71 Give me all the deets girls 💖

A bit of happy crafting : turned the big HP divider into a new cover for my classic 😃 I did it with all the floral ones so I can swap when I want #thehappyplanner#happyplanner #mambi #mambiplanner #meandmybigideas #plannercommunity #plannercover #planner #planneraddict #diyplannergoodies #plannerhack #plannerjunkie

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