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PIGA  Your feet's best-friend💛 Empower Your Balance with PigaOne. First minimalist footwear for barefoot activities. 👣 FIND OUT MORE👇🏻


✨FEATURED ON✨ we are so proud that we can share our PIGA's with such amazing supports! Remember your feet has its new best-friend.💛 Join the movement! .
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{You work for it, you experience it, you train for it, you dream it. Your body is your masterpiece.} Why not take care of your feet and invest in quality? Our barefoot training shoes aka "Grip Socks" (as people call it😏) have that perfect stability and control, which builds from the inside-out. Click in the link in our bio⬆️⬆️⬆️ www.kickstarter.com/projects/2137413200/pigaone-experience-the-best-balance-activation-foo?token=f997f03f to support the @kickstarter campaign with other thousands of people! We have reached our goal exceeding OVER $5000!😮
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@ocpilatesmama {repost} This 'marching' exercise is a great way to spice up single leg footwork on the reformer, and super functional too! It's another one that I use a lot in my essential reformer/level 1/older adult classes. Functional because walking forces us to constantly shift weight from one leg to the other as I'm doing here. On the reformer we can really focus on stabilizing the hips, and proper foot/knee/ankle alignment. Be sure to place your feet directly underneath your sit bones (NOT together in the middle of the foot bar). It's a surprising challenge to return your feet to the exact location each time. I sped the video up so you won't die of boredom, but you have to slow down here to do it correctly. Love the lessons that Pilates teaches us about our bodies...its power to create awareness is amazing...we just have to make sure we're listening 😉 Keep marching on my amazing #pilatescommunity! .
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The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.🙏🏻💫SPREAD PEACE -LOVE - HAPPINESS! #internationaldayofyoga #yogaday #practice #piga #wesupport


It's based on the votes we get! Please comment below with your favourite colour! Enter the number to help us make OUR NEW LOOK! .
We will unlock this stretch goal once our campaign reaches 30K$. Make your pledges link in BIO⬆️⬆️ www.kickstarter.com/projects/2137413200/pigaone-experience-the-best-balance-activation-foo?token=f997f03f
Any suggestions? Or maybe a colour that isn't listed? Comment below because, YOU MATTER!😁👇🏻

It's our way of showing our appreciation to YOU! You and a friend #bff can win two free piga's🙌🏻👭👬👫

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3. Tag 1 friend in the comments below
Contest closes Saturday at 11:59 p.m. Winner will be announced Monday June, 26!!!
GOOD LUCK!!! 😀GO!!!🙌🏻

M O N D A Y means = making a conscious choice to understand, appreciate, and welcome the very first work day of the week. I personal use to feel enthused about starting the week; it’s my chance to get ahead, accomplish things, and produce results. 💡📈📆 Monday introduces a fresh, new color into my world. 🌈 It’s a new attitude—the freedom to choose to pursue my goals for the week at work and at home. 💫

That simple shift in thinking has had a profound influence on my life. What are your thoughts about Mondays? #tagafriend for encouragement!💖 #mondaymindset #mondaymotivation #mondaymindfulness

#PointeChronicles • Father's Day 🙆🏽❤️👨🏽 @kyliesheaxo #repost I asked my Dad what he wanted to do for Father's Day this year and he said put on a tutu and take a ballet class... just kidding 😏 but really, since I happened to have an extra tutu and my Dad is the best ever, we went to the studio last night to play and this is what happened. 🙃🤓 😝 #KylieShea #ballerina #FathersDay #bestDadEver #ballerinas #tutu #ballet #dancing #balletdancer #dancers #pointe #dancer #balletlife #fatherdaughter #pigaone #funny #sundayfunday

#Mood this fathers day weekend👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👬yes, even men can enjoy pilates and yoga😀💪🏼
• Double click if your spending it with dad
• Tag that special man in your life or a friend
• Have a GREAT weekend! -
ALSO, keep post notifications 🔛 for all of next week, because you DON'T want to miss a thing‼️ PRIZES to be won 🎊🎉 #pigaone #PIGA

We are all in search of balance. Balance with our lives, personal and professional - but what about our bodies? "Work” and “life” aren’t binary. ✨“Balance” is dynamic, not static. And “life” is much more complex than “non-work.” Like our bodies, they are always moving in motion and changing.
Work-life balance is a fantasy, and believing in it is holding us back from true happiness. What’s beautiful, Thurmon explains, is that by slowing down you feel like you have more time, not less. “It’s not about increasing your pace, because life speeds right up with you. Ironically, by slowing down even a little, you begin to notice those spaces, those opportunities, and they expand for you. .
Today, do the things you'll love, express your gratitude and try a class of dance, yoga, pilates or maybe even a little mma for all my kick-ass out there 😎🙌🏻

We get asked a lot ‘’Why PigaONE’s arch support works differently?’’ 🤔🤔
PIGA is a new category of foot support that features a FLEXIBLE arch support. The supportive design and the flexible and adjustable arch support stimulates the arch of your feet to build the internal muscles from within, by activating the nervous endings of your arch thru your nervous system (also called neuromuscular activation, as shown below). You may think PigaONE is just another arch support but think again! PigaONE works quite the contrary to rigid arch supports (like supportive type orthotic) that are frequently prescribed to reduce foot pain. When those are worn permanently, they can prevent the muscles and ligaments from being stretched and wll indeed do reduce the pain… but then weaken the muscles and ligaments in the feet. It’s kind of like a leg cast weakening the muscles while supporting the leg! As the muscles and ligaments in the feet become weaker, the unsupported arches (when the arch supports are not being worn) become weaker and people become addicted to wearing the arch supports to control that pain.
Wearing PigaONE strengthens and stabilizes your feet so they work and develop properly - and as a bonus, you get to keep the gain you’ve earned while wearing them after you take them off.
If you want to know more, here’s some bedtime reading 😴😊: https://media.getpiga.com/AlFm-pigaone-s-postureforce-technology
Any questions? Ask - we're right here to support you :D

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